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Caching Backpack/Gear brought caching

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Hey there, i tried to do a search and came up empty today, but i think i have found this topic before, but im not sure whats going on for my computer today, but what kind of items other then a GPS, possibly pda, pen, and trade items do you guys bring along caching. I bring a cell phone, and a camera most times, and i always have a flashlight. What else is recommended for caching.?

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Hiking staff of some kind. Great for probing areas that you don't want to stick your hand.


Depending on the area and length of hike - bring water and appropriate clothing. Tell someone where you are going. Mark your car so you can get back.


A good hat. String or rope - came inhandy several times. Duck tape.

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Some items I carry.



Trekking Poles




Rain Poncho

Three types of fire starting gear (NATO Matches, Boy Scout "Hot Spark", Magnesium bar)

Two sharp knives (one is a razor blade knife with five extra blades, the other has a six inch, fixed blade)

Gerber Multi-tool

90 feet of parachute cord

Six extra AA batteries

Two flashlights (Surefire, and Mini-mag converted to LED)

Cell phone


First Aid (gauze pads, tape, band-aids, Ibuprofen)

Some trade items.

Multiple pens

A Sharpie marker


I'll have to dig through my bag, and see if I forgot something. :rolleyes:

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It all depends on the kind of caches you're going after. For a quickie urban or suburban cache all you really need is your GPS and a few trade items. If it's a cache deeper in the woods it's basically what you would carry for a hike.


Here are the contents of my pack for most of my cache hunts. This is for summer. For winter I add a down vest, heavy fleece pullover, wool hat, extra gloves, fleece neck gaiter and a small bivy shelter and I ditch the head net and insect repellent.



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When I began geocaching, I went off with my GPS, a sheet of paper with the cache info, a pen and a couple of trade items in my pocket. Now I carry a backpack that would cripple a mule. Pack includes: water, digital camera, small tripod, maps, cell phone, lots of trade items, PDA, compass, extra batteries, multi-tool, cord, matches, flashlight, plastic bags, first aid kit, paper towels, cloth towel, emergency poncho, extra socks and shirt, tape measure, pens and pencils, and sometimes my lunch. But hey, I got into geocaching for the exercise and hauling that pack up a hill IS a LOT of exercise.


I also carry my GPS and hiking stick in my hands, and usually wear a hat appropriate for conditions (e.g., red in hunting season).

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Our gear looks very much like Briansnat actually. We tend to go with the just assume you're going to break a leg, get lost or other bad predicament scenario and bring enough to get through it. Even if it's only a half-mile hike you could have serious problems. Just for fun, the next time you hit a short cache run see how far you can get on only one leg and that's probably the easiest predicament to overcome. :huh:

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A couple items we carry other than those already listed are extra pens/pencils to place in the cache if needed and extra ziplock bags to replace the ripped/torn bags that we come across pretty frequently. Just a nice little touch to be able to leave the cache a little better than how you found it. We also keep a fully stocked decon, a magnetic micro and a couple of nanos, just in case we're out and about and decide to place a cache. We usually have the backpack with us anytime we leave town.

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Garmin Vista

HP Ipaq HX4700 PDA

TAD Gear F.A.S.T. pack Alpha backpack

1 litre Nalgene bottle water

1 or 2 powerbars

spare batteries

small first aid kit

Leki trekking pole

compact binoculars


digital camera

10 yards of 7mm cord

flashlight(s) (currently Surefire L4, Spiderfire, Petzl E+Lite)


microfibre travel towel

fisher spacepen bullet

Leatherman Charge Ti

Emerson mini CQC-7b

prescription sunglasses

mini bic lighter


hot weather:

bucket hat



wet weather:

waterproof overpants

removable hood for my jacket


cold weather:




I know it's a lot of stuff, but that's my EDC (every day carry). I like to be prepared for most situations... Also I mostly go Geocaching in the evening or very early in the morning (after working the graveyardshift), therefore the number of flashlights.

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I carry all kinds of things, including:

SS wire to fix caches

first aid kit


Pocket PC in Otter Case

Garmin Vista

Hiking staff



dive knife

leatherman tool

digital camera

mosquito repellant


extra batteries



magnetic rod

inspection mirror (expanding rod with mirror on the end)

Scripto mechanical pencils/extra pens/Sharpie markers

wire cutters, especially when I take the dog, in case she gets into barbed wire.

I wear a hunting/fishing vest, this way it distributes the weight.

I put the CamelBak in the game pocket of my vest and it keep me cool

Guess that is why my daughters tease me by calling me "Indy"


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I carry a lot of the stuff mentioned before. Today I went to the hardware store and got a couple tubes of glue. One for plastics and one for metal. I ran across a cache yesterday that needed repair and logged it and went back today to waterproof it as the top had broken and the owner had beaten me to it. But I'll be prepaired next time.

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