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  1. No, not realy. Solar powered portable devices has been a holy grail of portable electronics since the solar powered calculator. However... there are some very key problems. The main issue is power density. They would need to double or triple the efficiency of a solar cell before it would be practical in a hand-carried unit. As far as the actual question of this thread... well, in short - "A days worth a cachings" whatever that means. Most often that's a few hours and my cell-phone based GPS is fine for that. On the other hand, if I'm on a trip then a day's caching might be 5-12 hours. In that case my more traditional GPSr's AA seems to do the trick. So, I guess in short.: Casual Day: 4 hours Serious Day: 12 hours* *But... I would only be slightly annoyed by needing to change my AAs.
  2. My Triton 400 uses AA batteries... they tend to last a good days worth of geocaching. I've found rechargeable AAs to be a great investment. Now... the question is would I prefer a rechargeable lithium cel? Naw... For the $30 a spare lithium battery would cost I could get dozen sets of rechargeable AAs - and the AA batteries fit my keyboard, mouse, flashlight, and shower radio. And, if I'm camping I can swap them out of a flashlight if necessary. (Bah! Who needs to see in the dark latter when there's caching to be done NOW!?!?!)
  3. Act as if you belong wherever your at. Acting sneaky is a sure way to get noticed. A GPS looks like a cell phone if to someone who isn't to close. Beyond that... think about where your at and just try to belong.
  4. I follow that philosophy... BUT... I have a very broad definition of "sign the log"... I provide my own log if necessary. However, I consider that if I haven't met the challenge of the cache I won't claim that I have. Ah, old ammo cans get that way sometimes.
  5. Yeah, my first thought is to wonder what error your getting. It could be a formatting issue... or a site problem.
  6. You may find this website useful.
  7. I notice that a lot... if everyone actually traded up then we'd have more "I took this gold bar, is an BMW and appropriate trade?" threads in the forums. Not everyone who caches finds enjoyment in the same things you find enjoyment in.
  8. All my friends know I cache... and most of my coworkers. I don't advertise it because it is a bit of a nerdy hobby, but if I get to know someone I might mention it if they might have a proclivity in that direction.
  9. Arrow42

    Please hold me

    Does anyone else need a hug? Change is scary and a hug sure can help!
  10. It's the 12th secondary characteristic of deity. Incidently, the lines on my palms are deep, but I'm not sure if -that- has anything to do with being a deity....
  11. Making it a puzzle cache or a PMO cache can limit the traffic in a more sensitive area.
  12. I have a majestic gait, like that of a royal ox.
  13. Errr... I'm not sure what you find funny about that. He needs the dexterity of his hands to diffuse/inspect the bomb.
  14. According to Buddhism, desire and ignorance lie at the root of suffering. Sounds reasonable to me... I trade up by completely emptying every cache I come across... I mean, what is a better trade then less suffering?
  15. Not that I disagree with your initial statement... taking multiple readings and getting an average is a good idea. So far it has served me well.
  16. I know it's hard to understand, but GPS devices are only rated at around 15 feet accuracy. I know practical accuracy can sometimes be more like 10 feet, but you need to consider the fact that even with two devices functioning at the best accuracy available 20 feet (each person off by 10 feet) is entirely reasonable. Accuracy, even in wide open skys, is limited by signal refraction. Without correction, signal refraction leaves a GPS with an accuracy of 30-60 feet. The coast guard (and other services) offer correction, but they can do only so much. 10-20 (or more) foot error rate is standard for consumer level GPSrs. This is a great article: http://ohioline.osu.edu/aex-fact/0560.html (it's where I lifted the images)
  17. Arrow42


    Exactly... it's saying, in not so many words: "Your opinion is less valid then mine".
  18. Arrow42


    That about sums this up. Go to my hug thread, get a hug and you'll feel better, I'm sure.
  19. Sorry... Firefox is a "Browser" very similar to Internet Explorer. You can download it here: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/personal.html However, if your still running IE6 it is very likely there are a number of "spyware" programs running on your computer. I would recommend downloading and running Malwarebytes from here: http://www.malwarebytes.org/. I clean up computers for a living and It's one of the tools I frequently use.
  20. Try running a different browser. FireFox would be light-years more efficient in rendering javascript and might just fix the problem. I'm sorry your having trouble. It's unfortunate. However, look at it from Groundspeak's point of view: it doesn't make seance to hold back on improvements just because of the 1% who have 15 year old computers. Maybe a "simplified" or "lite" version of the website would make sense. Not just for low-end computers, but for smartphones/etc.
  21. http://www.ecoproducts.com/Home/home_bioba...bags_doggie.htm Perhaps? Maybe I give them too much credit.
  22. You can cheat in anything that has rules.
  23. It's fine in moderation, but something like this is dang near impossible to read: [red]Oh[/red], w[red]o[/red]w, what a gr[red]ea[/red]te cache! [B)][font="Verdana,"][size="2"][color="#000000"][font="Verdana,"][size="2"][8D][/size][/font][/color][/size][/font][B)][font="Verdana,"][size="2"][color="#000000"][font="Verdana,"][size="2"][8D][/size][/font][/color][/size][/font][B)] Thanks for hi[blue]di[/blue]ng it in su[red]ch a unique[font="Verdana,"][size="2"][color="#000000"][font="Verdana,"][size="2"][;)][/size][/font][/color][/size][/font] location! [B)][B)][font="Verdana,"][size="2"][color="#000000"][font="Verdana,"][size="2"][8D][/size][/font][/color][/size][/font][B)] I hope to be [blue]back in the [blue]are[/blue]a, but I don't kn[red]o[/red]w when I can get o[red]ut[/red] here ag[blue]ain[/blue]... blah bl[red]ah[/red], etc, etc. [font="Verdana,"][size="2"][color="#000000"][font="Verdana,"][size="2"][xx(][/size][/font][/color][/size][/font][font="Verdana,"][size="2"][color="#000000"][font="Verdana,"][size="2"][xx(][/size][/font][/color][/size][/font]
  24. Ugg... please limit how many colors you use in your logs. It might seem fun, but it's often obnoxious and it can have the side effect of making your text harder to read for the sight impaired. Not to mention making it harder to read on devices that don't render the code... such as GPSrs.
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