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  1. you could use one those lil plastic envlopes they use for geocoins..
  2. you could also include a siphon hose,bucket,black ski mask and flashlight to your caching kit.
  3. i cant belive the red wings can afford to drive to pittsburgh..
  4. Blaidd Drwq....Ahhh,,a fellow welshman..
  5. Gof 1,,Well then.. i think we should have cameras on all the nations highways that record the plate numbers with there speed and the national dept will be paid off in no time....
  6. ya , but , what if me n the ole lady get all caught up in the alone in the wilderness thing ? isnt that a invasion of privacy ?
  7. i wonder how many geocachers got lyme desease....
  8. it might give the fcc somthin ta do as well as the geo mods-mite be fun....
  9. Personaly i dont want anyone quering in my pockets but thats just me..
  10. alot of parking lot or library micros would be handicap freindly..
  11. this thread sounds like a argument in favor of well placed clandestine micros hidden on already well trodden paths for parks..
  12. so whats a few tupperware containers and empty mc,donalds big,mac wrappers matter ?
  13. Well its best not to despond about a FTF..i generaly just say ''ahh shucks'' and head for the nearest bar..look at it this way..theres probly a couple billion chianese who could care less if you got the FTF..
  14. simply have a giant keg party on the said property and you will soon know who owns it..
  15. i always liked ''the beware of landmines cache''as a name..though i never visited this cache,i did like the name ..it was rated a five star for difficulty..
  16. buy some fake moss and glue on,throw in the woods and shes good as hid..winter or summer..
  17. Nope..that is as far as geo caching goes....
  18. Was given one of these and dropped it in a cache butdont know how to activate..it was by a acorn or oak company..i saved the numbers off the bug itself but dont know how to activate..
  19. Lets see some of your most scenic caches..
  20. Yes,,i fear we shall soon be reduced to hiding and seeking caches within the area of a city block..but hey,,what do you expect when youve had two oil barons running the country for so long..
  21. im all for them competent reps though thier pretty hard to find..
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