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FTF ideas

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Not necessary, but your call. I participate in "Where's George" and will often leave a bill to get it into circulation.


The type of prize, if you wish one, should depend on the difficulty of the cache.


Where do those Where's George $ come from?


Start your own account at www.wheresgeorge.com and start your own money circulating. It's almost as much fun as geocaching. Almost.


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It's totally up to you. FTF prizes aren't common, nor expected, just a nice surprise. I've placed over 200 caches and probably put a FTF prize in maybe 10 of them. They included binoculars, a Petzel headlamp, LL Bean hiking pants (for the first person who had a 30 inch waist and 29 inch inseam), geocaching.com hats and unactivated travel bugs and geocoins.

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I participate in "Where's George" and will often leave a bill to get it into circulation.


make sure the person who finds the bill (and logs it) doesn't put that they found it in a cache..."where's george" will remove your bill

uh no, they tag the bill as a geocache bill and remove it from being elibible for the "top score" lists. Apperently a bunch of cachers passing a bill around like coins at events is not close enough to natural circulation :)

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