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  1. I am working on a new cache and my original plan was to paint it but then I thought about using duck tape. I have used duck tape before but only on "hidden" containers. This one is going to be in full view and out in the elements with sun, hot temperatures, freezing temperatures and rain. I like to know how your experience has been with the durability of duck tape on caches that are out in the weather and sun. The tape that I am using is the "duckbrand" kind bought at a local walmart printed with camo colors. Thank you for any feedback! PS: I know officially its "duct tape" but this brand actually calls it "duck tape".
  2. A few years ago we had somebody mess with caches around here, I believe "Captain Drop a Log" was his/her name... or something similar.... guess what he/she left in caches........
  3. Figure out what everyone else is doing.... then do it earlier http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...a2-9e2d62d23869
  4. I try to a "milestone" cache every time I go out. I stopped doing the "just because they're there" caches a long time ago.
  5. It seems that the picture gallery system is a bit buggy, slow and not very efficient for the user. This may be to reduce the amount of pictures people upload to the system, I am not sure but it is pretty annoying having to upload log pictures piece by piece. Don't get me wrong, I love the services geocaching.com provides but it would be even better if it uses a picture upload setup much like Ebay or photobucket. Also almost half of the time the pictures wont even load on the cache logs unless reloaded multiple times... this is probably a server performance issue. Anyways, you guys are doing an awesome job, thank you!
  6. Hey, if we legalize murder then all those death row inmate costs go way down. Yup because thats along the same line...
  7. Thank you, I actually figured it out... the grammar is not right but it worked.
  8. Unknown fact: ALL cellphones will dial 911 even if they have no service. It makes sense to carry one when hiking or leave one in your car. The following link will explain things better. At least I thought it was pretty common knowledge... ?
  9. Hello, I am trying to translate a spanish hint I received... I'd like to see if anyone can translate it for me: UNOMASTIEMPOHINTNUEVELETRA (I am not sure if the grammar is right.) Thank you in advance!
  10. I live for those kind of caches, so do a lot of buddies of mine.... we hide them... we find them. And yes there is a certain risk we take every time we go out, but we prepare, bring the proper gear and keep an eye on each other..... If a cache seems too dangerous, its probably just out of your league and you should not attempt it. If you head out unprepared and get hurt.... well..... thats where Darwin comes in. Would you go scuba diving without scuba gear? Other dangerous activities: rock climbing sky diving car racing mountain biking fast food scuba diving sport fishing zip lining skiing blah blah blah blah The list goes on and on.... the world is a fun playground! If you think that cache is dangerous, check out the caches on http://www.extreme-caching.com, the largest adventurous cache bookmark list. This site is run by me and my friends.
  11. Have 2 of those in the field and are performing horribly... lock and lock are the better and cheaper alternative.
  12. I don't know of any online converter that works without the spaces, but there should be always 6 digits of easting followed by 7 digits of northing. Thus, your example would be: 18N E 452049 N 2424491 But unfortunately that is not a valid UTM coordinate, because given the northing it should actually be 18Q. So perhaps in your format the northing comes first, and the coordinates would be in standard UTM: 18T E 424491 N 4520492 which translates to N 40 49.919, W 75 53.733 If I were you, I would use a text editor (like sed) to rearrange them; or, if you want, I will whip you up a Python script to turn them into lat/lon. Wow! That seems to be correct! Thank you so much. No script necessary, but thanks anyways.
  13. Hello, I've found some coordinates in this format: 18N4520492424491 I know that these are in some sort of UTM format but I can't find any guidance on how to separate the numbers into Northern and Eastern to put them into online converters. Any help would be greatly appreciated. A link to an online converter would be even better. Thank you in advance!
  14. Rock climbing shoes, chalk, containers, biners, glowsticks and even a sweater with the extreme caching logo embroidered..... life is good.
  15. 3 months of physical therapy for a back injury that I acquired during a day of container hiding that included kayaking, tree climbing and rope ascending in the middle of a river. Injury didn't show until days later.... Doctor looked at me like a had a hole in my head when I was explaining it to him.... hehe
  16. I have the same problem and know many others who do too since the whole ALR rule change... I was upset about it at first but then got over it quickly. At the end of the day its the finder's "moral" issue, if they want to pretend they bagged an extreme cache, it's their problem. Heck, I know cachers who have logged extreme finds from across a river and never even touched the logbook or container... but really... who cares? It's just caching, the numbers are worthless but the experiences are priceless. (yeah I just came up with that) I feel sorry for anybody who "cheats" themselves out of those experiences. Good luck on getting your cache published, I'll be out there one day logging it! (without cheating! ) Don't let a little thing like that discourage you from getting it published!
  17. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...d3-9a6e3188c9ed A cache of mine that uses morse code.... click on the skull on the page.
  18. October 14 by XXXXXXXXXXX (172 found) This cache is on Eleele Elementary School property and needs to be taken down. I am giving myself credit for finding this. But I did not sign the log because I could not climb the tree and anyway, what is this grown woman doing climbing a tree on school property?!!!
  19. I thought I'd bump this topic and point out that now there is a website that is dedicated to these types of caches: Extreme-Caching.com
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