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  1. i like the game...it's a little one-sided here in the Twin Cities, but still fun.
  2. Most geocachers in Minnesota know KB (aka King Boreas) and his hide count is higher than his find count.
  3. one day on a flat??? find a new Bike Shop!!! seriously...i like caching by bicycle, and had a day cut short from a flat...having 2 bikes I ride, i have 2 tool kits (different axle-nut sizes)...i grabbed the wrong one and couldn't get my wheel off! ended up walking 7 miles home pushing the bike (with a flat!)...
  4. "pickle hunter section" I think I've missed those signs when pulling into a rest top...seen the "dog walk" area signs (people ignore them)...seen the "trailer parking" signs...never seen the "pickle hunter" sign
  5. Play-Doh and dog biscuit...the ultimate salty-fiber snack... I like both...eaten both (not that long ago...and only Milk Bone treats!)... There is nothing wrong with gluten (allergies aside)...that's what Mock Duck is... Play-doh is a non-food food item...it's probably all the salt that preserves it...just Google (or Ask...or Yahoo) homemade play-doh to see what's in the stuff again...Play-doh is food (and a nice salty snack)...SoyLent Green is people [among other things (Soybeans & lentils)]...MilkBones are good (dry, but good)...and most of this thread is way off topic... and I like to use slightly-washed PB containers...with cat-dander and flower-pollen all over the insides...the milk powder i put on the OUTSIDE of the container...
  6. why not always claim FTF...FTF overall...FTF that week (month, day, hour)...FTF wearing flip-flops (you might be!)...FTF while naked
  7. do your grandkids know you stay away from them???
  8. do your grandkids know you stay away from them???
  9. The BWCAW isn't managed by the NPS...it's managed by the USDA Forest Service (just an FYI)
  10. i found 3 rusted bolts in a cache...took them out...when I later read the logs the person who made the trade noted: "took book, left bolts." i like leaving promo items from work...don't cost me a thing & some are pretty cool I like the "took ___, left rock" log entries...
  11. i usually have notebook paper cut into strips for TEMP replacement log sheets if the original is full/wet/gone (i forgot said paper this weekend). I also have replacement Ziplock (freezer) bags and paper towels...i don't do full-blown maintenance on a cache if the owner is active, just enough cleaning to keep the cache going until the owner can get there. small+ size caches are "easy" to do a TEMP log swap...the old one can go into it's own bag & the temp into a new bag...let the owner know what you did & all should be ok...i'll NEVER remove a log no mater what the condition...i've bagged one that was pulp (some might view that as trash, but if it's not my cache, i'll put it into another bag and the owner can decide) just my $.02 USD ($.019328 CAD) worth
  12. hunting season...can't wear my deer-antler hat! really...hunting season in rural areas (blaze orange baby)
  13. i don't know...we've got some pretty hardy mosquitos in Minnesota
  14. so I just started caching this year and I have a good idea what to bring for the hot days...cool days...days with rain (or possible rain)...but I live in Minnesota...what about COLD days? What about snow? what to wear isn't the issue (i've been winter camping, downhill & cross-country skiing, winter hiking) it's more the GEAR. are we snow-bound (for a good part of the year) states partially exempt from the "Caches that are buried...If a shovel, trowel or other “pointy” object is used to dig, whether in order to hide or to find the cache, then it is not appropriate" because of snow? thanks all have fun!
  15. it's not a shovel, trowel or other “pointy” object...you didn't dig, you eroded!
  16. it get's dark here before most parks close...i usually walk through during the day with my dog and get a general idea of where the cache might be...if it points to where there are kids, I come back later
  17. In Wexford County, 5 miles NNW of Cadillac (???)
  18. this site has a list of the geographic center of many/most states
  19. I like the dental floss (loose...used???), used chap-stick, rusted bolts, 1 used mitten (w/big hole in one finger)....these are a few of my favorite things
  20. Your best bet is probalby o-ring material. You can buy o-ring rubber "cord" in long lengths made to custom cut your own o-rings. So you could probably go to a local industrial supply store, and find what you need. They find out your length, cut it, and glue the ends together. we do this at work in a pinch if we cant find the exact right sized o-ring and it works find. You also probably need to glue the o-ring to the lid every few inches to keep it in the lid. NAPA carries the "bulk o-ring" stuff...the one I work at has 3 sizes in stock...others can order it (if you go into a NAPA and they are confused, tell them, "it's in the PSA book under o-rings"
  21. done... and I fall into the largest group
  22. so it's the container size, NOT the camo (no matter how big) that surrounds it...thanks all!
  23. when hiding a cache, do you use the size of the actual container (35mm film can, 1 liter Nalgene bottle, .50 cal ammo can) or would you list the size of the fake log/rock/branch/pinecone/tree/car that surrounds it. You make a fake log that is 4'x2' and then put a film canister in it (extreme case here)...do you list it as a micro or large? Thanks
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