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Which do you enjoy the most...


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Which do you enjoy most...


reading a log when the cache is found... or when it is a DNF icon_smile_evil.gif


While it is nice to see people enjoying finding one of our caches and their reactions and comments, C sometimes enjoys reading the trials and tribulations of the DNFs (even though we need to check them :anitongue: )


What do other cache owners think and what do you enjoy reading about when other people log your caches,


Helen and Carolyn

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That's one profile I wish I'd DNF'd! How the hell can you cache without pockets? I can understand you can hang your GPS on a lanyard, but where do you keep your pen..?



Captions please! Mine: Snake bite results in swelling and discolouration.


Back on topic, I do enjoy a bit of schadenfreude so a rich, colourful DNF log can be a lot of fun. :ph34r:

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...even though we need to check them ...



If only everyone thought that way...


We went to a cache the other day which had had half a dozen DNFs spread over several months and had still not been checked or disabled :ph34r:

Log a Needs Maintenace on it and if nothing happens after a few weeks SBA it

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We just got our first log deletion notice for a DNF:



Why on earth anyone would think that setting a cache in ivy at the end of someone's driveway was a good idea is beyond us. The previous logs were of no help, the clue was pointless and previous finds all seemed to be during an event, anyone since seems to have only found using a PAF - Is it there? We couldn't care as we won't be back to look.


I thought we were being quite kind really ;)


Name of cache can be supplied on request :huh:

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Are you sure it's not this US Cacher?

[just to add the link is genuine, and yes he really does :anitongue: ]


We just missed him on a cache last October, we found it the same day and he made a comment along the lines of too bad we didn't meet. My 16 year old nephew was with me when we found it. He was pretty oooged out after that. I thought it was hilarious! He did take this picture at the cache. Yes, this is on our main thoroughfare through town: Too bad it was on a weekend, there is an angry insurance agent on this property that has been hassling cachers for years, you can read about it here.


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