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  1. Looking to trade a Scavok Journey Shiny .925 Silver-red geocoin (cased LE/TO version, 1 of 17) for a Colonel George Cachington dragon geocoin.
  2. http://www.badgerbalm.com/pc-21-2-anti-bug-balm.aspx Not swarmproof either except in liberal applications, but it's all natural. I get irritated by moderate DEET concentrations. My other answer is to wear long-sleeves treated with permethrin.
  3. Ctrl + (Alphabet) for special characters. For example, Ctrl+F might show up like "^F" but it's actually a spade symbol. If it ends with gpx, you can delete it by issuing the dos command DEL *.gpx and it will delete all files in the current folder that ends with that. Goto the right directory first. E.g. If I have a file named תּ8ÚŒ.gpx in the "R:\gpx\crap" folder, in dos I type in "R:" to get to the R: drive and then "cd gpx/crap" to get into the gpx/crap folder, then "del *.gpx" to delete all the gpx files in there including the stubborn one. Have you checked if it's read-only yet, or has no allow permissions in windows? Dos consoles since XP are subject to windows security settings.
  4. Has the sale already come and gone? or do I need to chain myself to the computer for the rest of the day? I was replying emails harriedly at the lab this morning and that notice floated in. I instantly clicked. Didn't really shop around as I already sold my entire collection and have no cause to keep collecting, but could not resist one of the coins... so, on the basis of this order - if it does arrive given how hot the website was at the moment, 25 online that very first minute - I'll be enacting the establishment of a long-term restricted holding for flagship and permanent keepers of greatest sentimental and elemental value. Sadly, I won't see them in hand until september as until then I'll be far afield. The things I do for science!
  5. Nice! I spent a winter at Wolf Park early in my undergrad. They had someone propose the idea of a geocoin to them early on but nothing came of it. I circulated my geocoin album around IRV one evening and now I think they wouldn't mind having one of their own just like that! If I had not stopped collecting I would have bought two of those for the wildlife pages. I think the wolf's tail is raised too high, but otherwise great classic design!
  6. I'd guess oil/gas equipment, possibly on the refining end. Precision atomic or chemical industry equipment shouldn't be that exposed to the elements or unsecured, methinks. Oil industry truck convoys with oversize loads are pretty common around Alberta, they hold up traffic all the time. It's a pretty cool picture, nonetheless. Thanks for sharing.
  7. All sold tentatively, thanks for your interest (: Mods, please close this thread.
  8. Thanks for the clarification. I've edited the original post.
  9. I never thought it would get to the point that I would have to begin letting go of my keeper collection, but an unfortunate turn of events has me dipping into alternate sources of funding to get four wheels back on the road. Despite reluctant, if it helps my financial situation, gotta be done... All the geocoins listed here are unactivated and trackable. Mailing is $4 for the first and $1 per subsequent coin in the shipment as it's going over the 49th parallel; For this reason I have to let go of the most desirable coins first, for they are more worth the shipping cost. (I would probably have to sell the rest of the collection by the album or page.. Alternatively, people thinking of buying my entire collection can PM me for pictures as it would take too long to list or describe. I lost track of how many coins I have about a year ago anyway.) As at one point these geocoins were very highly sought after but I haven't been around for awhile, I don't think I should attach prices or lump them into value brackets, so please PM (not email) me with what you can wangle and I will consider the highest adequate offer(s) of several days. Thanks! LE Glowing Nocturnal v1, Polished Gold (GCF edition) - Pending XLE Great Outdoors Nickel-Bronze (25 minted) AE Great Outdoors Gold-BlackNickel (20 minted) XLE Journey .925 Silver Satin, Airtight Case (26 minted) LE Journey Black-Purple (55 Minted) XLE Cache of the Titans Medusa, Silver-Blue Dragon Spinner Gold, ROT13, Blue&green rhinestone eyes Dragonfly Talisman JC Edition, Black-Red (<100 minted) AE Mythical Phoenix, Silver (25 minted) Compass Rose 2008, Two-Tone Gold-Silver Planisphere v1 Southern, Silver, in display box Nocturnal v1, Bronze, in display box Four Muskateers, Copper-Green, in velvet pouch Dragon Ladon v1, Gold-Silver - Pending LE Dolphin/Pororoca Endless Wave, Silver (100 minted) Alaska 2008 Polar Bear, Brass, Christmas Edition, Airtight Case
  10. Good: The google maps is quite snappier and somehow feels nicer. Not many people appreciate engine and code optimization, but as a programmer, I do. It takes lots of effort. Great job! Bad: Holy cow, too much margin/padding! Both from an end-user and website designer's perspective!
  11. Selling my collection: Nah. People sell to recover investment. Maybe they've hit a bad patch or are out for profit. Financially, my geocoins are worth more as part of my collection than converted into USD, because I'm expecting the USD to collapse. I'm not liquidating. It makes no sense. The market is in the wrong phase for that, and the exchange rate to CAD generates a heavy loss right now. Getting more coins: Nah. From a logistical perspective, my collection, stacked up, already fills 2 boxes and one large leather binder. It's getting logistically difficult to manage and bring to meets to share (I don't have a vehicle.) I don't really want more, and right now I need something else - I have a dream to fulfil, that my finances are being channelled into. Because I never know when the door on that dream is going to slam shut in a reduction to simpler survival situations. Trading: Nah. I have acquired all the coins I really want and can obtain. Postage rates are through the roof, better reflecting on the fuel and manpower that goes into transporting things long distances. It makes more sense environmentally and fiscally to keep my collection in one spot and deal locally, no matter how non-existent local trades are. Participating: Nah. Never was an extrovert, and now time is as short as ever for me. I can't even keep updated the spreadsheet I catalogue my coins in for insurance purposes. Tranquillity: In simplicity. I only have two versions, and that's enough; they reflect the beauty in the design. I have some large sets, mainly because I have an interest in certain subject matter and can appreciate their beauty and symbolism. But with more and more of the same concept, it becomes like the movie industry: Too much of similar kind of design, like the same kind of story, and it becomes old hat, diluted, lost in the display, and I become far more selective. Why one design, version and colour and not the other? The bar is only getting higher. One tranquillity held to the light is slowly admired. A dozen in a binder page is glossed over.
  12. Just in time!! I was going to a geocaching cristmas event and was thinking of bringing my geocoins. While looking thorugh them, I saw my coinaments from last year, and it crossed my mind that there might be new ones out. A couple frantic google searches later, phew! It's in the cart!
  13. I have the same issue - the map simply gets stuck at "loading map" and there's no TCP I/O. I'm on Firefox 3.5.3.
  14. I just read an interesting article on the idea of personal footprints. Decided it'd be worth sharing, so I uploaded it in horrendous quality here: http://www.nascency.org/share/
  15. Great, thanks. That solves it
  16. I'll bid on a bunch... You do have discounted shipping for bulk to Canada, I hope? ($5 shipping for each coin if I try for several is just... hard x_x)
  17. Yesterday at an event I was, of course, huddled in a corner over shinies with another geocoin collector. He was looking through my album when, to my surprise, he took out a 4 Elements Earthcache, stared at it closely and exclaimed excitedly that it was the mint error of it. I was quite embarrassed not knowing what he was talking about and for the moment everyone at the event seemed to be staring at us. I fished out another of the same geocoin to compare with from my spares, and after some squinting, the "U" in "OUR" seemed to be replaced with a "V" on the "error". Holy crap. All of us started laughing. Problem is, I can't find any threads about this on the forum. The search engine refuses to let me search for certain keywords, like "4 elements" (yes, with the quotes), and Google doesn't turn up anything either. Was there really a mint error? Is it within the parameters of the mint to make differences like this with a single die? Or did they strike two dies for two production runs or... Does anyone know about this, or what the deal is? Was it recalled? Is it even known to exist? (I assume it does, because the guy seemed to know what to look for, but the lack of any information online is puzzling.) Photograph for comparison.
  18. Nope, was moving and missed it. I'm happy to have the ones I have though.
  19. http://www.coinsandpins.com/index.php?cPath=25_42
  20. Yep, that's what I was going to say. There are enough different versions of the coin it shouldn't be too hard to convince them... CF30 Too bad their geography class didn't convince them... I'm not really surprised, considering... "In a 2006 National Geographic-Roper study, 88 percent of Americans ages 18 to 24 couldn’t find Afghanistan on a map. 65 percent couldn't find the United Kingdom. Half couldn’t find New York City. Half couldn’t find world powers like Japan or India. And 20 percent couldn’t find the Pacific Ocean."
  21. Heavy, shiny, unique, and beautiful.
  22. I was talking with some folks over at an undisclosed environmental/nature/outdoors/wildlife center about placing a geocache in it, right next to a display shelf with a collection of geocoins (I'll activate a bunch and donate them) in the main exhibition hallway - for public viewing and geocacher discoveries alike. The discussion kind of went into hibernation when I left the states, but we got to the point where we were looking into what kind of coin stands to buy and how much display shelf real estate there was. Next time I head down that way I'll be sure to bring it up. I hope that having the geocoins behind glass walls would effectively prevent their theft, and keep them polished and shiny. Putting my most valuable coins there should be safer than keeping them on me, since I travel quite abit. No touchy, though..
  23. I hope it arrives before I move to my new apartment on Canada [moving] day, or I'll be going back and forth to check the old mailbox very often!
  24. Was the packaging damaged? Nope, the package came fully intact and said "4 tokens" on the customs declaration sheet..
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