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It seems very up to date. Many of our finds from only a couple of days ago are there. Only 169 to rate :ph34r:.

The data itself should be fairly up to date, as the pocket queries have all been piling up on the mail server. A few hours' processing last night and we'd caught up. The problem is that G:UK relies on being able to read the geocaching.com cache page of every new cache, to see whether it's a premium members' cache or not (surprisingly, this information isn't in the GPX file). Currently there are 315 new caches which are in the database, but until I know that they're not pay-to-play caches, they're hidden from view.


At some point, I'll set up some PQs to provide me with a list of all members-only caches. Then, if i) a new cache doesn't appear on that list and ii) the list is more recent than the cache and iii) none of the PQs providing the list were full and iv) a whole lot more conditions I haven't thought of yet(!), I can probably add new caches without having to scrape GC.com at all (which would be nice for everyone!).

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