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I signed up for cotm a few months ago but it looked like too much hassle to collate the data so didn't bother submitting anything.

I've lost the password now anyway <_<

It really doesn't take five minutes to collate the data, all of which you can obtain from your GC stats anyway. It's really interesting (and surprising) where the peaks and troughs occur over a years caching! :)

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I must apologise, I've not been away but I've been pretty busy recently. I'm on a year out from uni doing a full time job living away from home, but with still some uni work to do.


I intend to sort out the October statistics over this weekend and also to spend some time over Christmas making some behind the scenes improvements to ensure I can continue to provide my usually more speedy response to queries. The work I did when I took over CotM means that I don't have too much work on a monthly basis but I need to continue to update and improved the code which was originally written quite quickly due to the aim of preventing an interruption during the changeover.


I appreciate people will be keen to see the October stats and so I'll sort this over the weekend and I'm sorry about the delay. Any emails I've received might not have been answered yet but any queries will be dealt with as time permits. On this basis, I encourage people to continue to participate as I hope for normal service to resume in the new year.


If anyone has any problems submitting results and are not able to do so before the deadline then results can emailed to me. If I have emails about problems which by not dealing with them I've prevented someone from getting their results in then I'll contact them and invite them to email them to me.

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