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  1. One way to correct the data is to compare the area in question to an area that does route correctly. Fixing these issues doesn't take long at all, unless the road has changed allot then you might need a few GPS tracklogs(GPX files) to correct the issue. If anyone wants me to take a look at a spot where they think there is an error in the data I can take a look and fix where necessary. Just PM me the location. There are two ways you can do that, 1. To get a link to the exact spot just find the location on OSM and click the permalink or shortlink button in the lower right of the map. now copy the address in the address bar in to your PM. 2. Give city, state, direction from town, road name, intersection in your PM.
  2. Yes, you only need to download the gmapsupp.zip file & extract then load the img file to your gps.
  3. I've been using these maps for awhile, but have been editing on Openstreetmap much longer. The biggest issues I find with the autorouting is some roads that have a broken connection along their route so the gps will avoid this road since it doesn't think the road connects straight though. This is easily fixed on OSM but I find these type of errors all over. There are also oneway road issues, as long as the OSM data contains the 'oneway: yes' tag & the way marked in the correct direction these roads route just fine too. I also find allot of areas where hwy ramps/exits are not drawn correctly, they have a connection shown where an over pass should be, so the autorouting avoids the ramps & just makes a turn at the overpass. This is also very easily fixed in OSM by correcting the data. I use these as backup maps to my city navigator maps, there are times I prefer the OSM data since it has allot more trails & parks shown correctly. Whenever I find errors I fix them & hope others do the same. These maps may not be that great now, but they have improved greatly since I started using the site a few years back. The more people who contribute The sooner these maps will be as good if not better than the maps you pay for.
  4. I see these type of comments all the time on the GPS & technology forum section, usually because most people overlook the search function or don't take the time to read the "Collection Of Existing FAQs" that's pinned to the top of the forum. I'm glad that someone calls out overpriced stuff on this forum. I've seen a few things where they were asking more than you can buy the item new for, I will point that out every time I see it. That's great that some of you thinks its ok for others to get blatantly ripped off. I would hope if I was looking at buying an item someone would point out if the seller was asking to much, I'm sure if you were the buyer you wouldn't like getting ripped off either. This garage sale forum is to easily abused & I have to wonder how many people have lost money or received units that didn't work properly. I would never buy from here just like I would never buy another unit from Ebay. At least with ebay you have some protections in place for sellers and buyers, Here is a quote from the forum guidelines: "Those choosing to participate in an exchange on this board take full responsibility for any consequences of that exchange. Groundspeak is in no way involved in the sale of items on this board and will not be held responsible or liable in any way for quality issues, fraud or any default of transfer on the part of the buyer or seller." Pretty silly to use this forum to buy or sell anything, would be nice if Groundspeak just eliminated it altogether to protect their users. There are enough other ways to buy/sell used gps online of otherwise there is no point to having this forum section.
  5. I had a small program that allowed you to look at the .img file mapsource makes (gmapsupp.img) & rename the mapsets the file contains. It was a great little tool which made the names of the installed maps display what ever you wanted on your gps. On my 60cx sometimes the installed map names were too large or vague so I would rename them so I could see which mapsets I have installed. I've tried searching google but everything I find has nothing to do with renaming the mapsets in the .img file. Anyone know what this program is called? where I can get it again?
  6. If your talking about the OSM Garmin map downloads from here: http://garmin.na1400.info/routable.php I gave up on the mapsource installer awhile ago. It was always missing allot of data that should have been included for the area I selected. Since I have more than one MicroSD card I just load one with my garmin maps and have the other for OSM maps. The only advantage to having the maps loaded into mapsource was seeing them on a nice large screen/ being able to load them with other mapsets. Since I have two cards & can already seen the maps on OSM website I found the mapsource installer pointless. Much Much easier to just load the gmapsupp.img file to my spare microSD card.
  7. If I loose my card I would understandably have to buy a new one, but if the card stopped working I would not buy another. I would just call garmin and have them replace the card just like if my gps stopped working. I have used these cards before, yes they can be swapped between units. Works out really nice for those of us who buy new gps models frequently.
  8. You can get routable openstreetmap based maps that work on your garmin here: http://garmin.na1400.info/routable.php I have been able to get the routing working, but nowhere near as well as Garmins City Navigator maps. Still nice to contribute to OSM and be able to make some custom maps for my garmin in the process. Really nice to use my old trail GPX tracklogs on OSM to draw in the trails, then when I download a map from the link above a few weeks later, I can see my trails on the gps map & not using up precious track log space.
  9. I was thinking the same thing, this setup would probably be ok for a new user trying to find a cache, not for placing cache. I can always tell when someone uses their phone placing caches, quite often the coords are off a couple hundered feet or more. Do us all a favor and wait to place this cache until you can borrow/buy a real GPS unit.
  10. Remove the micro SD card when you do any updates, just to remove any possible conflicts. They only way to fix this issue(chipset listed as 0.00) is to install the chipset software manually. I'm not sure why but both the people I helped recently fix this issue also couln't get the chipset to update with the most current from this website. http://www.gawisp.com/perry/chipset_firmware/Type_G/ They ended up loading the older 2.90 chipset and then were able to use the webupdater to get the most current.
  11. I wanted a good backup for my 60Cx, and really wanted a gps60(yellow) since the button layout was much better than an etrex(yellow)the same as my main unit. The thing that always stopped me from buying one was it is still using an old crappy chipset. I always wondered if garmin would put a new better chipset in the gps60 or the GPSmap60 after they came out with the 60csx/60cx as replacements for the 60cs/60c. I figured they wouldn't & would just discontinue these models but then a few years back they replaced all the etrex models with newer high sensitivity chipsets. Now I see they have even more "upgraded" old models. Including upgraded versions of the old black & white screen legend & Vista(called the LegendH/VistaH they get a newer chipset, USB connections, and the legend gets more map storage; 24mb vs its original 8mb). Now I am seeing yet another old model being upgraded, a GPS 72H model. Guess I could keep my fingers crossed that maybe someday I will be able to get a yellow gps60H(or whatever garmin decides to call it). http://www.navigadget.com/index.php/2009/0...marine-handheld
  12. After reading one of the reviews for the 60Cx I realized most people have no clue what GPS they have. http://www.geocaching.com/reviews/gps_garmin_gpsmap-60cx Quote "Rugged GPS but only has 56 MB of internal memory. The new 60CSx is better, but the differences are not worth spending the extra money for us." As you can see they think the 60Cx is either the older 60C or 60CS. I've seen this simple mistake all the time on here, which makes me wonder how many people that have filled this out know what they really have. I was a bit shocked that the 60Cx had so many less users than the 60CSx considering the only difference is the compass & altimeter.
  13. Another option would be to buy a mapset that already has allot of the poi's you want. I think the new City Navigator has millions of POI's, then you wouldn't need to add 170,000 custom ones. I think using so many Custom POI's is beyond what the intended purpose of loading Custom POI's. I have had as many as 40,000 custom POI's but even that slows down the units find functions and map scrolling.
  14. Thats because your Indoors, you will get allot more wandering around. after you did the master reset you should have took the unit outside and let it sit in an open area for 20-30mintues sometimes new units can act a bit flaky if you just start trying to use them inside your house.
  15. Sounds like you didn't fix the ram mount cradle when you got it. There is a little tab inside where the round thing on the back on the 60csx goes into the cradle that seems to me & many others was made to large. Mine was so tight when I got it I couldn't get the GPS out of the cradle without feeling like I was going to rip the back off the gps or break the cradle. Taking a some sand paper or a file I was able to take away a bit of the tab, now the thing hold very tight(for 3+ years), doesn't rattle, & most importantly goes in and out of the cradle the way it was intended. This modification wasn't my idea, I found it on another topic here. That post even had a few people who broke their gps(pulled the back off/open) getting the unit in and out of the ram mount. With all that said I would still buy a ram mount, they are much better than the very crappy garmin mounts. below is the exact style mount I have. I also love the ball mount design so you can get the exact viewing angle you want, with the garmin mount you are forced to view it a certain way & can only change the angle slightly. http://www.gpscity.com/ram-mount-gpsmap-60...tion-mount.html
  16. hmm... sounds like you are trying to use the compass to close to the cache, when your 100ft from the hide set the bearing on your compass. check again on your gps at 50ft, the numbers shouldn't change much. you could even check your gps again a bit closer, but unless your in the open you are approaching the accuracy circle of the unit and it wouldn't be of much help at that point. On a good compass turn the dial so the bearing reading your gps says is pointed up or away from you, now just line up the compass needle red north end with the red north mark on the compass ring/bazel. Using this compass listed below as an example, the bazel is set to 60 degrees. all you would do to follow the compass to 60 degrees is line up the red north compass needle with the red arrow in the compass bazel. you will now be facing 60degrees. This example doesn't take magnetic declination into consideration, but if you live in an area like me it's only a could degrees anyway. http://www.rei.com/product/727086
  17. How is a magnetic compass more reliable? I have three and they all have the exact same problem. How do you use your magnetic compass? A Real Compass is stable and doesn't produce 90 degree swings.... not sure but maybe you are using a Cheap $5 compass to have issues with a 'real' one? I have a 60Cx(no electronic compass) & a good $40+ dollar compass. On my gps compass screen I have one data field set for Bearing(in the settings I have the unit set for magnetic north too), I then just dial in the bearing off the gps on my compass, and it points right to the cache. I wear my compass around my neck so its no chore taking it out to use it. Most of the time I can walk over the 3mph it takes for the GPS derived compass in my gps to work great, but there are instances that you can't walk that fast in one direction so the gps compass just points all over. An example would be climbing a rocky hill with cliffs, going through a marsh, no way you can walk in any direction straight in these instances.
  18. Your concern with not knowing the actual source of a torrent is legitimate, if you are using a torrent search engine of some kind to find files. However if you have a link on your own website for the torrent there is nothing to choose from since the only source is you. If you want a good torrent tracker you may want to check out http://openbittorrent.com/
  19. Every time I read a review of delorme PN-XX model I ALWAYS read how crappy the topo software is, yet when ever someone new post their dislike of the software all the people who have been using the software and gotten used to the hoops you have to jump though post how it's not that bad. I've been reading about the PN-XX models for sometime & heard complaints about topo6,7, & now 8. My question for all of you long time delorme users is, has delorme improved the user interface at all over all these topo version updates? It would seem to me Improving their topo software that would be at the top of Delorme's list of things to do, since it's a major complaint across the board with most new Delorme Users.
  20. I'm actually surprised how many people can't figure out how to enter coordinates manually, & it doesn't matter what gps model/brand we are talking about. Marking waypoints on most gps is very similar, Hit whatever button your gps uses to mark your location(mark button, pushpin, ect.) now a page comes up where you can edit the name, coordinates, & Note. Can't get much simpler than that.
  21. I just run the webupdater and get the latest unit software and chipset never had any issues with my 60Cx with any of the updates. The most current is software version 4.00 and gps software Version 3.00s.
  22. How long have you had your 60CSx? The ones coming out now(within the last few months) are using a different chipset so my instructions below would break the unit even further. The SirfIII type G software should work on 99% of 60CSx models out there. I helped someone the other day with this issue, and gave similar instructions to Coggins above but it wouldn't work. I then had them download the chipset 3.00 software manually but it still wouldn't go. They ended up trying the 2.90 chispet software and finally got it to work. they were then able to use the webupdater and update to the most current chipset software without issue. http://www.gawisp.com/perry/chipset_firmware/Type_G/
  23. You are mistaken, the only difference between the 60CSx & the 60Cx is the S model has sensors(barometric altimeter and electronic compass. Both the 60CSx and 60Cx use the same chipset & have a micro SD card slot. You are thinking of the older 60CS or 60C models. they look identical to the newer models except they only have 64mb of map storage(no micro SD slot) and a much worse chipset that would loose signal in the woods.
  24. I had some old poster putty I put some inside the battery cover similar to the OP tape method. I place the space Micro SD card onto this, contacts up as to not get them dirty in the putty. it requires very little in fact if you use to much it seems you could break the card trying to get it loose. as you can see in his picture there is room for at least three cards if needed. http://www.duckproducts.com/products/detai...d=8&plid=32
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