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Calling Cards


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A long time ago, there was a thread about calling cards(and I don't think it was a love em-hate em thread), and somebody mentioned a printers that does calling cards for free (with their own advert on the reverse). I've used the search, but can't find it, so does anybody know where I can find them?




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VistaPrint are supposed to be good - www.vistaprint.co.uk/. They have lots of special offers and free samples - you just pay the postage. We've ordered some stickers for putting in log books, we've not yet received them but they were dispatched only a few days after we ordered them. They have lots of different designs for business cards or you can upload your own for a small fee.



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Why not do it yourself, as we do? Many word processing, graphics or drawing packages will produce quite professional results. We use CorelDraw - takes about 5 minutes to produce the design. We buy packs of 250 sheets of card for £5; each card produces 10 "calling cards" in full colour, including graphics/pictures. We simply print off a couple of sheets when we need them..

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Check out Moo - they make these great sub-business-card sized "calling cards" which have a very nice feel to them - they actually feel quite collectable. You can buy a box of 100 and have them all different too, each one has an image from your Flickr photostream on it. Here are some designs I did for Geograph. I'm not connected with them in any way, I just like the product!

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If you do use Vistaprint, watch out for the trick survey/offers thing at the end of your purchase.


If you're not careful, it finishes with you unwittingly signing up to a £9.95 monthly service, free for the first month, subsequently billed direct to the card used to make your purchase. Before you realise what has happened, you can be billed several month's fees. Then the free stuff turns out to be very expensive indeed!


Afterwards, you will be endlessly bombarded with free offers - which then get endlessly repeated. If you use them wisely, you can get all your choices for just their postage and packing charges.


The actual stuff is quite good. Just be careful out there!

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Thanks for the answers guys, it was vistaprint that I was thinking of, but I may well just find some card and print them myself (have to check if I can fit card into the laser printer).




Speaking from experience... If you print from a laser onto card I find the toner rubs off very easily - unless maybe theres a special card for this purpose?


Inkjet prints tend not to be waterproof... and maybe not ideal in some caches which tend to be on the damp side...

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