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Official Sunshine Mission II Signups


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Mission Van Stoffelen Sr. # 1

E-mail Sent - April 4, 2009

Name Received - April 9, 2009

Sunshine Sent - April 10, 2009

Sunshine Received - April 16, 2009: A very nice RC Firetruck Gold Geocoin. Thank you PV=nRT (Laura)!


Mission Van Stoffelen Sr. # 2

E-mail Sent - April 4, 2009

Name Received - April 9, 2009

Sunshine Sent - April 10, 2009

Sunshine Received - April 29, 2009. Mister Mailman brought us a beautiful Flip Flop geocoin. Thanks UFgatorgirl!

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Just wanted to post that I did receive my mission this week and I got a nifty coin and some cool little surprises to go with it, THANK YOU Rickctroop13. (my first of these coinz and I LOVE it!) I will post more later.


Also, my mission is late going out, it will be in tomorrow's mail. so sorry! but I hope you will like it!!!


More to come!




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email sent: Yes

received name-Yes

sunshine sent-04/21/09

sunshine received-05/02/09

Got it on a real raining Saturday from Bison Woman. A nice card 3 things of flower seed. Signature item of Bison Woman- a bison nickel. And from my seek list as very nice Wyoming coin with the picture of Devils Tower on it

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Wow. Last week was pretty crappy, but I got one of my missions and it really picked me up!


My two year old daughter washed her hands in the upstairs bathroom, but forgot to turn off the tap when she was done and left the stopper in the sink. There was water everywhere! The vanity had to be ripped out, the tile floor in the bathroom had to come up, the carpet in the hall ripped up and the underlay removed.


Half the ceiling and some of the walls in the basement have been torn out to allow things to dry and to spray mold-suppresent. All in all, it looks like its gonna be a $5000 unplanned reno.


Then Six Little Spookies sent me an I [heart] caching coin. So I went caching! Left the house in the hands of the contracters. :D Felt much better when I got back and now I'm planning a total bathroom reno now that the work is started.


PS: I wasn't even mad at my daughter for a second. She keeps pointing to the bathroom and saying 'I did that, right Daddy?'

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Ok, sorry for the delay, I'll be auditing things today. EVERYONE will get a mission, don't worry, just be patient. Chickahominy, I know the person sending yours, it's coming, and good things come to those who wait :D


We were blessed with a weeklong visit by Castle Man from California and I didn't get the chance to do the audit on May 1 the way I wanted, so I'll be going through all 7 pages of this thread today to find who has sent and who has received and starting to contact non-senders.


Remember, if you haven't sent by May 15 or notified me of a problem your name will be published here as a non-sender... It's about the only way I know of insuring that missions are sent as I'm tired of folks messing over people, so if you've got a problem sending yours, be sure to drop me an email and let me know!


Naomi :P

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Die Anita - We overhead a little birdie saying that your mission was mailed out early last week, so you should be receiving it any day now :P


Oh yes!!! Today there was one of the magic bubble mailers in my mailbox! Inside two beautiful coins I did not have so far and an old-style TB with only numbers and not letters. I longed for one of those TB's for a long time and I am so glad to have one!!!


Thank you so much for this great mission!!!

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yes we received the sunshine mission for Jetske also.

She really was pleased with the big cat coin.

I found it interesting that it is an "old coin" made in 2005.

it is fun to touch because it has a 3D side

Thank you Bison woman, your signature tag will be added to me caching memory board.



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Well I hadn't signed up for this mission (shock, horror), but strangely enough, I received a great mission from SunsetMeadowlark!!


I really, really appreciated getting this mission, it made things quite a bit sunnier (along with the other surpise coins I received).


So thanks so much to SunsetMeadowlark, but also, thank you to the mystery person who sent a mission on my behalf so I could recieve this mission. What a generous, gorgeous thing to do. Mousekakat wont tell me who it is (including the gender), so all I can say is THANKYOU to the anonymous person, it was very much appreciated :ph34r::unsure:

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Finally got my camera working again. This is the wonderful mission that I received from Jetske, Millieballoons daughter. Included was a lovely flower card, (sorry for the glare), an Around the Clock Caching coin, a Manatee coin from my seeking list, and a very cute horsie pathtag. Thanks so much Jetske and Millie. I love it all!

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LOL... Santa has my name????


I'm being patient.... I think it's rather comical... and I absolutely CAN'T wait. You're talking to the girl who used to sneak and unwrap her Christmas presents before the big day so she'd know what she was getting. I am the most impatient person ever! The suspense is killing me! Arggghhhhh!


Love y'all...

Thanks for the mission!


~Toots aka Chickahominy

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Mission # 1

E-mail Sent - 04/06/2009

Name Received - Yes, in country

Sunshine Sent - 24 April, 2009

Sunshine Received - 27 April, 2009


Mission # 2

E-mail Sent - 04/06/2009

Name Received - Yes, outside of country

Sunshine Sent - 25 April, 2009

Sunshine Received - 13 May, 2009


Got a very cool packet of Sunshine a few days ago from E&Cplus3! The packet held a number of handmade tags/cards and 3 bits of shiney! They sent one of thier new pathtags, a non-trackable 2005 Washington State coin and an Atlantic Canada Cachers coin (with a tiny, tiny tracking code! It's a good thing my neighbor gave me a magnifying glass yesterday! :huh: ) Cool coins, thanks a bunch!

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I received a wonderful surprise in the mail the other day. Trick or Treat sent me a package! What a sweet thing to do. It made my week! While not my official mission sender, she wanted me to have a Sunshine mission to open. Thank you so much, Kendra.


The package was shore themed all the way! A set of pretty notecards, stickers, a beautiful sea glass bracelet and a blue crab geocoin! Yayyy! I did not order any of these coins, so this was a great surprise. Thank you Trick or Treat... thank you very much.



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