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Okay, I gotta vent!


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So I pick up a travel bug in a cache on my way back home from MWGB. There's no info sheet with it. When I get home, I realize it had a goal to get to a certain Indiana cache. So when logging the TB, I mention that and ask what the owner would like me to do (since I could get it back to IN quickly through friends).


I get an email from who I assumed at the time was the TB owner asking me to hang onto it because he'll be in my state Labor Day weekend and can get it in person. Meanwhile, I am dipping it in/out of events for people to discover, but hanging onto it.


As I am logging the TB back into my inventory after an event, I realize that the cacher name that contacted me and the cacher who owns the TB are two different people. So, in trying to be considerate, I email the actual owner and let them know that so-and-so contacted me and wanted me to hold this TB for personal pickup next month. And I ask if that's ok with the owner. The owner replies that this is fine. At the same time, he/she apparantly forwards my email to the cacher who had asked me to hold this TB.


So this morning I get a nastygram from the non-TB owner cacher saying I ruined his fun he was planning with his good friend and why didn't I ask him if he was the TB owner or not. Um, excuse me, but I can see that he wasn't the TB owner and how the heck should I know that these two cachers are good buddies?


Cripes, sometimes I wonder why I even bother to TRY to do the right thing.

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Hmmm, you should have known better AG, perhaps I should give you a time out for not being able to read minds like the rest of us. Consider yourself warned in the future! :blink:

The non TB owner should have let you know he wanted to surprise his friend. So ruining the fun was their fault, not yours. Give yourself a day off with a nice long multicache, and relax.

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