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It's Not About Numbers


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There was a time when one had to walk miles along a canal in order to collect a handful of separate caches to log in. What we have noticed lately though is a newish fad of setting up a 3 to 4mile walk and around that walk placing out several separate caches of the same series instead of multicache clues. We think that these are excellent, for the enjoyment of geocaching as they are not all micros, the views and countryside are different and safer, the walk tends not to be a Marathon for the children 3-3.5 miles is comfortable, the fitter can pretend that they are orienteering! and always a circular route. Excellent! The ones that we have recently done are:

Foxham (5 caches - 3 Miles) Hodds Hill & Baydon Woods (9 caches - 3.5 Miles) Out of Eastbury (8 caches - 3 Miles) Cerney Wick (5 caches - 3.5 Miles) and Bannerdown (3 caches - 2 Miles). There are a few arund Oxford, but I believe that they are around 11 miles. Not that it is about numbers!, but anyone know of any more 3-4 mile series with half a dozen or more caches to be found and claimed? Here's hoping that the idea really takes off as its great fun for families. :mad::mad::D

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The Newbury one by the Teddies looks good (GC1A1N6) although it does not specify how far the circular walk is! If there are a few of these around the country perhaps a 'Bookmark' may be the thing listing them, their number of caches and the distances! Must try Newbury fairly soon as it sounds a fun one. :mad::mad:

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There are some caches being placed round Portsea Island, Portsmouth, in the PCH series. Doesn't quite fit your description as the whole series will probably be too long to do in one go with children and a section isn't a a circular walk but I've done the first 5 and it was a good length walk for a sunday afternoon and there were a couple of other caches we could have easily done as well if they either hadn't been temp unavailable or already done but the other cacher I was with.

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The Cotswolds.

Snowshill/Blockley/Moreton-in-Marsh area.




Blockley Blower

Stag Ramblers


eg The Cotswold Lions Tour GC19CKH by Wrighty

"A circular walk of about seven miles with eight caches, the five Cotswold lions caches contain the co-ords and the hint for this cache,also on the route are caches GC15THJ and GC15F4N."



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I'm not averse to circular walks in any way, in fact I prefer them (although I tend to find my own routes rather than follow a listed series). The only problem though, is that the trend towards series can leave brilliant caches neglected as a result of being away from the cache trails. By all means go for the series but remember that lonely caches need love too :laughing:


Good shout!

(btw, nice initials :laughing: )

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Did the Calverton/Woodborough Circular in Nottinghamshire last week, 12 caches plus bonus cache and there are 2 others along the route as well making 15 in 5 miles. There is also another 13 cache series with a couple of extra singles and a trig in Epperstone which is 2.5 miles from the start of the Calverton series this is also about 5 miles. So an easy 30 or so in a good days walking.

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Was just contacted by another fellow geocacher with three more such circular walks with many caches: Nexus (GC1AHNZ) 5 caches, Ridgeway Ramble (GC188K3) 12 caches and Chilterns Ramble (GC18X3H) 18 caches.


Keep them coming and then someone hopefully may produce a Bookmark of them. It's good to get the children to take a leg each holding Dad's/Mum's GPS and brother or sister finding it ! Cheap, safe entertainment in all that fresh air, cannot be bad! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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