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  1. Another BTW..... I visited the browser settings thinking "Liye Mode " might have been active, alas it is not. I was not able to locate any other setting that would change how my browser displays web pages. Running Crome... any suggestions? Thank you in advance!!!!!!
  2. BTW, I no longer use or have access to a PC. ...and you are correct I did not read the release notes. I did initially ask "am I missing sonething?". Apparently the answer, as I intuitively thought, was yes. Thanks for everyone's help. P.S. my phone is not my friend this morning.
  3. Somehow my phone version got locked In this quotation mode... My comment was one of surprise and "what the heck?" Because I couldn't even get back to the originally observed version I saw before I even posted the thread. No intent of disrespect.
  4. Columns! What columns? I selected "Cache owner dashboard". Then hit the "V" which opened a dialog box and selected "Published. I get a list with no columns. Only the last log for each hide is shown. Hides are listed in the order published.
  5. Columns! What columns? I selected "Cache owner dashboard". Then hit the "V" which opened a dialog box and selected "Published. I get a list with no columns. Only the last log for each hide is shown. Hides are listed in the order published.
  6. Am I missing something? Recently I have been able to create about 30 new geocaches. This about doubled my previous stable. As a result I use "Cache owner dashboard" or "Hides" from my Profile. Either of the two choices displays my owned caches in a list with limited or no ability to view or sort on important info like recent "DNF or "Maintenance Required". Cachers creating hides and then maintaining them is the backbone of of a good caching experience. I have wondered about cachers who have large numbers of hides but seem to let them dwindle away without maintaining them. Wouldn't a proper cache owners dashboard allow an owner to see a section displaying hides owned with "Recent DNFs" and "Maintenance Required "?
  7. Can someone direct me to good printable cache logs to put in my hides?
  8. Sure, but how does the archived hide stop showing the placeholder on the map when you try to place a new hide there? The original hide is gone archived etc, but the red balloon indicating that a hide occupies that spot prevents me from placing a new one. What causes that reserved area red balloon to go away?
  9. A cacher passed away in my area 6 years ago. Slowly the family has let the hides become DNFs and archived. One in particular is in a very well hidden graveyard and I would like to drop a hide there, can't do that until the listing rolls off the map. When does that happen? Is it automatic or does it require an action by a reviewer? Thanks in advance!
  10. I am having trouble accessing pages to log finds I made on the "E.T." this weekend! occasionally I can enter a few and then I get no responses. I have tried IE, Chrome, and Firefox with the same results! Hope our friends at HQ fix it soon!!!!
  11. I am finally going to try and make a dent in the E.T. in Nevada. Here is a question: Anyone know if a big RV can find a temporary stopping place nearby while I make my attempt? Please let's not get into a discussion about the value of an Power Trail, I just want to know where I can camp! Thanks in advance for any help!
  12. I'm looking for a guide on how to make my cache pages more "spiffy"! I have tried searching but apparently lack the vernacular to be successful. BTW the search this site tool does not like it when I use the word "color" even if I am referring to a text attribute. I have recently created and had published some new hides. On my cache pages I know how to use some HTML to center text, make brakes, and paragraphs. Then I see a cache page from a local cacher that has different colored text, scrolling text, embedded images, etc.... How the hoopla do they do that? Can someone point me in a helpful direction. Thanks!
  13. I just wanted to add a bit here. I learned about caching in 2005 and because of "real life" obligations could not devote the time to it that I do now. I live in the Sierra Nevada above 5000ft. I am personally glad that there are so many different ways to play the game. There is a place in this "sport", yes sport because I sweat, for hike-ins, power runs, puzzels, etc! While the origins of this sport-game are with individuals who could hike confidently into the bush, there are those of us who are a little older and not willing or able to set out into the deep cover for a find. I enjoy the cache that takes me to a senic area. I am still able to hike a bit but can see the sunset of that activity in my future. I value the hide that I can drive to and see some amazing thing along the way, many of which can be man made or historic. I feel that the cachers who feel that caching is pure only in it's original form have yet to age enough where they discover that things in life can become more difficult with age. I have been doing power runs for the past few months across the countryb and frankly have gotten bored. I now am focusing on experiencing high favorite point caches and randomly selected ones. Glad the game has so many facets!
  14. The answer to the original question is situational depending upon the areas are you cache in. There are some good items that have been mentioned so far but I decided the lists needed a couple odd balls. Based upn my cross country experience here are two polar opposites: 1) Florescent orange mesh vest 2) Clipboard with contractors inspection aid (laminated) Have you determined why they are opposites? While out in the woods or along a roadside I wear the florescent orange mesh vest. I want to stand out an be obvious, I don't want to get shot(particularly a risk in the southern U.S.) or run over (well, in Boston they will run you over anyway). While urban or sub-urban caching I carry my clipboard. That small prop renders me invisable to nearly everyone. I can lurk around inspecting buildings, trees, and any mannner of mechanical contrivance without so much as a sencond glance by passing muggles. Anybody noticing my activity immedeately dismisses my presence and accepts that I must know what I'm doing and should be left alone to do it. It is particularly helpful when retreiving playground hides. The young lionesses guarding their young give me only a passing look as I search the structure for the upbiquous magneto-hide.
  15. The judge you would get would probably be an avid cahcer and throw the case out because you actially found a TB which is rare theses days!
  16. Welcome to Geocaching! There are many ways to play the game. All are just as valid as any other. I have often thought, however, that there should be a separate type indicator for hike in caches. As for me I cache anywhere and everywhere I can. Hike in and power runs it just depends uponmy mood and the weather. I did have a bit of a chuckle about the 4265 ft mountain, I live at 5000ft and my higest find is 14,110ft. But I have to admit that I didn't walk all the way up there (I'm too old for that), it was all I could do to not pass out from lack of oxygen! LOL
  17. I don't believe that this quaifies as DNF. I have been known to log a DNA, "did not attempt", my Garmin Oregon allows me to choose this option in the field and I wish we had that as a logging option. I use DNA info to post a note to the CO in situations like those you cited. I have suggested that some hides be CITO or are located in particularly hazzardous areas, or in fact placed on private property. I have also, in the case of a very stupid hide, expressed my concern about the wisdome of its placement, my log(note)was deleted by the CO. I was also raised and agree with "if you don't have anything nice to say".... but as with all thing in life there are exceptions. I only hope that I have ignored this only at the proper times.
  18. Just about any auto parts store has them. I got mine as a booth prize at a local auto show.
  19. It was a 1.5 1.5 hide at a 3ft high road cut, yes I PMd the CO that the terrain was wrong. The cache was attached to a tree where barbed wire went behind. Standing next to the tree my footing slipped and the rusty barbed wire caught me in my stomach. It was a good day to bleed, and cache!
  20. Is ther any value to a multi lingual tag? I really like the credit card sized laminated tag!
  21. Texas Geocaching Association has these pages for micros and travel bugs. Go to their home page and click on Tools for other neat stuff!!! The link to "these pages" does not work, and for the poster about commas, for myself, I, didn't pay attention, at least to that part, of school, which taught, comma use, at least in my school, perhaps! , LOL,
  22. I'm easy, just hide me a DRY log to sign once in a while!
  23. Yes! I don't want to add a DNF for a cache I feel I have not given every attempt at finding. I don't want to discourage any subsequent cachers from "giving it htere all". I find that some of the more rewarding "easy" hides are the DNFs I attempt and can then log as found thus encouraging the next seeker as well as potentially the previous DNF logger to try again.
  24. That one is going on my to do list! I'll update my initial post to include the most popular or best ideas! I forgot to note that I never cache without my hand sanitizer!!
  25. This has probably been done but perhaps a refresher is useful. I cache with a few items, other than my GPS, that I find very helpful. Folding 4in knife Pilot Gel pen(s) Sharpie mini(s) various colors Small mirror water batteries munchies flashlight Telescoping magnetic probe Hiking staff First aid kit Geocache triage kit Replacement log sheets Various Zip Lock bags 35mm film containers swag Rubber bands Tie wraps Duct Tape What other items should I include? What is the most unusual item you have brought with you to make a find?
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