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South African (Off-Topic) Quiz


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OK - I conceed - it is the BLOB FISH. a deep sea dweller off the coast of Southern Aus.


It has a geletinous mass with almost no muscular content and tends to drift along in the water eating whatever somes into it's mouth.


One of the grossest looking fish out there.


You're it GEO936


Oh WOW....can't believe my lucky streak at the moment!


I was going to ask if that fish was from caves or something as it looked very pale and ugly - typical of the dark deeps!


Okay, here goes:


What is the name of the beautiful archipelago that is situated approx. 580km from North West Africa and is also known as the "Pearl of the Atlantic" and "The Floating Garden"?

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That is correct!! Well done Damhuisclan. Just goes to show how the good old books are still in need these days!


Maderia is part of Portugal but it lies closer to Africa than it does to Portugal. It is made up of a number of islands and smaller islets, of which the three main islands are: Madeira, Porto Santo and the Desertas. Only Madeira and Porto Santo are inhabited. Madiera is the island where my parents were born - they then immigrated for a "better life" to South Africa in the early 60's. When I took Rolf to visit Madeira in 2004, he fell in love with it instantly and wanted to stay there for good!! It used to be the spot where royalty were sent to, when they had to "recover" from illnesses, etc. Madeira was known, and apparently it still has, one of the cleanest and healthiest air to breath. It is also never too cold nor too hot there - so ideal all year round. You can also have all four seasons in a day, as you can have the sun shining at the beach and 20 mins later you're in the clouds on the highest peak at 1862m above sea level. Not many people know about this wonderful archipelago. I'm proud to be a"madeirense", even though I was born in South Africa!


Your turn Damhuisclan.... ;)

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The first device had a flashing blue light that made one's mouth get a blue illumination???? George????


No, that was George with his BlueTEETH from the Vodcom ad. I think it came from some dude that was chewing his pen while creating it and looked in the mirror and saw the ink on his tooth and the light then went on! :signalviolin::sad::D And it was not a Bic that he was chewing!

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My oh my ... one I know (sort of).


BlueTooth got its name from a certain Viking (if I remember correctly), who was able to get people to talk, and sort out there issues and problems. I can not remember his exact name. But the bluetooth we have in our phones and PC allow our devices to talk to each other.

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Jors you are right it was named after a Harald Blatand, but saying he is the inventor is a bit of a stretch, so the prize for correct answer goes to Damhuisclam.

Harald Blatand was a 10th century Viking king, and he managed to unite a bunch of Viking tribes, and so Bluetooth was named after him due to its ability to unite different technologies

Some people say he got his name from eating lots of blueberries, but whether thats true I cannot say.


I learned this fact while on an event cache at the top of Ben Nevis :signalviolin:

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How about the AGLET that we mentioned earlier!




There are two accepted spellings for it.


(from Wikipedia)

The word "aglet" (or "aiglet") comes from Old French "aguillette" (or "aiguillette"), which is the diminutive of "aguille" (or "aiguilee"), meaning "needle".[1] This in turn comes from "acus", the original Latin word for needle. An aglet is thus like a small "needle" at the end of a cord.


More info here: aglet


You to go C&C

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