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  1. Is this causing my user name to not work on GC.com? It is telling me that I can not have a "." in my user name but I have had my user name for over 10 years. I tried logging in without the "." 's in my user name but it gave me the same error.
  2. I am trying to refresh a valid waypoint, GC73N9B, 01 OCSC but it does not work and reports this geocache as not valid. I can download the gpx file for this cache and it is fine and refreshes the geocache. This problem has been happpening for about the past 3 to 4 days. Test show that the series in the range GC73N90 to GC73N9B is detected as a non valid GC code. Other GC numbers may be involded as well. In addition although GC73N9B is a valid geocache you can not search for it on GC.com using the Search feature. The geocache can be found at https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC73N9B_01-ocsc?guid=1441fe4c-8aef-49c8-b181-854174fca5ce.
  3. Garmin Express may be a wonderful application but the version that is linked on the webpage will not install on my version of Windows 7 loaded on my Desktop. I think that is a basic problem with the software and this Magic Button feature. It should support all versions of Windows 7 and above. As a long time user of GSAK I don't see the need for something like this that is not even going to install on computers.
  4. The problem you will run into is that even if a report shows trackables in a cache it may not physically have any in it. Having said that if you use GSAK you can add the Trackable column to your database so that when you load a pocket query into it you could create a filter so that it only showed caches that had trackables in them.
  5. It is your TB so you can do with it as you see fit. You can visit as many caches as you wish before dropping them off. Nothing wrong with picking up TB or GC's in a Hotel to add miles but you should make sure you take a look at the mission before removing them to make you are doing what is desired. I have seen so many trackables that this is not done on and end up on the other side of the world from the place than the owner had wanted.
  6. You aren't forced to check the Message Center when you log on. I notice one message that had been waiting for over two weeks before I read it. I had the notifications turned off from the Message Center, so I didn't know they had sent me the message. It was from a cacher who had logged a cache of mine, they were giving me a bit more detail of the cache situation. I said see it not check it. You're getting your knickers in a rather big knot over a little yellow dot in the top right hand corner of the screen then. Relax a little, you might actually enjoy life. It is not a little yellow dot, it is a number. Why is it wrong for me to say I don't like something and want to turn it off? I asked a very simple question, and all everyone wants to do is jump on me because I don't like the feature. Why is it wrong to want to turn this off? I don't care if others want to use it, I just want to turn it off for myself.
  7. You aren't forced to check the Message Center when you log on. I notice one message that had been waiting for over two weeks before I read it. I had the notifications turned off from the Message Center, so I didn't know they had sent me the message. It was from a cacher who had logged a cache of mine, they were giving me a bit more detail of the cache situation. I said see it not check it.
  8. Ok but with email I can filter out spam but with the message center I can not. I am forced to see I have messages every time I log on to GC.com.
  9. The Message Center should have the option to turn it off for at least Premium Members so that those of use that are tried of the endless request for help can turn it off.
  10. I want to see a feature to completely turn the Message Center off. I don't want it and feel it is an invasion of my privacy. No body asked me if I want it, it was just force on me.
  11. Thank you for the reply. This is something that Groundspeak needs to address because it is a invasion of my privacy and don't want it. I know I can turn the email notification off but that is not the point I don't want to receive the message in the first place. I know it can be done because it is turned off for the Reviewers.
  12. Since the new Message Center has gone on-line I am getting messages all the time for hints on how to find caches, this did not happen as much when they had to send an email. Maybe they are standing at the cache and cannot find it and think I will drop everything and tell them the location of the cache before they leave ground zero by sending me a message. In addition it seems like a lot of people think this is a social media system like facebook and everyone should take part. I for one am not big on social media and want to turn this feature off. Is it possible to turn off the Message Center and if not can this feature be added for at least Premium Members?
  13. Sorry, I don't understand what you're asking. The county isn't recorded as part of any log, nor did you mention the county yourself in your log: Can you describe where you're seeing the county? I made sure not to mention the counties involved so I don't give anything away on these caches. I use GSAK and it is very easy to get the Country, State and County information into the caches.
  14. I believe an email was sent so even if the online log is not a great one or does not make sense, they did do the cache and provided the answers to log the Earth Cache so if the answers in the email or correct then they should get credit for the find. The one I hate is "That's one more for me". I was wondering why I was getting so many logs like this until someone told me this was a default find log in one the cell phone apps.
  15. I have just found a multi cache that had two stages. The first stage of the cache was on one side of the state while the final was on the other side of the state. The distance between the two stages is over 100 miles but that really has nothing to do with my question. The geocache is currently showing the first stage county in my found log but I have been wondering if I should edit the log to reflect the county that the final was located at and I logged the cache. I don't think this is something that will be coming up a lot but I am wondering what the thinking is of the people on the forum.
  16. I would contact the owner of the trackable to see what they might want to do with it.
  17. Yes to both your questions. That is the reason people put out Travel Bug Hotels. They provide a location that you can go to move TB around. My wife has some favorite TB hotels that we visit while traveling so she can move TB around the country.
  18. My wife got a magnetic decal for the car a few years ago. When it arrived the numbers on the TB tag did not agree with the decal so she had to ask for a replacement. The second set was fine so this might be what happened to you.
  19. If you have Retrieved the TB you can Dip the TB into as many caches as you like until you finally Drop it. By doing this it will gain the miles which I am not sure it does if you write a Note.
  20. My wife and I travel to and from Florida to Arizona every summer and have managed to help out many trackables this way. My wife loves to drip the trackable across the country as we find caches on our travels. I have kept found Travel Bug Hotels on my GSAK database for this very reason. :-)
  21. People get tattoo's and put the trackable numbers on T-Shirts and other items so I would think you could do this.
  22. Some times people are traveling and it takes a few days for them to get around to dropping it. If it has been awhile since it was placed into the cache you can grab it from the person that dropped it and then you can log a Retrieve and drop when you move it on.
  23. Did you post a photo showing the number when you activated the tags? If so remove or change the photo so it does not show the number on the photo. A Discover mean that they have seen the tag but did not retrieve it which is very common. If you feel these are not honest discovers then about the only thing that you can do is delete the discovers. Sadly this has to be done one at a time.
  24. Have them grab them from you so that they are transferred to your other family members.
  25. I think it might be browser related. I had to use IE to get mine to finally work.
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