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  1. Thanks for the Cointest! This is Sir Moby searching and finding GC2M97T
  2. Hello together! I can´t say whats my favorit. I love cats. My little cat Tiger died last year. She was 13 years old. I hope I can find some pics. But today I will post for dogs. Or not? This Dog lives on a monastery at mallorca. And I swear, this dog thinks that he was a cat. When I came to him, he begins to cuddle with my legs. He made a "hunchbag" (I hope this is the right word) and then he was leaking his paws like a cat Crazy little dog ... but sooo sweet! You can visit him at GC1QDTA
  3. 9 of 10 voices in me say, that Im not crazy. The 10th sings the melody of Tetris
  4. Yippie!!! Mission completed Email Sent: 20-10-2010 Name Received: 31 October 2010 Mission Sent: 12 Nov. 2010 Mission Received: 23 Nov. 2010
  5. Update: Email Sent: 20-10-2010 Name Received: 31 October 2010 Mission Sent: 12 Nov. 2010 Mission Received:
  6. Email Sent: 20-10-2010 Name Received: 31 October 2010 Mission Sent: Mission Received:
  7. Email Sent: 20-10-2010 Name Received: 31 October 2010 Mission Sent: Mission Received:
  8. Email Sent: 20-10-2010 Name Received: Mission Sent: Mission Received:
  9. Im sorry to hear about that. But maybe we can post some funny pictures to cheer you up! New Mission: Give DJ.J.Rock a smile! This is my boyfriend. When we was on a nightcaching trip, we found a destroyed tree. It looks like a naturally "dunny"! I hope this is the right word in english. So here is the foto! I love it!!!
  10. I don´t know what type of car it is, but when I saw it, my heart stood still!
  11. beautiful sunsets: beautiful nature:
  12. Oh Wow! We have a lot of really talented photografs here. I don´t know if I can overbid this beautiful fotos. But at least, I can add some of my snapshots This was in Mecklenburg Vorpommern in Germany This was on our last holiday on Mallorca: I think thats enough for now Greetings from Germany and thanks a lot for the cointest!
  13. For Nyomi: Tinkerbell Strawberry Shortcake Glitter-Ny For Brandon: Geo-Bran Sky-Bran Geo-Skywalker Thank you for the cointest! Greetings to your kids!
  14. Date: Spetember 2, 2009 Time: 03:30 AM Weight: 3400 gramm Length: 55 cm
  15. The day Geocaching.com was down, I opened the Internet Expolrer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari every 5 Minutes! I always pressed the refreshing button. It was horrible! Then, I build a routine that sends me an email if geocaching.com answers and tried to find out some caches on opencaching.de! Please!! Don´t remind me of this Day! I´m so glad that the down time is over!
  16. Its a fly in a flesh eating plant and it was taken in the Christoffel National Park, Curacao?
  17. oh fairyhoney ... We are so happy that you received our mission. I was afraid that the package got lost. hope you have fun with the christmas pyramide on christmas 2009 Greetings from Germany, Martina & Guido (DreamteamOS)
  18. You know you're a geocoin addict when ... you present your geocoin collection on family reunion. Before we start with geocaching, we watched a photo album
  19. We received our Mission last Weekend! Sorry that I did not post before. I was very ill the whole week and also not healthy at the moment. But its going better every day. dadgum german winter. We were so happy about the Package. Very nice Coins and many other beautyful things. Thank you so much RedShoes Girl The Christmas coin 2005 is now the Highlight of our Coin Selection! I hope you received also a nice Package. Have a good time and we wish you a very happy christmas! MISSION COMPLETED
  20. yeah yeah .. tschakka tschakka I love it! Thank you for showing us this side. We have a lot of fun
  21. 1. Participating: YES 2. Received Name: YES 3. Mission Complete: 11/13/08 4. Package Received:
  22. Congratulation! What a beautiful little girl! My favorit ist Tinkabelle but what about "tiny" or "beth" ?
  23. Good evening and greetings from germany! We also celebrate Halloween for a few years. So, here are my very first own Halloween pumpkins. Please are merciful, this was really my first attempt I know that I have no chance, but I hope that this ones makes you smile I made them for my aunt and she was so happy I love the flaming one from joefrog!!!!
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