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GeoCoins for sale

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Time has come for me to start selling my coins. These are my activated coins, they will be adopted over to the buyers. I will be selling most of my collection. I'll start with these and will add more later.


These are all activated coins. They are trackable. They will be adopted over to the buyer.

Email me through Geocaching.com if interested.






2007 Isle of Man - gold

The Great Outdoors - Two Tone

2008 Earth Turtles Red/silver, purple/silver, light green/silver, blue/silver, blue/gold

Crake - 2008 Prickly Pear - Gold, Silver

Moab Kokopelli - BN


Thanks for buying coins. Will be listing more after I mail out and adopt the ones I sold today.

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I took a loss selling the coins via the forums. By the time I paid paypal fees, paid for mailers and postage each coin sold for about $7.50 ;)


Will be selling the rest of the coins via the E-place.


Moderator will you please close this thread.

you could up the price for shipping and handling? never hurts to try if no one pays what you want for them then send them over!! but you had a great first round of coins and would love to see what else you have to offer with out going thru the e-place. i know you did not charge for shipping on this first batch. but you should,, so say something like 10-12$ a coin and 3$ for shipping with 50 cents a coin aditional coins, should cover shipping costs :anibad:

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