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  1. ha, spot on, thank you for the help! it finally saved it, thank you so much!
  2. hey guys, i'm wondering why the site won't save the changes i'm trying to make to my home location. I have done this several times in the past and never had a problem, but now when I move the marker and hit save changes, it just reverts back to my old location...so frustrating! is anyone else experiencing a problem with this feature? did I miss something that they are trying to work out, or am I somehow not doing something right? thanks in advance for any suggestions, dtc
  3. hey! the coin reaappeared! hooray! patience really is a virtue sometimes...
  4. nice. i sent an email with some ??'s for you, and i told you i wanted 3 total. but after looking at the pictures again, i might have to change my order, but i'm sure we'll be in touch. Thanks for all your work, they turned out great!
  5. hmmm, i wish i were able to get on here more often lately, but such is life. too bad, too, cause i was just in michigan this last weekend. sorry, d-town cachers
  6. a follow up just for info. "CACHER" worked to activate my first bug also. that whole system seems wierd to me, but most of the world seems strange to me most of the time anyways, so i guess it's prolly not all that wierd. happy caching!
  7. i just released my first bug not long ago, and i wanted it to start as close to home as possible also. so i did what it sounds like blueduece does. just post a note to a close cache, and call it virtual bug drop or sumthin. then log the bug into that cache. then, log the bug into the real cache that you dropped it in. it should then post the miles between the virt. drop and the actual. seemed to work ok for me. hope helps somewhat! happy caching.
  8. ya know, as entertaining as reading those logs was (specifically, the oregone logs), i kinda really feel bad for the guy. i mean...geez... did lauren even say anything after he went thru all of that? how unappreciative. and i must say that his literary stylings are fairly advanced and thoughtful...yet are really familiar. he must read a lot. anyways...thanks for posting those logs...how interesting.
  9. thanks for the fast input. i'll try that and hopefully ahve some luck! thanks again!! dtc
  10. hello e'erybody! ok, i'm full of mixed emoticons today. first, i got off work early today (friday), which is always a bonus. then, my day got even better when i came home and found that my first travel tags had arrived this morning!!! since i'd ordered them i have been planning my first bug, and i finally got to experiment today. that's the good stuff, now the bad. i went to activate one of my tags, and it's telling me the activation code does not match the tracking number. is this a common problem? do i have to wait any certain amount of time before these activation codes will work? i am pretty sure i'm entering the right codes in the right boxes....i mean, there's only 2 codes, so i thought, "how hard can it be?" a little back log for ya, i ordered 4 tags, and all 4 have the same activation code. so i tried to activate all of them, and it's telling me the same thing for each one. what am i missing? or is this justa glitch that i hafta contact GS about? thanks ahead for any input. happy caching!! d-town cachers
  11. funny, it doesn't say anything about their parents and their terrible addiction to geocaching forums!!
  12. also, those little orange flowers on the jewel weed "explode" when you touch them, and send a few seeds flying thru the air. neat little fact about that plant. as such, they are also known as "touch-me-not". it's a surprising reaction, as you can actually hear it if the flower is good and ripe!
  13. hehe, i'm a newb also, but i've learned that when it comes to ticks, there is no more terrified a group of people than in this forum!! it's kinda funny actually, how many posts i've seen on ticks. it's even funnier that this isn't my first reply on this topic! lyme disease is not funny. anyway, i agree that light clothing and a thorough body search is the best protection against ticks. one year we did get into a bad patch, and nothing we tried worked...we all came oput with a few hitch-hikers. but all in all, i don't really mind them that much. they're kinda like a rare mosquito...just annoying.
  14. hmmm, yeah, if i were camping and found a nice piece o wood, i'd throw it on the fire. and if it was attached to something like a cable, THEN i would be really interested in what it was. and i might still burn it anyway!!! just a joke. good luck with this idea. ps- your coins look great, thanks. and my dad says thanks you also! dtc but seriously, if you could somehow make it look like a stump and permanently attach it into the ground. not sure how that would jive with some interpretations of the guidelines, but i guess it's worth a mention.
  15. the last log of that cache is pretty good. it would prolly make a list somewhere i think!
  16. phew, sometimes things move so fast around here! ok, i'm with the herd that 2 or 3 is a good texture for the background. i personally have no other opinions to state, other than where do i go for the rest of the discussion? thanks for this process, it was fun to participate in, and i hope that people are happy with the coins when they are done. thanks, d-town cachers
  17. Well, i'm new too, but i love the idea of signature items. so, i went to on eof the big box craft stores (micheals, hobby lobby, etc.) and got a bag of wooden nickels. i know in your op you said you didn't wanna mess with nickels, but they are only like 2.50 for a bag of 20 or so. then i just got creative. i'm on dtc v.1 still, and i've spent $5. granted, i learned caligraphy when i was young, so i have an advantage, but i think if you put your head to it, you could come up with something cool that would be easily reproducable by hand. just what we have done. eventually we'll get a coin or something. good luck!
  18. hey, I'm not sure what the consensus is, but i'm on the fence on whether the "Indiana 2007" text goes on the back...either way, i think it looks good. i'm gonna give input here from a noobs perspective and say that i think it would be cool to have a limited edition coin. it seems that it would be more "special" if only 100 were made and distributed to residents or given as prizes or something. but then i don't get all the coin trading hooplah and etiquette, so if that doesn't make financial sense or is a pain the rear then i understand. personally i'll be happy with at least 2, but if i could have more to give as swag on future caching trips, that'd be great too! but are all 4 of those metal combos theoretically going to be minted, or will there be only 2 choices? and thanks for the moot history. i always wondered what was up with that word. interesting... thanks, dtc
  19. wow, this is cool. i can't wait to get these in the mail!! first, i think the suggestion to use both metals would really look cool. i hope that pans out and looks as good as i think it will. also, i agree that a finer grained hatching in the background would be easier on the eye. (although, i must admit that the ohio coin was interesting in its background, and i'd like to see one up close...) whatever happens from here, i'm ready to post my order.
  20. sorry to hear about your loss. i hate it when stuff happens that gives indy a sour taste in folks' mouths. that's unfortunate. i hope your luck starts looking up, and you might entertain the thought of coming back sometime! sorry again.
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