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  1. My replacement appears to have the Sirfstar chipset.
  2. Ok, I take it back. My replacement arrived today. A grand total of 12 days. Not so bad after all. I guess I'm spoiled by Amazon Prime.
  3. I can tell you this, if you need to have it back by next year ship it now. Garmin chooses the SLOWEST means of shipping your replacement unit that they can find. I swear they strapped mine to the back of a one legged dog to send it to me.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I really appreciate it. I feel better now.
  5. I just sent my GPSmap 60CSx back to Garmin for the replacement due to battery leakage. My question is will I get a unit with the Sirfstar chip like the one I returned or will I get the other chipset that they replaced it with a few years ago?
  6. I bought my 60CSx FROM Amazon, not from a reseller on Amazon. No problems whatsoever.
  7. Pelican makes some nice lights. http://www.meiresearch.com/
  8. www.gpsnow.com had CN Mac in stock last night.
  9. You'll be fine with your iMac. Garmin is slowly rolling out software for us. I loaded XP on a partition on my MacBook Pro so I'm covered. You should do the same in my opinion. Good luck.
  10. Does the rubber come off the HCX eTrex units like it did on the non-HCX eTrex units?
  11. GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) is a very powerful, unbelievably-useful program that I'm sure can do what you want . . . although I don't know what format the iPod requires. GSAK can Export information in 19 different formats . . . as well as filter, slice, and dice the data you get from Pocket Queries after you become a Premium Member. The best place to ask questions about GSAK is in their Help Forums where the really smart people hang out . . . c://windows/programs/GSAK.exe [pipe] iPod GSAK will work with you iPod unless it's a shuffle. Even if the iPod is formatted in Mac format?
  12. I have no input about the 530 but try http://www.cartom.virtual-space.com/welcome.html for a case. They might have something that will work for you.
  13. Which Garmin GPSr are you using? As far as I know, if it has a USB connection it will work with your Mac. Try GPS Babel. I haven't had any trouble sending caches to my 60CSx with my Mac and USB. Unless your Mac is very old, it won't even have a serial connector.
  14. Really, the only way to know if you purchased the best one for *you* is to try them both because as far as doing the job they are intended to do, they are both virtually equal. If you like macho chunky stuff with a '10—4 good buddy' look, or you prefer cars with 'go faster' stripes and useless airfoils on them then the 60CSx is the go. If you prefer your devices to be compact and unobtrusive yet powerful then the HCx is the one. But the important thing is they are both top units. I will be looking forward to the next gen 60's Couldn't you be just a little bit more biased?
  15. Garmin 60CSx or Vista HCx would be great choices.
  16. "The security guard did come outside and appologise for the mistake. He said that from where he was standing and watching, the antenna on the 60csx looked like a gun barrel. All of the police involved were very professional in the way they handled me and the situation. I thanked them for not shooting me and for the job that they do every day. After explaining geocaching they all seemed very interested in the sport and wished me good luck in finding what I was looking for. I have no hard feelings against any of these people for anything that happened that day." This info is right on the link i sent. You have to scroll down a bit. Directly from the owner himself.. superfly. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...p;hl=gun+barral Maybe rather then flameing someone, you should read and learn something first. --danny Ok, I'm sorry that you think I "flamed" you. No need to cry about it. I simply said that it sounds like an internet legend. Jeez, grow a thicker skin dude.
  17. No. Its not a load of crap. I said it based on a experience a user had and others even had on the same cache. I believe security would have still called police on the guy, but may not did a "man with gun" call, and been treated so bad in front of his kid, if they didn't see the gun barrel. (or what they thought was such) Here is the links... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...p;hl=gun+barral http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...76-daa0f4c54b07 Granted, i wouldn't make this my main decision on buying the 60 vs 76, but may be one consideration so i threw it out there. Flame me if u wish, but i don't regreat posting that response. After all, geocachers are pokeing around strange places looking for something and others see us doing this strange activity often at a distance. --danny mo_town_man OK, but I still don't see any reference to him using a 60 series GPSr when he was arrested.
  18. I also have the 76CSX. Very nice GPS. Another factor you may not have thought about is the 76CSX has no antenna that can mistaken as a gun barrel. I know one 60CSX user in the forum had cops pointing guns at him and had female police officers frisking him. They seen him looking around and thought he was armed and did a man with gun call to police. (Def gave the 60CSX user a differnet adventure then the one he thought he would get. lol) But as the rest of the people said, you might want to check out one of the newer cheaper units. --danny mo_town_man That sounds like a crock o' crap to me. It's right up there with the "CD drive is a cupholder" internet legend from years ago.
  19. Both have quad helix antennas as I recall. It's the form factor mainly. I believe the 76 floats better. I choose the 60. Hold them and see which you prefer.
  20. I saw this product demonstrated at the Photo Plus Expo at the Javits Center in New York last week. It was pretty cool. No application for geocaching directly, but still very nice for documenting your trip. http://www.merax.com/products/Photo/PhotoFinderGPST.html
  21. Um, it may not work with YOUR GPSr but it will work with all currently produced ones which use USB. Um, it won't work with the majority of GPS units shown on Garmin's web site (count them) and the retail channels many newbies will buy from. Makes no difference if it works on YOUR gps if it won't work on those who unknowingly buy units with serial and then find out later that the Communicator Plugin won't work. Um, try researching your purchases BEFORE you buy. It's your mistake, take responsibility for it.
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