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Cointest - win a random coin


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Ok. This is a simple one BUT if you already know the answer to both, you cant guess. This is for those who are making a random guess.


I know of two cachers who have a birthday today. What are their cacher names.


First person to post both cacher names win a random coin from my collection. I am going to be out for a few hours and will check to see if someone got it right later tonight.


Good Luck!

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Avroair & .... blueMotMot


Hmm...we already have 26th of October here, so I can even say Moozer too! :unsure:


Happy birthday my friend!!! :)


Hey I know tat 2 geocahcers are getting married (together) on 26th of October.....did I win??? :) Just kiding!!!!


My sister & my brother in law, are getting married!!!! they are both under my codename!! ...And their best man???? Who else??? Me!!!!! :anibad:

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And these were the two I was thinking of.


There seems to be many people who had Birthdays yesterday.


Happy Birthday to all!


Tadpole send PM me your address and I will get something off to you.






Happy birthday to Mark and Karine, and thanks for the cointest Christian! ;)

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