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What do you do If you have found someone has held onto a Yellow Jeep since 2004 ?


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There isn't much you can do. If you know them personally you can remind them that they aren't supposed to keep other people's trackables, even Jeeps. For some reason people think it's OK to keep Jeeps, where they would never keep a person's regular TB.

Also keep in mind that they may not have it. They could have lost it and not known how to mark it missing. They could have dropped it in a cache and not known how to log it. Or perhaps they totally forgot they have it because they don't cache anymore. Most of my missing trackables fall into that category, I think. There are collectors who take Jeeps and coins, but I think most trackables go missing accidentally.

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1. bookmark the link to Eartha's comment.

2. place a note on the trackables page linking it there ( use the public TB number to make a comment )

3. Lobby GC to make this a recurring note in their newsletters and ON THE FRONT PAGE login screen for trackables.


Even if you are too scared to do no. 2 you can do no. 3.


I have never seen a jeep in a cache!


4. Perhaps it is time to use all those funds streaming in from trackables sales to support the buyers with a dedicated trackables reviewer.


( although if GC want to be cheap and make it a volunteer posting i would put up my hand and i suspect there are a few other travelbug obsessed folk who would - traveling viking springs to mind, prntr1 would help out too i think )


There are also increasingly lots of geocoins that are promotional items like the Jeeps. Diabetes, Garmin UK coins and now the map@syst coin I dont' think it is good business practice to promote and sell these things as perpetual advertising moving around caches if they don't! otherwise GC should just say they are collectible swag - like the ztele decoder geocoin which is not trackable and was just sold thusly to the TV station which sponsored cache placement as a promotional buzz item by a mint that made the profits with none flowing directly to GC.

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You can't do anything about it. You can't message that person because that is seen as harassment and will get you booted from GC. You can't go TO them because that would be seen as harassment, too. About all you can do is complain about it in the forums.

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Just wondering ?








Aw, come on, Snoogans - don't hold back. Tell us how you REALLY feel...


I think most of the advice here is good. If you know the person personally, ask them to put them back into play. They're not collector's items, after all.


If you don't know the person, a polite e-mail is appropriate in my view. Ask if they have it still, and can put it back into circulation.

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btw the TB number is actually TBh6pr

DO place a watch on it that always helps the holder to know other people ARE interested and involved in the travels of these little guys.


response from village smithy was basically "no one has complained about me holding it for a year why all the fuss? I'm just selling the coins. " Fairnuff but I can't honestly say whether that makes him just the village noddy or someone I'd be really hesistant buying a used car ( or JEEP TB for that matter :blink: from.


ie:really GC do need a promotional item reviewer Dump in a dummy account really doesn't cut it if they are charging $4 per item on top of the cost of a toy ( and a geocoin tracking number is only $1.50, making a brass coin in china is typically less than $1 ).....


My suggestion is most bang for buck will occur from a letter sent to JEEP cc Groundspeak concerning this on going annoyance.


ok it's been 'sold' to another person;

there is no way of knowing if this person is a geocacher and will honour the system by placing it in a cache.

"This item belongs in a geocache. The guidelines say it should be moved within about 2 weeks of finding - or in your case finding in the mailbox!


If you are the buyer and want to do the right thing but do not know how please contact by email anyone who has recently logged this jeep and they will assist."

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I am so glad, eh that probably doesn't really express the depth of my feelings, that the jeep release program has not continued.


When people go out of their way to single out one cacher out of hundreds if not thousands of held jeeps it really makes me cranky.


You really want to make a difference? Support your local cacher.

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As a cache reviewer:


1. I go through each of the tens of thousands of caches in my review territory states once each year, hunting down trackables that have gone missing, and marking them missing by the hundreds. Lots of those are Jeeps.


2. I can also see archived caches, which some owners choose to use as repositories for their trackable collections. Lots of those include Jeeps. Sometimes I mark these missing, just because.


3. I can also see unpublished, never-submitted caches, used as repositories for the owners' trackable collecitons. Lots of those include Jeeps. Sometimes I mark these missing, just because.


Yes, it's wrong to hold Jeeps or any other trackable that doesn't belong to the holder. Yes, many of the holders are experienced geocachers with thousands of finds who are otherwise stellar geocitizens. Yet, I choose not to make a witch hunt out of the issue. There are uglier witches. But, I do see you. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if the image you see is ugly.

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