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What have you learned here?


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I've learned you essentially don't need to get permission for placing a cache as long as you check the box that says you did and that people generally regard public land, and even some private land, as a free for all.

Don't forget......even though i didn't read the listing and/or park where you said I should, i reserve the right to criticize YOU for my having to bushwhack and thus your rating of terrain is wrong. It's not a 1, it should be a 1 1/16th. Plus the cache container lid wasn't closed all the way, lead pencil was broke off, the log book was upside down in the container, i found the swag offensive to my personal beliefs, and my mosquito bites are all your fault too.

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Who cares?


Now that’s not a response to the question posed in this thread, but rather an example of something I’ve learned.


I’ve learned that there are many people in these forums who will have absolutely no interest in a particular thread, and will have nothing meaningful to contribute to the thread, yet will still find the irresistible need to add a post letting everyone else know that they don’t care about the topic being discussed, and to sometimes even belittle the other contributors by suggesting they too shouldn’t care about the thread. This is often done by their posting of a simple rhetorical question such as “Who cares?”

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I've learned how to get notifications easily and reliably on my cell phone (link).


I've learned never to mention the word allergy in a post even in passing. The screemin' meemees' come out from under their rocks & eat you alive for no apparent reason.


I've learned that SEARCH on IPB forums (like this one) does not work as advertised (it doesn't even work as advertised on the Invision Power Services forums and they wrote the software!) so it is most often less than useful.


I've learned that IGNORE USER does not work unless the user name is a single word with no spaces or funny characters like & * etc.


I've learned that no matter how positive and upbeat an initial post is, it'll get negative responses about 80% of the time. (but that happens everywhere in forums so....)


I've learned never to hang around the Off Topic forums without a flamesuit on no matter what.


I've learned there's a heck of a lot of folks who like geocaching as much as I do, and that's enough for now.

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We learned that it is fun to watch your Travel Bugs travel.


We learned that your Travel Bugs will end there traveling eventually, some earlier than others.


We learned that caches you hide will eventually be found on GC. Hopefully by cachers.


We have learned it is great fun to find and log very old benchmarks that have not been recovered since they were placed.


I've learned that it is fun to watch someone commit GCicide and then try to come back.


I've learned to sit back choose the threads I want to read and then go to the next without posting.


I've learned that most of the mods are very nice people who just want to keep things from spinning out of control and watch out for us all.


I've learned that Off Topic is enjoyable and can ease the stresses of the day (or night if you happen to work that shift like we do).


I've learned that other (similar) sites are dull compared to this one.


We learned how to commit TerraCide to the best of our ability by watching how some people bunged up committing GCicide.


And last but not least, I have learned to enjoy these little guys and think it really funny when they annoy someone.



Shirley's opinion only. :)

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I've learned that the people who scream most about "getting permission" don't actually get permission to hide or find caches for themselves.


I've learned that some people actually think that plants have feelings and that if you walk on the grass that you've commited a heinous crime.


I've learned that no matter how many samples you take with a GPSMAP 60CSx that your reading can still be wrong.


I've learned that people don't kill people and that guns do kill people.


I've learned that if you really want to get people's opinion about a particular topic to avoid the use of these forums (unless you want to see 47 pages of cool containers).


I've learned that I am not the only one to find a pile of Playboy magazines out in the woods.

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When I first started geocaching, I thought that bubbles and play-doh made good trade items; that signing the paper log wasn’t really a big deal; that all caches were of the ammo-can-in-the-woods variety. Then I read the forums and learned otherwise! When I first started geocaching, I assumed most cachers were serious outdoors-people, and that caching was just a casual hobby. Then I read the forums and realized how wide a variety of people this attracts, and how obsessed some of those people are! When I first started geocaching, I didn’t know what travel bugs, geocoins, micros, nanos, or lampskirts were. Then I read the forums and was enlightened! I’ve also learned that a terrain rating of 1 should only be used if the cache is wheelchair accessible; that travel bugs and cache containers sometimes disappear, and that you shouldn’t put it out there if you are going to be overly-troubled by its loss; that other forum readers CAN AND DO read your profile, cache logs, cache pages, etc. etc., especially if you post to complain about something; that “numbers don’t matter”, but really, they do, at least a little. I’ve learned that the same topics come up over and over—some are annoyed with this, but it’s inevitable, really. I’ve learned that conversations move fast on this board, and that by the time I’ve figured out what I want to say, 3 other people have probably already said it!

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