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paperless caching

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My method (there are several ways to do this) involves PQs, GSAK, and Plucker.


[Note that GSAK and Plucker are third party programs that I had to get from their respective web sites. GSAK has a 'free' mode, but I think most people end up buying it because it's great and it's only $25. Plucker is free.]


Here are the basic steps I go through (sounds harder that it is - once I got used to it, it's all pretty easy to do):


1) Set up a pocket query for the area I am interested in

2) When the PQ arrives in my email, I load it into GSAK

3) Connect my GPSr to my computer, and use GSAK to load the cache coordinates to the GPSr

4) From GSAK, I do an Export to HTML files

5) In Plucker (desktop) I create a new 'channel', then update channel. This step creates the Palm-ready files

6) I sync my Palm with my computer

7) I use Plucker on my Palm device to view the cache pages

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Welcome to the Forums, ajwoodman! :(


From the very beginning, I have used GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) on my PC and Cachemate on my Palm M500.


I set up my Pocket Queries, with one part of the form like this:




After that file is sent to my email InBox, I use "File/Open" to put the zipped file in GSAK. Then, I filter, slice, and dice the data for my 500-waypoint-limited GPSr and "Send" the waypoints (using the "smart name" feature in GSAK) to my GPSr.


Then I "Export" in the correct format for Cachemate on my Palm M500 and HotSync the Palm to get the data onto the Palm. Here is another rudimentary tutorial you can check out. :D

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I started out with Plucker for a few weeks but ended up going with Cachemate because there is so much more you can do with it, like categories, exporting to here, http://boulter.com/geocaching/express/ and probably more I haven't figured out yet. There is a bit of a learning curve and the help out there is a little vague so you need to ask ask ask or be a bit techno saavy.


I can't even get the download page to come up with anything in Plucker but my version is 1.6.2 Not sure how you would use Plucker without Spinner either.

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I looked into Plucker, ended up going with GSAK for the greatly enhanced capabilities.


I do as Miragee does above, but with one additional step. I also send the search file to Streets and Trips. Importing there puts a pushpin on the map on the laptop. I can then see caches coming up as I move down the road, and can even determine which side of the highway it sits by zooming.

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:rolleyes: Big hats off to Team Cotati -I've been trying to get ebooks to work on my PDA - Handspring Visor Deluxe but all I got was grief and then I read the threads on their forum that geocaching was no longer supported. Oh Joy! So on I went and found the info by Cache test dummies but had more problems with the PC - PDA interface. Team Cotati's solution worked the very first time. I've registered both programs now and am absolutely delighted in it ease of use. Highly recommended. This is going to make our geo trips soooo much easier! A million blessings on you TC!
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