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So I was just commenting on my friends (Super10commander) post and got to thinking that he and I have known each other ever since Kindergarden in1982 and we are caching buds as well. With plenty of stories washed down by even more beers, we go way back and now get together "as often as possible", thank you Uncle Sam, to go caching and famly get togethers. We have been through it all and more and shared many, many good times togather as well. So heres to long lasting friendships and great Geocaching adventures shared!


So here's the deal:


1. Share your story here about your caching buddy (wether human or K9), how you met and how long ago.


2. If possible, post one pic from the past and one from the present.


I hope this thread is a hit as I am really interested in reading the stories and sharing the pics.


side note- I would start this off by posting pics, but as I am deployed in Iraqistan right now, I don't have any pics to add. I will take care of this when I get back stateside. Maybe I can get him to do it for me.



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My caching buddies are my 3 nephews. I'd gotten hooked on caching last fall and within just a few days decided to see if my nephews wanted to check it out with me. Sure enough all three of them were hooked immediately too. Due to them being in school (they're teenagers) I can't take them with me every time I go caching, but it sure makes it a lot more fun when they're with me! It's similar to fishing in that it's fun by yourself, but if you take a kid with you then it's tons more fun watching their faces when they succeed. One of the great things about geocaching is it's given me a 46 year old man a fun outdoor activity that I can share with my nephews while getting to know them. Otherwise there would be very little we'd ever have to chat about because of the huge difference in our ages. Not to mention with much younger and better eyesight they sure can locate the caches really fast. That pushes me to continue looking for caches because I know if they've found it then it must be there and just need to not give up so easily. I'd encourage everybody to cache with a young person, even if you have to borrow one from family or friends. Happy caching!!! :(


P.S. Sorry I can't post a picture of the boys because for internet security reasons their parents won't allow them to post pictures of themselves on-line. For that reason I need to repect their family rules too and won't be able to post any.

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My caching buddies were Tod and KAboom (we're known as Team Rod & Tod w/KAboom). I met Tod about 20 years ago, we've done a lot of stuff together including mountain climbing and even a long distance mountain bike ride, Tod had been my best friend and like a father to my teen sons Kevin and now KAboom. KAboom is my (basically adopted) teen son, I've been raising him for the last 6 years or so. I also raised his older brother Kevin who is now a productive adult!


Here's a pic from a last year's trip to Vegas, we're climbing Turtlehead mountain in Red Rock Canyon, I have a replacement container for this peak since the original cache went MIA. The drop to Tod's left is about 100' while the slope behind him is steep and unfriendly...watch your step Tod!




Here's a picture from the 2008 MWGB, I'm on the left with KAboom in center and Tod to the right, we had just found this cache and were having a blast. Unfortunately, this would be the last picture I have of Tod, this would also be about 3 days before his death. Tod was taken from us Aug 12th when a driver pulled into the lane Tod was riding his motorcycle in, Tod missed the truck but ultimately flipped his bike and was killed on the spot. Team Rod & Tod w/KAboom will never change, we are still a team even if one of our members is caching in a better place. We'll log the finds when we join Tod some day.



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I actually have TWO caching buddies - one for each state that I cache in! If I am in New Jersey, I like to cache with my son when he's available which hasn't been too much lately and I miss that. When I am in Pennsylvania, my best bud is my brother - he's the one who introduced me to Geocaching and he's the one who keeps me going. He likes the quick cache and dashes so he help to increase my numbers. I'm at work now so I don't have pictures - maybe at another time.

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:unsure: My caching buddy is my husband, Greylurk (aka Adam). We met about 4 years ago and our relationship built slowly at first but then we moved close together and we started hanging out more and getting interested in each other.


He introduced me to caching in... it must have been early 05, by taking me to a geocache site in Treepeople Park in the Beverly Hills area. At the time I thought it was fun but I had plenty other stuff I liked to do and didn't really get into it.


Not long after that we moved in together, later bought a house together, got engaged and then married, and now we've rediscovered Geocaching together! Ever since one of us suggested to the other that we go geocaching again about a month or so ago, I've been hooked and we go all the time!


Honestly, my husband is so good for me, very supportive, always keeping me entertained and motivated... I don't know what I'd do without him. Here's a pic from this weekend's caching adventures in Altadena, CA, at Millard Canyon Falls.



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I haven't met many cachers yet and my friends haven't gone with me yet. So it's just me and Sierra, this is Sierra...




How many thin 8 year old labs do you know? :unsure:


I met her about 8 years ago, had to drive an hour and a half to do that. We've been going on hikes and swimming ever since. Started caching about a year ago

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I have several Caching Buddies... First and foremost, my Geo-caching mentor, Kraftyfashionables...Then it is of course, My best friend, and cousin...Loony Lori, (she and I were introduced to geocaching this past July by Krafty!) We are out of our minds with caching, having spent 8 days over spring break in the Sedona AZ area seeking and finding some 130 caches...they are not all that easy there...but VERY rewarding...GO!

Also..is MilesfromNowhere...she is not quite as CRAZY for caching as we are...but we're working on her!

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I cache with this guy I've know forever, seriously like forever (25+ years)! he has gone by many names but he's still the same guy I grew up with all thru school. The same guy that on the day before thanksgiving 94 stood next to me as we signed our lives over to uncle sam. We've graduated, went out into the world, came home,got married, had kids, we have had great times and sad times. There is more history between us (and our other caching buddy 4xFinds) than I can remember. And its still early (fingers crossed).


back to cache krawlers questions


here is some "back in the day" shots (you ask for it dude)



funny at time it seems like this was just yesterday and at other a lifetime ago :unsure:


and this is us all grown up (seriously dude we rock!)



Cache krawler and I have done some work for uncle sam


I was happy close to the ground, he has found a higher calling



we had single guy adventures (pre-geocaching)



then he started caching and I loved map reading and land nav so it fit like a glove it didn't take much and I was hooked.we have gone to a some train wrecks GCJYHZ/Ring of Fire and GC12TZ6/Automated Railway



we have had a blast caching we scaled small (really samll) mountains



I can barely wait to see what grand adventures he is planning - dude the wife said NO to any MT. ______ whatever so you'll have to recriute folks in better shape than me for that mountain climbing stuff.


Mostly I can't wait until I can sit across the firepit and share stories, while enjoying a cold one.or four but not many more! I learned limit- tell you mom I'm sorry again :lol: enjoy the pics bro we will see you soon

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