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  1. Beyond pissed off. I'm in a hurry to load some caches for a trip tomorrow to an old ghost town/logging town in the backwoods of Oregon and what do I find when I log in????? A FN soup sandwich. Now its too late and I need to hit the sack. I'm pissed.
  2. Thank you all for the replies folks. I adjusted one thing and will go out tomorrow and give it another try. As far as being able to use the iPhone without service for caching.....I honestly had no idea. I will try doing that tomorrow as well and report back. Thanks again.
  3. Today I almost threw my Montana 600t off the top of a mountain. I am absolutely frustrated as hell with it and am tired of going out in the hills hoping it will cooperate with me. Not once has it even gotten me close to a cache and when I am standing on top of the cache the GPSr shows 30-80 feet away. My iPhone makes caching a snap and am always right on the cache when my phone says I should be. The problem is that I usually cache where there is no cell service so I can't use my phone in the woods. I have owned several GPSrs over the last 11 years and it seems that they get worse and worse every time I "upgrade". My 60Csx was the king and I could always rely on it. I had a Colorado 400t with the wheel that I loved as well but it just up and died on me one day. I owned a few black and white Etrex models as well but I wore them out. Can anyone throw me a bone here and tell me if they are having success with there Montana or are running into the same issues? Maybe I'm missing something with the setup or maybe it's just an expensive paper weight. I just hate going out after planning a day trip of caching and end up fighting my GPSr. What model is working for you serious "get out in the rough stuff" cachers? Any and all help or comments will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Okay folks, I need multiple waypoints put into my Garmin Montana 600t GPSr. What is the best way to do this or what is the best program to use to accomplish this? I was using GPSvisualizer.com, but the GPX file it created after punching all the coordinates either isn't working or my GPSr just isn't picking up on the GPX file. So any help would be greatly appreciated. I am in a time crunch and if I have to will punch them in by hand but I'm really hoping not to have to. Thanks in advance folks!
  5. I really appreciate all the updates WR7X. I intend to get on these caches here really soon.
  6. So I have a Montana 600t. I for the life of me can not get the compass in conjunction with the GPS to work correctly. It is either way off when I actually get to the cache (says 0ft. constantly or gets stuck on 65 ft. and never changes), or the compass feature just flat out shuts off and fails to come back on. It is beyond irritating and I'm hoping that someone out there can either help me over the internet or can meet up with me to see what is going on. I live in Eugene and can drive to meet up if that works. I have owned several Etrexs, a 60 series and a Colorado 400 in the past, never had any issues with them at all. They just eventually gave up the ghost and died. Now I have this Montana which is good as a rock to me. Any ideas???
  7. Doesn't anybody carry a sidearm anymore when they go out? It is an absolute force multiplier, espescially when it comes to ballsy Mountain Goats on a roid rage. I'm surprised that WA doesn't shut down all the forests, I've heard that Bigfoot isn't really friendly either and smells something fierce.
  8. I was not aware that this had kicked off yet as I missed it last year. Thanks for posting and I will get down that way ASAP to complete this.
  9. Just wanted to say TotemLake that I have stayed at the Lost Resort and was quite impressed with the cabins. We showed up late that day but he opened up his place to us, cooked us a late night pizza and poured a couple beers for himself and I. He has a huge selection of beers at his business. I would join you but I have studying to do for work. Next time right??? Take care
  10. I just sent you a PM Eraseek. Thanks.
  11. Okay, a couple of questions... First, what kind of time frame are we looking at from begining to end? And second, what do you suggest I wear for this occasion, I know to dress in layers, but do I need snow pants and gators or will something else suffice??? Thanks in advance! CK
  12. Well I have my GSAK database of all my solved puzzles, then I will refresh about once a month PQs for almost all the other ones on your list. So a PQ for lookouts, PQ for history, EC's then dump them all into my POI database in GSAK. Then I filter out unfound but corrected coords from my main database and copy them to the POI database. Then I run a macro on the POI DB that spits out custom icons for each type of cache and a lot of the User data, I put the questions to EC in this field, and export the entire thing as one giant POI file. Then change the GPS to show POIs if less then a 20 mile zoom so I can see them all. A bit convoluted, that's why I only update once a month. Holy Mother of Pearl, I have no idea what you just said there even though I understand English very well. This issue has been an issue for me for quite some time, but I guess I'm just old school about how I keep track of my lists. I'd love to make it easier but I have a hard time understanding GSAK and feel that it is light years ahead of my basic understanding of computers and computer talk.
  13. Do we have a rough idea as to what the cache will be or maybe a couple to choose from? I think that we should start this year's first HOTM off on a high note as it was one of my New Year's Resolutions to attend at least four of the HOTMs this year. Looking forward to it TL! -CK
  14. GRRRRRRR! Glad I found this one before this happenned but it still pisses me off. It is pretty sad that this person gets there rocks off by doing this, and it is a pretty miserable way to go about life. To each his own though. Replace it and lets move on.
  15. I am 4 caches away from 2k but won't be doing any caching till the 22nd. If this doesn't go down till the week of the 22nd let me know and I'll join you for a duel milestone celebration. Best of luck!
  16. Hey all, I know that I could probably be asking this in a different section, but you all are the ones I know and trust. This is most likely a rookie question, but here we go...I am going to be doing Route 3 of the Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route here in a couple weeks with my father and am wondering how to go about transferring bulk waypoints into a GPX file so that I can upload them to my GPSr. The waypoints are mostly turn left or turn right waypoints at backroad intersections, but I have never done this before and am not sure where to start. Can you guys give me a nudge in the right direction? Thanks in advance!
  17. Soooo, what's the story behind all this silliness. Obviously I'm WAAAAAY behind the times. Inquiring minds want to know.....
  18. I could definately put those to use if they are still available. I'll contact you through your profile. Thanks!
  19. Well if it was in Oregon, Bodoni would be correct and the very near by cache is Council Crest Cache. Which is also one of the Oregon History Ccahes. Hope this helps.
  20. I should have posted this a week ago, but I am in town for work and have a week left. I have grabbed around 30 caches or so but am absofreakinlutly tired of finding micro after micro. I don't mind a great micro or small cache as long as it has some history or is a great challenge, but I need something more. It doesn't matter what type of cache it is, Earth cache, Virtual, regular etc... I went up to Big Bear Lake yesterday and had a great time and enjoyed the drive, so I'm not afraid of a bit of a drive to get a good one. Thank you for any assistance!!!
  21. First off I apologize if this may be in the wrong section of the forums, but.....you all are the ones I know and trust. The story- My father, stepmother and my family,(wife and three little devils), are going to be completing the Oregon Back Country Discovery Route 5 in July, OBCDR, in our Jeeps. I have around a hundred or so waypoints that I need to individually name if possible, and upload to my GPS and laptop for the multi day trip. I have never had to do something like this and not sure how to go about doing it other than individually by my fingers. I am currently deployed right now and internet service here is......well, very patience testing. So "surfing" the web doesn't happen much as time is scarce and honestly it's more like "watching grass grow" than "surfing". Also, any recommendations for a good GPS computer program that can track our progress on my laptop as we travel would be helpful. Any help and assistance will be greatly appreciated all. Thank you very much, Travis
  22. Thanks for the feedback Shop99er and CFM. It looks like a great place to explore when I get back. You two take care and I'll catch up with you when I get back.
  23. CFM, is there a cache that is close to Vulcan Lake? I am deployed right now and computers are veeeeeerrrrry slow, so doing a bunch of searching is agonizing. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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