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The Northwest Trails Project


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Have patience, the day after M10B updated the trailsl my WIX site gave me fits when I attempted to login and I gave up and went to watch TV with my wife. My time was also taken up with researching a good snowshoe hike for beginners so this update landed low on my totempole. I'll try again this weekend.

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I'd like to make a suggestion for the NWTP. In addition to complete releases every couple of months, how about also releasing a file with only the new or updated trails? I personally make a lot of edits to the files, specifically deleting the trail names for use at home. With over 35,000 trails in Washington it is a lot of work to have to go through that process every time a new release comes out.


While the project works flawlessly on my GPS, it is not so great on my Topo NA. All of those trail names just clutter up the screen making it extremely difficult to use. Take this image of Cougar Mountain for example. At this zoom level of about 1:42,000, I know there are trails there but can't see them through the text!




Even zooming in as far as I can go, 1:960 it can still be difficult to read.




Having a separate update release and being able to import only the new trails would be extremely helpful.

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Yes, the support pages need a good overhaul. Sorry, I have barely had enough time to work on the mapsets themselves, let alone the web site.


The .img file is a pre-compiled mapset that can be copied directly to your GPS unit without the need to install it to MapSource or BaseCamp. It provides the complete NW Trails mapset with the dashed trails typeset.

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Does this work for Garmin Etrex 10? I haven't been able to download it correctly:(

The Etrex 10 has extremely small amount of memory. What it has is mostly unusable for maps and I suspect the tiles from the trail project will overflow the memory. It certainly can't hold a tropo or street map to go with the trails map to make them useful.

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