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We've got PROVINCES!

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Updating of cache listings - current status.....


Total caches in SA - 2,112

Provinces updated - 1,630 (77%) :)


Not updated yet (active cachers) - 327 (16%) - Shouldn't be a problem

Not updated yet (inactive cachers) - 160 (7%) - Potential problem

(Active = anyone who has logged on in Sept or Oct)


I've been very pleasantly surprised by the positive reaction from inactive cachers.

Many, many cachers who haven't logged on for years have updated their listings - thanks so much!!!

Several have needed some help, but been very willing. :)


Regarding the active cachers - most have updated their listings, but some are on holiday, some are out of the country, and some are slow to respond, so I'll keep plugging away. This is a once-off change-over, and the objective remains 100%


So far, I've only had one negative response to my nagging - I assume it's a negative response because the cacher archived most of his caches (which were already disabled). ;) This leaves a small problem - TB Moon Man from Pennsylvania (which was released in SA, and has only travelled 72 miles!!) has been stranded in one of those archived caches. So, calling Gauteng cachers - who's "bok" to mount a rescue mission?? The cache is GCVYTJ Electro-cache.


While on the subject of rescueing TB's in Gauteng, here's a shameless appeal for help. We've got a TB stuck in GCPWE6 Words don't come easy - it's been there since October last year. The cache is a multi, a waypoint went walkabout long ago, it's not being maintained, and going to be archived by the reviewer anyday now. We have the final cache co-ords, and we hope the cache is still intact (?) Please contact us for the co-ords if you're willing to go for it (pretty pleeeze!!)

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But not to rain on the parade but 'Kwazulu Natal' should read 'Kwa-Zulu Natal' is it to late to make this change....?

Oops - I got the "proper" spelling of the province names from some official website which, for the life of me, I can't find again......


Any more dit's and dot's missing in the province names?

Hope it's not too late, but let's make sure it's the only blaps before asking.....


By the way, where's Kwa-Zulu Natal??

Do you go to Jhb and turn left?? :);):)

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I will on my way home today rescue your TB that is stuck in the Electro cache (I have done this one). If you mail me the final waypoint of the other multi I will attempt it tomorrow morning.

What a STAR!! Thank you so much - I'll phone the co-ords through.

BTW - the TB in Electro-cache isn't one of ours. It belongs to a cacher from the USA.

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Updating of cache listings - current status.....


Total caches in SA - 2,119

Provinces updated - 1,749 (83%) :D


Not updated yet (active cachers) - 237 (11%)

Not updated yet (inactive cachers) - 133 (6%)

(Active = anyone who has logged on in Sept or Oct)


The objective remains 100%

I believe that it's important to complete the conversion now, so that it's right going into the future.

This is a once-off change-over, as all new caches listed are automatically allocated to provinces.


I've almost exhausted my options, without being a serious nag-bag, and I'd hate the next wave of visitors to the Lowveld to be coming here to give me a "vet klap" instead of hunting caches!! :)


Ultimately, whatever is left over after all is said and done, will probably be tediously updated by Erik88L-R. (What a STAR!!) :D

I'm trying to minimise this as much as possible - it's not his "indaba" - it's ours, the SA geo-community!!


So, this is an appeal for help!!!

If you know any of these cachers, or have a phone number, or know a reason why they're not responding, then please do your bit - a gentle prod, some guidance, or a kick up the butt could help a lot..... If they have "circumstances", then please let me know, and I'll stop nagging.


I'm going to quote the full list of cachers who haven't updated their caches yet.

This is not to discredit them in any way at all - I'm fully aware that we all have "circumstances" in our lives.

Just this morning, I received two emails from cachers who have been on holiday, and have quickly done their updates on their return.


The list below is everybody who has all or some of their caches outstanding.


I've split it into two shortlists -

Those who have responded (on holiday, overseas, problems with internet, partly done, etc, etc), and those who haven't responded yet.

I've also highlighted anyone with 10 or more hides - these are the important ones to bring down the outstanding number.....


Responded, or part done -

4x4 Bushadventures (17), AE_Rodney, Amyson, AtlanticPirates, Bosveldklong (12), CMerry, Crazyclowns, Dnorgarb, Frantre, Kokoscoot, QFC (10), Richter Family, Spikes, Team_Farmers, Team_Gecko (15), Woodworms


Not responded yet -

"Rupets", 182C, 26995, Adventure King (13), Aging Bulls, Atatmu48, Badger62, Batdude1 (14), Beetles, Bundu2, C3P, CCBaker, Child, Upuaut - Chris Smith (12), Daxie, Deamon, Dejacom, DigitalFudge, Ducky and Mucky (13), Durbum, Durbabe, Fiets2, Gaasoekom, Geomerlin, Eddie Hague (Georacer), GPSFrodo, Grant1981, Happy-feet, Hawkdown, Hectic, KevinZAF, Ledsom Omit, Littleclan, Loads of Cache, Lofty, Lostinspace!, Lucky Ed, Murungu, MyGuyver, Nicofourie, Par-3, Paulalberts, Perdix (10), SA Rascals, Series Land Rover (30), Shc_inc (13), Snowolf, Snuffelvarkie, Starsky&Hutch, Team Fido, TJ Pytheas, Vaughan Rizzo, Vinkeljander, Whatknots, Wicked_Willy, Wolkynou (39), ZALandyman (11), _Tarl


This might seem like a long list, but it's a fraction of the original list - I never knew there were so many cachers with hides in SA!!


Please guys - help where you can!! :):P:P

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I think it would help if we can all put a bit of Effort into this and as we browse through let's say a 100 km radius of our home co-ords. Any that we do pick up as not been adjusted we can make a note of it and with this info send it all through to Erik88L-R. But only once we have all the active cachers doing the updates. I think that we must realise that many of those who have not done the updates may also not have actively cached in the last few years too. May have a different email or many emails that they just haven't read the one they signed up on Geocaching with for a while. I know Erik88L-R probably won't have too much hassle updating some of them as he will know where they are but every little bit might help. Just a thought.....

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Hi Wazat - thanks for trying to help, but that's already been done - I have a full and detailed list.


I've been working on the conversion since 17th September, and what's left over is the final shortlist, after 3 emails to each cache owner.


With the above post, I'm trying to find people who know those cachers, and can contact them in any manner other than email. I am in constant contact with Erik, and as I exhaust my options and give up on something (like an invalid email address), I pass the info through to him which he very kindly updates.


Please don't send anything directly to Erik. I could give him a list of outstanding caches and their provinces right now, but it's far too long. We, as the SA geo-community, need to reduce the shortlist substantially, before leaning on Erik as a last resort.

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Updating of cache listings - current status.....


Total caches in SA - 2,137

Provinces updated - 2,002 (94%)

Not updated yet - 135 (6%)


Final appeal for help!!!

If you know any of these cachers, or have their phone number - please give them prod to update their listings URGENTLY

I want to wrap this up yesterday.


This list is everybody who has all or some of their caches outstanding.

"Rupets" (1)

AE_Rodney (5)

Beetles (4)

Bosveldklong (12)

Bundu2 (3)

Ducky and Mucky (5)

Durbum (8)

Durbabe (4)

Frantre (7)

Geo Merlin (4)

Haggishound (2)

Hawkdown (8)

Hectic (1)

Loads of Cache (4)

Par-3 (6)

Perdix (12)

SA Rascals (4)

Starsky&Hutch (4)

Team_Farmers (6)

Team_Gecko (15)

Whatknots (6)

Woodworms (4)

ZALandyman (10)


Please guys - this is the last chance to help where you can!!

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I've got a question. I know of a geocacher whos profile shows he has not logged in for over a year. Yet his three caches have been updated into there provinces?

Quite right. Over the past month, as I've been working through the caches in SA, I've been sending some through to the reviewer who has kindly updated them. They are cachers who I've given up on because I've been unable to contact them by email - either invalidated accounts or dud email addresses.


Today is "D" day. What's not updated yet (a month and 4 emails later) will probably never be updated.

I've done what I can, so I'll send the final shortlist through to Erik and ask for his help to finish it off. There are 82 caches remaining.


The final tally (some useless, but interesting stats) -

Updated by the SA geo-community - 90.1%

Updated by the reviewer (incl the final 82) - 9.9%

Emails sent and received - 1,187

Thank you SA cachers - 90.1% is better than expected :laughing:


Interesting to see the progress of the other 3 countries which got provinces at the same time - two of them are at about 30%, and one (which is being driven by the local reviewer) is at 86%.

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