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Off the rails - meaning?

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I've seen a few cache listings with this title (rather like "off your trolley" and "motorway mayhem" but I can't seem to see one with a description of what it means. My reason for asking is that I have had an idea for a series of caches along the path of a disused railway and wondered if I ought to be classing them under this title or not to keep things neat!

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There are or have been at least two "End of the Line" caches, the ones I know were located on or near bridge abutments where the actual bridge had gone - and so the line could go no further! :)

The variation in one case was that part one of the cache was on one side of the river and the other a long way round if you were not amphibious. :lol:

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Perhaps a bit late, but there is a series just started up in Worcestershire called "SideTracked...." by schnarff & bikermel76, our local one is GC15082 but there are others. Its like the "Motorway Mayhem" series but based on using stations.


Good luck with it anyway,



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There are some "off the rails" caches around here where the theme seems to be Garden Centres - I'm not sure I understand... :huh::huh:


I saw those when doing my looking-up - couldn't quite work it out either!


I saw the Sidetracked one in Stratford (but unfortunately didn't get round to doing it), however mine aren't necessarily near a station so I decided not to go with that one.


Did a bit of scouting yesterday and found a couple of locations. I'm probably going to go for 3 in the series plus a final bonus involving collecting some info from the first 3 to complete... :huh:

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