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GPSmap 60CSx included MicroSD?


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So I got my GPSmap 60CSx in the mail yesterday and I noticed something peculiar... Everywhere I've read and even on the box it says "64mb MicroSD card included" yet... I got a 128mb MicroSD card in mine... I'm not complaining at all but did Garmin change this recently or am I just super lucky?

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Several months ago, Legend Cx and Vista Cx users reported getting 64MB cards, even though Garmin specs called for 32MB. As the price of these cards has plummeted, it is probably hard/expensive to find these little cards, and Garmin is just giving you the benefit of the market change.


Those were the original specs. its been almost a year since the legendCX and vistaCX started coming with 64mb cards instead of the original 32mb ones. Garmin even changed their product pages to say they come with a 64mb card now.

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