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Puppy Dawg
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There is a pinned topic in the FAQ: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...p;#entry1477934


Basically you find a lot of caches, hide caches, follow the guidelines, participate in events and local groups, hang out in the forums, be a generally good person. Sit back and wait to be called up for the job.


A touch of insanity (like we all posses to some degree) doesn't hurt. B)






Never ask.




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[Why would you want to ? Is my 1st question .


2nd] Question have you had a bad interaction with someone you felt needed to be delt with ?


A position of power must be used with absolute care .


Many people like myself are or can be sarcastic . . In this case I am not .


I dont lead well and I follow worse . But I know this about myself .

I know my faults as so many have kindly pointed out.


Please take a very close look at question 1 and get back to us .

Thanks in a very sincere way .


" Most can see but very few have vision "

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