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  1. Looks good to me! Sign me up for a couple. I'll feature them on the 'zine when they come out.
  2. There's a tutorial on paperless caching on episode 24 of my video podcast located here. Also episode 2 features how to do a pocket query. Cheers!
  3. What a fun thread!! Let's see if I can help. Ok. Episode 1 - Placing a cache and submitting it to Groundspeak. Episode 2 and 24 - Paperless caching including GSAK, Plucker, CacheMate, MacCACHER, MacCMConvert. Episode 5 - Urban Camouflage Episode 9 - Waymarking Episode 10 - How a GPS works Episode 15 - The birth of Geocaching Episode 19 - Google Earth, Geotagging on Flickr Episode 21 - New cache placement guidelines. Episode 23 - Using games built into Garmin GPS's That covers some of the previous episodes. available from my site at My Webpage You do bring up a good point. I do get a few request for for an tutorial DVD featuring my tips and instructional pieces. If people think this is a good idea, I'd have no problem putting one together. Thanks for your suggestion!
  4. I would like to hook my Sport Trac to my Mac. (newer Intel 10.4) Question is, can I use the usb - serial connector from Magellan? If so, what drivers do I need and how do i make them work? I've downloaded a couple of generic drivers, however the Mac does not see any serial connection. What's the trick?
  5. This month I take a look at a website that does a great job of explaining how a GPS receiver works. Also there's a viewer contributed video from Oregon. Add in viewer's mail and some fall geocaching footage, and you have another enjoyable episode. To download visit my site at www.icenrye.com or if you're browser impared, go to here. Thanks for watching and enjoy! Cache on!
  6. Episode 9 of the Videozine is now available. More details may be found in the Canadian thread which is located here. Thanks to everyone for their support.
  7. After too long of a break, episode 9 is available for your viewing pleasure. In this episode I take a look at Waymarking and have a short, and somewhat embarrassing, look at snow caching. Also featured is round 1 of “GPS Warz” and a pair of Langley area caches. As usual, the video is available in many formats. Visit www.icenrye.com and click on the picture. You can also reach the download page at: http://www.archive.org/details/IcenryesGeo...deozineEpisode9 Have fun watching. And Cache On!
  8. Thanks for the info! I'm also concerned about the "inactive" option. Up here where cachers seem to be rare lately, and there's the whole winter thing, it's often months between finds. I have one cache that has not been found since Sept 11, 2005. Fortunately, it's not in a provincial park. I do have one in a BC park. It's part of my Pentcachelon series. the cache is inside a hollowed out stump. According to the proposed guidelines, it should be ok. I’m sure I’ll hear from Parks BC is something is inappropriate. Thanks again for your work on this issue. Hopefully, we’ll be able to meet again and toast Geocaching over some brown pop!
  9. Well in that case, welcome to the club! Old episodes may be found on my shownotes page. Just click on "Geocaching Videozine" on the left side menu.
  10. Ah! The joys of "Free". The Archive.org website has been having problems tonight. If you're ok with Quicktime formats, you can also find it at my video blog page at: http://www.icenrye.blogspot.com/ If you're having a problem loading my home page, let me know. I had one person unable to access it.
  11. I do! I do!! It's for the people with "baited" breath!
  12. Episode 8 is now out. More details may be found in this thread.
  13. Icenrye

    Parks Canada

    I take a look at this situation in my latest video. Click on over to this thread.
  14. After a ton of filming, editing, re-filming, swearing and brown pop , episode 8 has been let loose in the wild. In this episode, I take a look at the Parks Canada situation and feature a pair of Jasper caches and the story of a famous urban cache hide making its debut in Prince George. Also, there’s mail, news and Frappr shoutouts. So drop by www.icenrye.com and click on the episode 8 picture to download the files. Available formats include windows, mac and ipod. Cache on!
  15. That's why I can't find Krispy Kreme!!! Yeah! That's the reason!
  16. Icenrye

    Parks Canada

    Just got this in: Thank you for taking the time to participate in Parks Canada's public consultation on geocaching. Your feedback has been useful in helping Parks Canada understand the activity and in providing suggestions for a final management approach. You will find attached a review of comments received between May and August 2005. Work to review and analyze the public comments will continue until the close of the consultation period on Dec. 31, 2005. The themes of the comments and the scope of the policy suggestions outlined in the attached document will also evolve as comments continue to be received. The final review and summary of comments will be provided to the group of Parks Canada staff and geocaching community representatives who will be working together to develop a final policy on geocaching in the new year. The final review and summary will also be made available in the new year to participants in the public consultation. Sincerely, Claire McNeil I've uploaded the pdf file to my server. You can get it at: www.icenrye.com/geocaching.pdf
  17. Hi Greg! - Fellow Ranter! Once you get your GPS, check out Campbell Valley Surprise. You'll feel like you're in the middle of a Patrolling Episode. You may even run into Sean and Cimm. I think Sean lives near there. Welcome to the sport!
  18. I also agree that it's a great show. I've posted a video featuring one of their podcaches. The details may be found in this thread.
  19. In this episode, I feature a geocaching podcast which created a new form of urban exploration called "Podcaching" (podcacher.com) where a downloaded mp3 file directs you to the cache. Also there's a feature on Geocacher U. But wait..... There's more...... Reader's Mail and news is also featured. And...... Some caching!!! So point your browser to here and click to watch. And while you're there, please add yourself to my Frappr map and vote for me on Podcast Alley! Ok. Enough shameless self-promotion Shel.
  20. Thanks! Episode 7 just came out. Check it out at www.icenrye.com
  21. I'm planing a segment on locationless and desktop caches. A few months ago, I read a post in the forums about a yellow jeep cache where you took a picture of your gps next to a yellow jeep. Now, I can't find any information. Anyone know what this cache is? Thanks.
  22. Panasonic 120 with 0.6 Wide Lens adaptor. I'm glad you're enjoying the series so far.
  23. Episode 6 of "Icenrye's Geocaching Videozine" is now available. More information is available in this thread. Thanks to everyone for their continuing support.
  24. Episode 6 is now available at the archive.org website. This episode features the SkyTrain series by BC Tripper. It's short and sweet. Fireted and I had a great time completing the series, and unfortunately, I didn't get as much footage as I was hoping for. We completed the series in 7 hours starting in bright sunshine and ending in the dark. The change of lighting makes for an interesting viewing experience. So, point ypur browser here and choose your download format. The video is available in high resolution DivX and H.264 formats as well as lower resolution Quicktime and Windows Media formats. Show notes are available at my Geocaching Videozine shownotes page. Thanks to everyone for their continuing support. It’s good to know that people enjoy my work.
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