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  1. I'm having the same issue with Firefox.
  2. Just tried zoom to address using FFox. Worked fine. It finally appears to be working for me now. My sister in another state was having troubles with it earlier, but she was using IE. Guess they were doing some maintenance.
  3. I am unable to use the "zoom to address" feature for the Mapit section. Nothing happens at all. What is wrong and when will it be fixed? thanks. AHA...seems to partially work in IE, but shows error on page. I normally use Firefox and that seems to be where the problem is for me. Very frustrating.
  4. I will also print out a map if I am working on a cluster of caches in an area, but mostly I just use the "find by nearest" option on my GPS. I also use the "show on map" feature on my GPS and then zoom out enough to see the layout of nearby caches that way. You will eventually develop your own system, so keep on caching!
  5. One thing to check, based on my personal experience, is to make sure your GPS does not have the "lock on road" feature turned on. If it has this feature, and it is turned on, your GPS will only point you to the nearest road. I discovered this when I got a new Garmin 60Csx after using a Magellan SportTrak Map for years. All of a sudden, I couldn't find a single cache, and discovered that I had that feature and it was the default setting.
  6. I am going there one day! Looks good to us! Well, where is it? And what does PI mean? It's in Texas and PI is Poison Ivy. Well, I assumed Texas because the original poster is from Texas, but where in Texas exactly? It looks like it might be a fun caching trip, poison ivy or not.
  7. I am going there one day! Looks good to us! Well, where is it? And what does PI mean?
  8. It is working for me now. It wasn't earlier, but it was only when I was using Firefox. All is well now.
  9. It appears that the search for geocaches on the main page of gc.com and the zoom to address feature on the main map work in IE, but does not work in Firefox. At least for me, it doesn't. I have Firefox 3.0.1 Is this on the list of fixes?
  10. So, what is up with the "zoom to address" feature? It isn't working anymore. It quit working for awhile, but then it was fixed, and now it is broken again. Is it going to be fixed? Thanks.
  11. Well., this wasn't working and then it was, and just now I noticed that it wasn't working again. I haven't waded through all of the posts to see if anything has been posted recently about this issue. Is this going to be fixed soon? Thanks.
  12. GeoScooter1


    Haven't been online in awhile, and I did a search before posting this question, but couldn't find an answer. When I click on the "map it" feature and then try the "zoom to address" , it doesn't do anything but show me my home coordinates no matter what I enter in the box. Also, is there a way that I can change the default map view from topo? thanks. the home page of gc.com looks good.
  13. The caches in this area (Home of WalMart) are called Tramlaw. Maybe that's how they can be used in the cache title.
  14. That option is gone now. Not many people seemed to like it. I know I didn't like it.
  15. On the map, to the right and in the middle is a bar with a "right" arrow in it. Click on it and the cache listings on the right-hand side disappear and the map gets larger.
  16. I am getting "Operation Flashpoint" for the TB map.
  17. THANK YOU! This is so much better and easier to see caches in more rural areas.
  18. Thanks for the info. Will we get a heads up when the tweaks are implemented?
  19. Hello?????? Is anyone one from Groundspeak paying attention??? Any updates? Comments???
  20. Why in the world in a rural area where there is a lot less that 500 caches, am I unable to see them with the map zoom level at 5 miles and sometimes even 2 miles???? I get a map screen with absolutely NO caches showing, yet I know they are there. I have to zoom to the 1 mile radius (at least that is what is says in the lower left-hand part of the map) before I can see anything. This is completely ridiculous and serves no purpose that I can see. Please get rid of this feature on the maps and go back to what they were. At least those maps worked. Blue splotches....HONESTLY!
  21. Nice Malinois. I used to have one that I trained in Schutzhund, and later sold to be a drug dog.
  22. Abbie, who loves to go hiking and geocaching. Dixie, who has only been going "off-road" for a few months. This was her first time on a trail with me.
  23. Why does the map show NO caches when you are using the 5 and sometimes 2 mile scale? I am looking in a rural area and there is less than 500 caches, but you would think there weren't any caches there, because the STUPID new map doesn't show anything. What's up with that? If I zoom into the 1 mile range, I can see them. I really don't like this new feature/function and the blue splotches don't seem to add much.
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