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  1. Be aware that this is worth paying all the extra dollars: Multi-band technology and expanded GNSS support (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS and IRNSS) provide optimal accuracy in steep country, urban canyons and forests with dense trees. GPSMap 66sr. The best GPS that I have ever owned (and there has been many).
  2. My 750i isn't very accurate. The track often wanders all over the place. I feel that at this price point it should be at least as accurate as the multiband units. Maybe the non Inreach units don't do this? That being said, the giant screen is a work of art when combined with a sweet map like Backroad Mapbooks (Canada). How it works with the auto mount is amazing also.
  3. The 66sr is the best GPS that I have ever owned, by far. And I have had many over the years. I have a 66sr and a Montana 750. For the freakishly accurate accuracy alone I would choose the 66sr hands down. The battery not being AAs is not an issue: in fact I prefer it. Plug it in to a computer, wall, or mount and it charges fast. It lasts a very long time. And as has been pointed out many times before in this forum, if/when it no longer holds a charge it will be relatively easy (6 screws) to open up the unit and replace it. I imagine it will be many years before this would be necessary. Besides, the Montana is a brick when being considering for something like geocaching or hiking. Great for in vehicle/ATV/etc. use in a mount. I chose a 750 because I wanted City Navigator maps on board.
  4. So the GPSMAP 66sr is more accurate than the GPSMAP 66st?
  5. Happily, I figured out what the issue was. Not sure why it was causing the problem, but when I pulled out the 32gb microSD card, it started with GPS locking every time. What was on it was 7 maps, 2 GGZ files, bunch of GPX files and 14.7gb worth of Birdseye files. I wonder what about this microSD card made the Montana not want to get a lock? Weird. In any case, I am relieved to have my GPSr back!
  6. I did the master reset and for a long time I thought it was even worse off: it didn't seem like it would ever lock onto satellites again. But then it did. Once. I am now trying to start it up over and over again to see if I can get it to lock. Not ideal. Having GLONASS and WAAS turned off clearly makes no difference for this unit. Any other suggestions?
  7. A. Took a look. I guess what that is telling me is to do a master reset. I will give this a try. B. Software Version 3.3 C. While having these issues I place it in view of the sky. Previous units would have to trouble locking in much more challenging situations. I have it outside right now and will leave it there for >15 minutes but it likely won't lock if it is acting like it typically does. D. My preference is GPS+GLONASS plus WAAS however I have changed those settings and tried to see if that was what the problem was with no success. Thanks for your response. I appreciate the help!
  8. I am hoping someone can help me. Since I can't remember when my Montana refuses to acquire satellites on the first start up. On the satellite page there are many bars for satellites that show up but the number below each one just flashes and it never acquires a lock. I often have to reboot several times, sometimes by pulling the battery before finally it will acquire a lock. I have never experienced this type of behaviour in any of the many Garmin handhelds that I have had over the years so my fingers are crossed for an easy fix. Has anyone else had this happen to them and/or have any suggestions on how to fix the issue? I have tried these things: tried both with Glonass on and off WAAS on an off tried with alkalines rather than the rechargeable one thst it comes with pulled the map microSD card None of the above has had any effect. Please help!!
  9. I am really happy about this, Mineral2. Looks great on Montana and eTrex! Thanks!
  10. Judging the product by basing it on a version that existed many moons ago isn't likely fair. BRMB has updated their maps year after year since you likely tried it out and have made many improvements in the meantime. Saying it is worthy of sitting under dust likely isn't fair unless you have tried out Version 8, or at least a version that isn't several years old. It would surprise me if they haven't incorporated OSM, the Alberta maps, NW Trails etc. And the things are a work of art to top it off.
  11. The best Garmin maps for Canada are the Backroad Mapbooks GPS Maps imo. Pricey, but worth every penny.
  12. They are both good units in their own ways. You should also check out the soon to be released GPSmap 66.
  13. - multi-GNSS -free Birdseye -16gb memory - MIL STD 810G ruggedness for thermal, shock and water performance - RINEX Logging: yes - 1 week in expedition mode - compatible with night vision goggles The Oregon can come with a camera, currently a 66 cannot.
  14. Straight from the info on the 66, one of its major selling points: "Access to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery with direct-to-device downloads and no annual subscription" I doubt it'll be free on your 550 though. I'm afraid you'll have to buy the 66 in order to get free Birdseye.
  15. Birdseye seems to be free and not requiring a subscription now.
  16. In my experience the topo map file from a "t" unit will not be recognized by a non "t" unit.
  17. Surprisingly minimal update. Still shocking to me that Garmin couldn't be bothered to add GGZ to the 20x/30x.
  18. So the only difference between the 30 and the 30x is a higher resolution screen?
  19. This isn't a change that only affected the Geocaching map. I noticed it when using GSAK.
  20. For my area at least, the decline in publish count seems to be just one indicator of several that points to a decline in the interest in geocaching in general. I also get a sense of way less caching going on around me. My hides seem to get found way less often. I don't know, I can't quite put a finger on it...
  21. Kamloops, BC 2008- 178 2009- 314 2010- 463 2011- 504 2012- 494 2013- 369 2014- 238 2015- 128 2016- 165 2017- 80 (12 hidden by me) I must say, my impression is that interest in geocaching sure seems to be dwindling in my area. A reason not mentioned above could be an increase in interest in a certain QR Code based game at the expense of geocaching.
  22. 3.33 is the last stable update. I would (and am) reverting back to that one unfortunately, And 3.40 wasn't even a beta.
  23. It was when trying to log the cache as found. I reverted to the previous version already and it works as it is supposed to now. So you have been caching with your Oregon with this update with no problem?
  24. This update seems to cause my unit to crash whilst using the geocaching functions. Anyone else having this issue?
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