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You will find you can read the display much easier in sunlight with the Garmin units.


Now if you are talking the 60CS, it's a good unit and has advantages over the Magellan, but the Magellan also has its advantages over the 60CS (chiefly reception and expandible memory), so there would be no point in switching.


If you are referring to the 60CSX, then the Garmin would be an improvement over your Meri.

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I've owned both. First the MeriColor for just over a year, and then the 60CS for almost two years. I much preferred the 60CS for the following. Visible Screen: The 60CS was more visible with no backlight on than the Mericolor was with full backlight. The 60CS was MUCH quicker reacting (almost no sligshot effect), but seemed more herky-jerky because it wasn't averaged to death. The auto-routing was better because of the automatic rerouting when off course. These were probably the main issues, but now that I'm using the 60CSx, I consider it a quantum leap beyond both.

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I agree that the 60csx has much better reception than the other units. I wouldn't consider any other unit if I could afford the 60csx.


...Acutally I would consider another. I'd just as soon have the 60cx, since I almost always have the electronic compass turned off and never use the altimeter. It's a little cheaper, and performs just as well. The electronic compass has never worked well for me on the 60cs or the 60csx.

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I upgraded my 60cs to a 60csX and it's quite a nice Geocaching tool. I have all the USA road maps and a major portion of the topo maps on two 1gb microSD cards (which are dirt cheep right now). Read about MicroSD Cards Here.


One additional value to a Garmin... They have a great resource web site to keep you informed and up to date. And if you need in interact with a company, I've had better luck with Garmin.

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Wanna send me your Magellan? I will take it off your hands. My girlfriend could really use it. I have 60CS which I love.




My mistake I was refering to the x model.


In which case you will find that the 60CSX is an amazing unit. My Magellan Meridian Gold sits under the seat of my car these days while my 60CSX takes me everywhere.

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