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new cache container question

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I have an idea for a cache container. It will be sometype of wood in a forest/camping area. However before i start to make this, How can i make it so no one takes it accidently as firewood?




Ah! the $64,000.00 question!


Check out some of the stories in the "Pictures - Cool Cache Containers (CCC's)" thread.


Anywhere in California near a campground any loose wood get campfired. I also saw faux-aluminum can cach containerer in that thread. Be gone in a second anywhere near civilization in California, with all the people who make thier living picking them up.


Cheers :rolleyes:

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yeah, if i were camping and found a nice piece o wood, i'd throw it on the fire. and if it was attached to something like a cable, THEN i would be really interested in what it was. and i might still burn it anyway!!! :) just a joke. good luck with this idea.


ps- your coins look great, thanks. and my dad says thanks you also!




but seriously, if you could somehow make it look like a stump and permanently attach it into the ground. not sure how that would jive with some interpretations of the guidelines, but i guess it's worth a mention.

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I once found one wedged next to a large boulder in a way that concealed the chain from the log anchored to the boulder. Good luck burning that one! It was located about 50 yards from the campground and had been there for quite a while (Lots of old logs). I have also heard stories of a cache in a hollowed out stump. Before being hollowed the "Top" was sliced off to become the swiveled top for concealment.

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