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list of caches completed in wrong order ?


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They are not random. They are listed last first for a given day. This happened when the sort order was fixed on the personal profile page. This fix was put into place because people were upset the order on the personal profile page was wrong. In addition to getting things out of order on the public profile page the order on the cache page is screwed up.



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If you go to My Profile, and look at the list of My Logs (last 30 days), the list is last found at the top per day. (It used to be last found at the bottom, which is how I keep my Excel Spreadsheet of finds. Now I have to reverse them.)

If you go to Profile for User: (Your Name) and click on Geocaches, then All Cache Finds, they come up in random order, which changes. Go to Page 2, and you'll find some of the caches that used to be on Page 1. Quite bizarre: Changing random order.

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I also recently started seeing incorrect sorting. The order of recently found caches in my private profile is correct, but I see two different places where sorting isn't quite right:


1. My public profile, at http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?ul=mrducky. The caches are not listed in the order I found them. They are almost in order, in that caches from months ago appear before caches from last week, but caches within a week or so of each other are jumbled up.


2. A "nearby caches" list for example http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.asp...;lng=-75.686767 is listed out of order by distance. Previously, they were sorted by distance from origin, but now they are mixed up. Caches several miles away show up further down than caches one mile away, but caches closer in distance are all jumbled up.



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This is definitely a recently introduced bug!


Explicit steps to reproduce:

- Go to "My Profile" (http://www.geocaching.com/my/)

- Click on "Search for nearest caches from your home coordinates" ("filter out finds" or not doesn't matter)

-> Result: Pages are ordered correctly (by distance), but the sequence of the 20 caches within each page is garbled!

Same principle (order of pages correct, but cache order within a page is garbled) applies also to list of "Found caches" in own profile.


(System in Win XP SP2 + Firefox 3.0.8, but I'm sure the issue is independet of that :unsure: )

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Right now, the list of caches completed on our public profile page is sorted by the oldest placed cache found on a given day. The caches in our public profile have been out of order for a while, but at first I didn't see the pattern in the out-of-order sorting. It's obvious now since we did several virtuals. They are all clustered together at the top of the page and the placement dates of the caches get newer from there. I guess JHolly indicated that earlier in this thread. No big deal, but curious!

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