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  1. Alamogul is #1, TeamSnook is #2. Cacherstats is broken right now.
  2. Just a blank page loads for me. Amazing how QUIET Groundspeak is on the subject...
  3. It has now been two months since my Magellan sponsored CITO Event, GC2NEZZ, and I just learned the winner of the Explorist GPSr has heard NOTHING from Magellan, despite several emails to them both of us. What's up with their customer support? They're certainly not scoring any points with me.
  4. Let's see, Alligators, Feral Pigs, Rattlesnakes, Yellow Jacket Wasps and a Florida Panther.
  5. WOW! What a great day to be out helping Mother Earth! It was sunny and breezy in South Florida! First, a special THANK YOU to Magellan for sending so many wonderful items to give away in the Super Sponsorship package. GeoGent was the lucky person who won the Magellan eXplorist GC! His older Magellan stopped working about two weeks ago. How's that for luck? Also a special thanks to Ann, Jessica, Harvey and Carolyn from the Palm Beach County Department of Environmental Resources Management for arranging all of the logistics for this project. We planted 40 buckets of Red Mangrove seedlings, with 75 seedlings per bucket. That's 3,000 seedlings planted in a three-hour project! Also, part of our time was spent collecting contractor's flagging tape from the bushes, and picking up other litter that had been left behind. And finally, a big thank you to all the Geocachers who gave up part of their Easter weekend to help out with this project for Earth Day! Make sure you all come by for a visit in about a year to see how these little seedlings have matured. A perfect time of course, will be during next year's Earth Day event at Juno Dunes Natural Area!
  6. I don't visit the forums very often, I'm usually outdoors. I'd just like to thank the Wildlands Task Force for the job they are doing out there. I've met 2 or 3 of them, both out in the natural areas and at the Volunteer Land Stewards meetings. Keep up the good work!
  7. CacheaPalooza 3 (GC1D040) was attended by 300+ folks last December (2008). Not bad for a location that can only draw people from a "HALF CIRCLE". We have only the Atlantic Ocean to our East! The event has grown steadily in numbers each year. Who knows? Maybe CP4 will be our MEGA year?
  8. I've found a "Small" just outside the front doors of a Wal Mart. It is hidden on top of one of the concrete & steel posts that keep cars off the sidewalks, covered by a bright orange round-topped sleeve over the post. Check your local Wal Mart next time you are there, those plastic sleeves lift up! BTW, "WALLY WORLD" to me, is Walt Disney World. I got excited when I saw the topic title. That's why I was reading the thread!
  9. TPTB will not allow a Geocaching Event in conjunction with ANOTHER event. The Geocaching event must be a STAND-ALONE EVENT. Make sure your write-up does not mention high school reunion in any way shape or form.
  10. If ANOTHER new cache has been placed within the 528 ft radius of the archived location, in the mean time, you're out of luck
  11. I think my personal best was ~86 caches in about 13 hours. It included one of the FIRST power trails created, at least I THINK so? (It created quite a STINK at HQ, and consisted of about 35 of the caches found) We didn't use GSAK or S&T maps, just pretty low-tech NON DIRECTING GPSrs. (Read that as we found our own way to all of them, no BEEPS or TALKING LADIES telling us where to turn) BIG numbers runs in the hundreds usually happen at MEGA EVENTS, where everyone participating is prepared to cache-around-the-clock, are in a VERY cache rich area, AND have TOUR GUIDES!
  12. I'll probably just step outside and watch it live!
  13. I was ALMOST a Charter Member, but I just never got around to sending in that ORIGINAL check. (or any of the others) Do you think if I PRE-dated it, for the appropriate amount, ('ya know, for all those previous years of fun) they'd change my lowly status to CHARTER MEMBER??? GM
  14. Oh yeah? Well, Some Famous ENTPs: Alexander the Great Confederate General J. E. B. Stuart Sir Walter Raleigh That's my "E" coming out.
  15. ENTP for me. I learned this years ago, working for a LARGE AEROSPACE COMPANY THAT DOES MILITARY STUFF. Check out my PROFILE PAGE. Kinda shows it... GM
  16. Here's a website to help you out with your question. They help you rate a cache with some questions they ask, and then give you code to put that rating on your cache page. http://www.handicaching.com/
  17. We removed a Butane lighter from one recently, and it was part of the original swag put in it by the cache owner! And the cache was in a Nature Preserve.
  18. Yes, I was once a nosey muggle. December 30, 2001 I was taking a walk in Valley Falls Park, Vernon, CT, on a nice winter day. I saw a couple looking for something, and stopped to help. They told me about Geocaching, we found it, (GC2DCF, Hybernation, which is still active) and I signed the logbook. I didn't register until March of 2002, when I purchased a GPSr, and after a lot of snow had melted. THANKS Trawler, for taking the time to tell me about what you were doing out there!
  19. Here is one you should check out. THIRD ANNUAL FLORIDA FINDERS FEST, GC14D8Z. Approximately 50 teams competing over a 5-mile course. There were caches to find, items along the way to pick up, photos of certain things required, and so on. Teams were released at 15-minute intervals, and total elapsed time was important.
  20. DITTO, except insert "We" for "I". I usually plan these type of days with one or two other cachers.
  21. Go to the profile page of the JEEP owner, "Jeep4x4_2007", click on the TRACKABLES TAB, you'll see all 8,000 of them.
  22. Try selecting a RESTORE POINT on your computer prior to the date you downloaded the update.
  23. The only way I know of is to look at the FOUND list of someone you know who was there/found it. Go to their profile and look under that type of cache found. The list will be arranged by found date, in case you have some idea of a timeframe to search for.
  24. I was involved in an appeal of an event once upon a time. As I recall, it was resolved successfully in less than a day, and it was a weekend too.
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