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What are some good puzzle caches?


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***Yeah. I've seen that one, and I've already solved it. Now, like I said in the last thread it appeared in, I just need to find an excuse to drive up to Wisconsin***


When you get up here...send an email...I'll meet you there to witness the event.




It will probably be a while.

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I have a couple that you have to solve online (can't print them out and solve them). Crossed Words - GCYJBE and Compass Werkes GCYJB9. A couple other nice ones in the area are My Properties GCY7KH, More See GCY6EB and one that's been archived but you can still reference, November 5th GCY7QD all by BigMahma (who because of family obligations has not cached in a while). All fun ones and just figuring out the puzzle was more fun then finding the cache.

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To me a good puzzel cache is any one I don't start. :rolleyes:


I am no dummy but I just don't like puzzle caches I enjoy going out doors and hiking not setting for hours trying to solve a puzzle so I never try one. I tried a few when I first started and I could not even figure were to start so I decided right then and there I didn't like them. For those of you that do you can do my share I will leave for you and more power to you.

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My most memorable puzzles:


GC119WF - Alia's Wish - Hardest puzzle I have done. Very cool set-up, though.

GC16E33 - Pixel Eyes - A bit too much explanation for some of the steps, and frustratingly little for some others. But a very cool revelation of the coordinates at the end, only to be outdone by...

GC12TEE - Bow(wow)s and Arrows - Once the process is determined, the revelation of the coordinates is just amazing.

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