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South African (Off-Topic) Quiz


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I would guess that it would have been around the end of the 19th Century that a fire engine might have arrived in Jo'burg. I presume that it would have come from England and have been shipped to Durban - the closest port. Around that time the Brits were pretty busy keeping themselves entertained with battles in the Natal region so I would presume it might have been inadvertantly caught up in some or other battle that took place somewhere between Durbs and Gauteng! :laughing::P:blink::D

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I believe it is in the transport museum although i am not entierly sure.


Are the Gates of St John not refering to the mountains on either side of the river in Port St John's... Funny enough I was looking through an old SA Road Traveller book on for old registration numbers when looking for your last question and I think I saw reference to it. Not sure...


Ooops Edit: Didn't see C'nC had already answered that.

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mmmmmm.......I still remember when I first went overseas with my parents and sisters back in 1982 that we flew on a "new" Boeing 747. It was the latest plane and a lot of hype was made about it. It was like "the" thing to fly on and it was a huge privelage. And at 9 years old, that plane was HUGE! So I'm sure we only got them in the late 1970s, but then again I may be completely wrong. Perhaps we got one or two in the Sixties and then got a "new" one in the late 70's or early 80's?

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Okay, that was the year of Rolf's birth, so I'm going to take a chance with the year of my birth - 1971. I have no idea of the month, so will guess it as my birthday month - September.


I will give it to you Sylvia. <_<


ZS-SAN [sannie] actually arrived in Johannesburg 6 November 1971. It's final flight, with Capt Dennis Spence at teh controls, took place 4 March 2004 when it flew from Johanneburg International to Rand Airport where it now stands as part of the static SA Air Museum display. It had flown more than 107,000 flying hours when it was retired. I remember flying on this particular plane twice. Once from Johannesburg to Windhoek in about 1993 and again from Frankfurt to Johannesburg in 1996.


An interesting account of the final flight can be read HERE for those who are intersted.

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Whoo hoo!!!! WOW, can't believe I have finally guessed something more or less correctly!! I should've guessed that special year in the first place (special not just because of the plane but because I was born too - haa haa!! <_< )


Anyway, thanks cincol. Now that I am so unprepared I will need to give a little bit of thought to my question. mmmmmm. Will be back soon.... :anibad:

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Okay, have decided to ask something related to what the GEO936 family really loves - our wildlife in South Africa. It is an easy one <_< .


What is the scientific name and the zulu name for the big 5?


African or Cape buffalo



Rhinoceros (you can choose either the white or the black)


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Sci names - a little rusty

???? capensis

Panthera Leopardus

Panthera Leo

???? bicornus

Loxodonta aficana


Well done CH - not all 100% but I'll give it to you.


For interest sake, uBhejane is the zulu name for Black or hook-lipped rhinoceros and Mkhombe is the zulu name for White or square-lipped rhinoceros.


Just to complete and correct the scientific names:


Buffalo - Syncerus caffer

Leopard - Panthera pardus

Rhino (Black) - Diceros bicornis

Rhino (White) - Ceratotherium simum

The elephant species is africana....not sure if it was a typo?


Your turn CH....

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