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discovery coins to live in a cache


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Go for it! I have 2 caches like that - the logbook was been modified to hold the coin in the plastic sleeve like a little window.


NB I put other coins in as well - at least 6 variously unactivated / activated to travel (all had detailed descriptions of their purpose with them - see coin passports below. The activated ones invite finders to contact me to trade another item for it ( if they are known collectors or have a coin to swap then they can adopt it to me; newbies i just ask to leave a bit of better geojunk in the next cache. I think this works well. I picked up my first travelling swap the other day. It's ready to go back out.


They are fine after 2 whole years. The caches themselves are little out of the way and not in a major tourist route - they are not drive bys. Coins missing left and right of these caches.


Early in my collecting career I had my whole rare mystery collection in a cache but found it a bit nerve racking and then there was the issue of condensation on the brass coin so it's inside now ....... only the truly addicted wade through the puzzle and come in for a coffee and swap session :)

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We have two coins out like that. A Code3 geocoin at the site of flight 93 and one of our angel baby coins in Nova Scotia in a cache called Butterbox Babies, (with permission from the cache owner of course) and they have done alright so far. I say go for it and good luck : )

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I try to match all my cache placements with a coin for discovery that fits with the cache or puzzle theme. Although I put real coins out into the world to travel, for the discovery coins, I laminate a color copy in the front of the log book.


A friend of mine drills a hole through the coin and permanently attaches it to the inside of the cache.

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ive been thinking about having a discovery coin that is to remain in a cache and not to travel. have many people tried this, and what was the outcome? do cache visitors follow the instructions or have your coins vanished never to be seen again/or gone traveling instead?

The last remaining APE cache in the US has an APE coin welded to the cache container. Without that it'd be gone for sure.


An idea I've seen is to use Proxies of the coin(s) you intend to use. The tracking numbers are discoverable but the proxies are not highly sought for grabs and even less so by thieves!! And should the cache get muggled you can always make another proxie while replacing the coin is a different matter.

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I was talking with some folks over at an undisclosed environmental/nature/outdoors/wildlife center about placing a geocache in it, right next to a display shelf with a collection of geocoins (I'll activate a bunch and donate them) in the main exhibition hallway - for public viewing and geocacher discoveries alike.


The discussion kind of went into hibernation when I left the states, but we got to the point where we were looking into what kind of coin stands to buy and how much display shelf real estate there was. Next time I head down that way I'll be sure to bring it up.


I hope that having the geocoins behind glass walls would effectively prevent their theft, and keep them polished and shiny. Putting my most valuable coins there should be safer than keeping them on me, since I travel quite abit.


No touchy, though..

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