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60cx vs. Legend HCx


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I'm trying decide between a Garmin MAP60cx and the Legend HCx. I don't need the compass as it seems hardly anyone needs it and I can always get a handheld one and I don't want to pay the extra amount for it. The differences between the two that matter to me are:

- the cx has a larger screen and being I am "slightly older" I thought that would be good.

- the cx comes with a microSD and the HCx doesn't

- the cx has the buttons on the front, the HCx on the side

- the cx has the same body as the 60CSx


That's about it. I've been using a borrowed 60CSx and am used to the buttons on the front and the feel of it. I'm just not sure I will like the buttons on the side of the Legend and I think it's ugly, lol. I also like that the CSx is "hefty" and not sure I like the small-ness of the Legend. I also like the bigger screen size. But is the cx worth the price for, mainly, the screen size and the "look & feel" of the cx - that's my dilemma.


I live in a remote area and can't get to a store that might have the Legend - does the sofeware work the same on both (find, mark, etc.).


Any and all thoughts on the 60cx and the Legend HCx would be appreciate (I don't see much on the cx in the forum tho it's a baby sister to the 60CPx).

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Software is basically the same.


Other differences:

- CX has quad helix antenna, which works better held vertically. HCX has patch and works better held flat.

- CX has serial port.

- CX has external antenna port.

- CX costs 50% more............


You should also look at a 76CX. Basically the same as a 60Cx, but cheaper, with a different shape and button locations.

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I live in a remote area and can't get to a store that might have the Legend - does the sofeware work the same on both (find, mark, etc.).

It's not exactly the same. It's not just the placement of the buttons that is different; the way that they work is different too. "Find" in particular is slightly different: on the 60cx, a quick press of the "Find" button brings up the Find page; on the Legend HCx there isn't a button that is solely dedicated to the "Find" function. Instead, there's a single button that is shared for "Menu" and "Find". A quick press is "Menu"; you have to do a long press-and-hold for "Find" page.


Also, I remember that there was a nice quick way on the 60Cx to get to the "Recent Finds" page -- it was either 2 quick successive presses of the Find key, or a single press-and-hold. Whichever it was, it was very handy. The Legend HCx doesn't have this shortcut; you have to go to the Find page and the select the "Recent find" icon.


I'm sure there are other noticeable differences in button functionality, but that's the one that sprang to mind first.

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"The Legend HCx doesn't have this shortcut"


The Legend HCx does in fact have this shortcut, although because you have to hold the find button in for a couple of seconds, it's really not that much quicker. Hold the find button in until the find page shows up, then hold the find button in again, and it will show you the list of recent finds.

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Thoughts are going to be as varied as the number of models Garmin is now fielding.

The 60Csx is more versatile - but not everyone needs all the options. I use the ext ant frequently, as well as the serial port for both input and output of NMEA data.

The 76 series works fine but to me it like holding a limp pop tart in shape.

I really dislike buttons that are hidden on the side of a unit, out of view. Of course one would eventually learn what does what by feel.

Personal preference is often decided by the least important factors.

There is nothing like being able to handle the thing to be able to make a useful decision. And there is nothing more annoying than day after day looking at the unit you bought to save a few $$ and knowing that it isn't really the one you wanted.

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I've had a 60Cx for over a year now. It's been used extensively for travel and geocaching. I used to have a B&W Legend, before that a B&W Venture, and before that a basic yellow eTrex.


The 60Cx performs great! With a set of Eneloop rechargeable batteries you will get long battery life. I didn't want or need the altimeter/electronic compass features of the 60CSx model. Just extra bells & whistles to drain the batteries faster and make the unit more expensive.


I do miss the smaller form factor of the eTrex line, though. When you are hunting for urban caches the 60Cx is a little bulky to keep hidden away. The buttons on the front are nice, escpecially while driving or wanting to use the GPS one-handed. It does come with a micro SD data card, although the one included with mine last year was a meager 64MB. I quickly upgraded to a 1GB card and have been able to fit half of the U.S. on it with the pre-2008 Mapsource Topo software.


So far I have had zero problems with the 60Cx. It has been everywhere from the beach to the mountains, used in all four seasons, and has not let me down once. Amazon has them for $278 right now, which is a good deal, considering they were $350+ last year.

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OK, I've decided to get the 60cx. I was leaning this way but hearing what all of you had to say just confirmed it. I want to thank you all - this forum is great and the responses from all of you were great and fast.



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I know I have to buy a 2GB microSD if I buy City Nav on DVD - do I need a card reader, too? I'm not clear on how to load the City Nav software from the DVD to the card - does it load right onto the card when it's in the 60cx or do I have to load it to the card with the card in a reader (writer?) then insert the card?


Am I making sense?

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You do not need the card reader, you can download map to the connected 60csx directly.


But if you frequently download maps, getting a reader is better as the reader (nowadays on the market) will enjoy USB 2.0 download speed, download to 60csx directly (usb 1.0?) is slower. Magnitude slower.


You can get a 19-in-1 reader for 15.00, go to amazon and search "kingston reader".

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Thanks dual - I found everything else I needed, including the reader, at buy.com with free shipping. I should have my 60cx by the end of the week and will start with the next phase.....CacheMate & GSAK. It sure makes a ton of difference when you have others to help you. Thanks again!!!

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I used to have a B&W Etrex Legend and liked it, but after having it for over 4 years i still pressed the wrong buttons on occasion because they are on the side and not clearly labeled. One other thing I never really liked about the Legend is the track button being on the left side above the screen. I never could figure out why they put it there since when you're holding the unit in your right hand, which is the most natural way for me, and using the button with your thumb, you're blocking part of the screen.


That being said, last week I got a 60CX and find the placement and labeling of the buttons much more user friendly than the Legend.


I don't think I would go back to an Etrex after using the 60CX. Feels much better, sure a little bigger, but much easier to use.

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