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  1. Next time you find one of those let me know. I'll come over and help you decide what to do with it.....
  2. The bombing at the army recruting station in NY was done with an ammo box...... http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/03/06/times.square/index.html
  3. I don't want to sound stupid, but if the owner lived to far away to service the cache, isn't that against the rules? I think I read somewhere that you are supposed to live within a 50 mile radius... I'd love to put out a few near my home, which is about 800 miles away but I could not service them except for a few times a year.
  4. You might do some research around your area and find a local legend and turn into a mystery cache or just a puzzle cache… I'm putting a series of caches out with different Native Stories.
  5. Couldn't have said it any better myself. Sounds like somthing a Ga boy would say!
  6. I gotta agree that reading the complete listing would have cued you or anyone else in on the fact that you would need a compass. But the other stuff, I would let it go. You have to remember that some folks get there rocks off pissing people off in forums (or logs) and it's real easy to act tough and throw out insults when you are sitting at home at your computer. The more you enter in his log, the more you are going to make him smile. I'd let it ride and move on to the next cache. That'll probably piss him off more than anything....
  7. If all that happens, and since I read it here it must be imminent, it would be fun to go back to the old map and compass...... I retire in 2011 so that would give me a whole year to travel and Cache...
  8. Rattle Snakes have a way of making old Mr. Fear jump out on his own.....
  9. Sand-Man


    I may have to drop in and meet a few Ok cachers!
  10. Be careful what you ask for! I've given them hell myself and I really don't think I would want to be on the receiving end of every disgruntled cachers griping.....
  11. Anybody know of one insode a store?
  12. USAF 1975-1982 Machinist E-5 I tried to reenlist a few years ago right after 9/11. I could tell a pretty funny story about this but it would take a big space in this forum....... To make a long story short, a young Army spc5 at the medical center reminded me of why I got out in the first place.... My oldest son is in the Army National Guard and has just been activated. he goes to NJ for special training and then to Camp Buca in Iraq. I just put out a cache in his honor.... Standing On the Wall
  13. My granny used to say "There's only two kinds of snakes that can hurt you. Deaduns and liveuns!
  14. Imagine how that would feel while sitting on a horse.......... Horses are allergic to excited Turkeys...
  15. I may be a real dummy but I can't figure out how to filter my search by attributes. All of them I have seen have attributes assigned but how can I filter and get the ones I want? For instance, I want to search for caches that allow horses........ I like riding my horse out to find the cache....
  16. I got the handle from when I played Football in High School. After knocking out several opposing players I was called "The Sandman". So this is a variance of that name.
  17. Sand-Man


    Everyone enjoying the ice? It's all gone here now and the power just came back on.... It has been fun and it's been real, but it ain't been real fun.... We got along pretty good as I heat with wood anyway. A small generator for the fridge and the fish tank and it wasn't all that bad. Didn't get to do any caching though. Maybe the weather will be right on Sunday!
  18. Sand-Man


    Anyone here in Oklahoma?
  19. Oh, I'm in OK BTW. But if I get to that part of Florida I'll check that out....
  20. I think I'll do it. It's never to much trouble for me to load my horse and go ride for any reason. I look for remote caches and most of the time I research to see if horses are allowed in a particular area. Some parks for instance don't allow horses Because they think horse poop is a bad thing). It will probably be equestrian theme as well.... You geocaching horse lovers watch for the new cache....
  21. GPS $100 Camera (2) $400 Swag $30 Two horses equiped with trail tack $5K Yep, about 50 bucks is all I have left.....
  22. I resemble that remark... And my wife is from Helsinki.... So please refrain from using that name in vain.....
  23. People who can't Spell kinda tick me off too....... wait I can't spell either...... Did I spell Bitchin right?
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