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South African (Off-Topic) Quiz


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Surname is playing in the right ballpark.... not quite there yet..... this is like charades :rolleyes:


that rank insignia sounds like a major to me and the swallow has to be the most common migratory bird so we get to Major Swallow. A bird's beak could be its bill.


There fore the fished out fellow is none other than Major Bill Swallow.


dadgum -I'm good <_<


f*** you cannot say d-a-m-n on this forum! It changes it to dadgum! It puts in those nice little stars as well.

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Last round for fun


Major William __________


'Swallow' is VERY close :rolleyes: ..... think of a comedian actor as well <_<




Both his first name and surname can be related to birds. His first, the formal version of an anatomical part of a bird. His last, a predominantly migratory bird quite common worldwide, except Antarctica.


From this I deduce the formal version of an anatomical part of a bird is called a william? I am confused

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Thanks GB - did not think I would get it with the title of the film or book - but do remember really enjoying reading the book and how much trouble they went to to deceive the enemy - right down to the movie ticket from a few nights before in his pocket.


What is the derivation of the name Brooklyn - the one across the river from New York?

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From the name of the Dutch town Breukelen?


You spent too much time in Holland Besem. yup you are correct. That part of New York was formerly called Breukelen and the English changed it to Brooklyn.


Have just finished reading a book about the settlement of Manhattan by the Dutch and that this is largely forgotten or ignored by the writers of the American history. It was the hub of trade between all the British and Swedish and of course Dutch colonies and Europe in the early seventeenth century before van Riebeeck settle the Cape.


So over to you!

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The main question on my mind right now is when someone is going to score FTF on my new caches! (; With them in mind, here's a nice easy one:


What does the name "Baviaanspoort" mean?


Baviaan = Bobbejan = Kees = Baboon


So that would be Bobbejan or Baboon [poort] with poort being a gap in the mountains

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Was it that old SAA DC10 or DC20 that was refurbished and you could pay to go on a flip with it? It was noisy but quite fun, and it was at all the airshows (when we used to have them). For the life of me I just can't remember the name - something like "Junkers". Not even Rolf can remember!

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Hmmm. The dates are a little suggestive... perhaps it was the only period in the Apartheid regime that black people were awarded pilot licences? Or perhaps they were allowed into pilot school without charge?


besem is thinking in the right direction but it has nothing to do with pilots. ;)

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OK - it looks as thoughthis one has run out of steam here. The answer I was looking for was the birth and then demise of the 1st independant passenger airline [apart from SAA] that was allowed to operate on route previously exclusive to SAA. That airline was Flitestar.


DUE to the political scene in South Africa with sanctions and a siege mentality, the South African skies remained a government affair for many years. Whatever the state owned airline wanted became law. So much so that SAA maintained an office within the Department of Civil Aviation. This monopoly held by SAA was pretty much reflected by the attitude of their staff which displayed little customer care. From the late eighties things began to change and by 1991 the SA government passed legislation deregulating the domestic air service. Trek Airways which was a pioneer in air travel and was operating internationally as Luxavia, took up the challenge on 16 October 1991. Using four brand new A320’s leased from GPA (Guiness Peat Aviation), they became the first airline to directly challenge SAA. - starting with JNB-CPT and JNB-DUR schedules. FLITESTAR was born.


Flitestar took 25% of the domestic market and were carrying loads of 63%. Unfortunately due to the nature of the beast, SAA still controlled many things and chose to embark on a campaign of dirty tricks.


Flitestar used the same ticketing system (SAFARI) and SAA started making Flitestar flights appear full in the system so that agents booked PAX on SAA instead.

SAA aircraft tried to delay Flitestar departures by blocking Flitestar aircraft on push-back. Air Traffic Control always gave SAA preference.

Luxavia’s B747 was leased from SAA and the A320 maintenance was done by SAA and these costs began to rocket.

SAA helped their “token” opposition Comair to acquire B737s for next to nothing.

SAA increased its commissions to travel agents and extended its frequent flyer programme to its domestic services.


On Monday 11th April 1994 Flitestar and Luxavia announced that they would cease operations that very day. No talk of liquidation, just the ending of all operations bar the ATR-72 operations which were planned as a feeder operation for SAA. This carried on for a very brief period until they ceased operations to make way for SA Express. SAA had paid in excess of R90 million to Trek Airways shareholders, Rentmeester Beleggings, SAFREN and the de Moelenaer family to cease operating “any” airline service in competition with SAA for five years. Thus even SAFAIR had to shut down the cargo operation returning two BAe 146 aircraft to GPA. SAA honoured all the outstanding tickets as part of the agreement but nothing was done for the thousand staff members who were unemployed.


NEW QUESTION - which is the only country in the world that does not have a rectangular flag?

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Ahem - I was nudged into action by Global Rat whos is right!!! I thought the question would have been a little more difficult.


Do your selves a favour I would normall provide a link for the armchair surfer! - oh alright heres the link to the google search - well worth a look - if you dig a little there are some awesome images to be seen.




Well Done Global Rat - You're up!!! (blazes have I got the apostrophe right?) (rhetorical question! as its GRs turn!)



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