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Cache Bash! Destination America

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Stuey and Wadders are off to the States on a week long mega caching mission.

They are stopping off in Reading the night before they fly out - what a good excuse for a geocaching booze up!

Come and join us. Bring your travel bugs (particularly US bound ones), geocoins and geocaching tales along.


Venue: The Cunning Man, Burghfield Road, Pingewood, Reading, Berkshire, RG30 3RB (on the Kennet and Avon Canal)


Date: Thursday 1 February 2007


Time: From 7.30pm onwards


Picture by Dogastus


Listing here


This is not intended to detract from Lathama's

event being held in Birmingham on the same evening.

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[i'm off to Cape Town 7 days later so any coins that want to go south instead can come with me.

You will then have to rename it 'Cache Bash! Destination America and South Africa'


Noooooo! It's an excuse for another event - can never have too many cache events. Gissa shout when it goes live B):ph34r:B)

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Cache Hoppers missed out on the possibility of a week-long camping opportunity with this one...


Thursday evening: Farewell to Stuey and Wadders

Friday: All cachers in motor convoy to the Bon Voyage Departure Event at Heathrow Terminal.

Saturday to following Thursday: Camping event in the terminal. (Travellers have to do this regularly throughout the year, so I'm sure they wouldn't mind a group of tents pitched in the luggage halls) Games could be organised, including variations on "Where's the cache stashed?" (Cachers Sniffadogz from S Wales are excellent at this type of thing)

Following Thursday/or Friday?: Cachers deck the halls with flags to say farewell to 2202 as he departs for Cape Town and try to stay awake for the Welcome Home event for Stuey and Wadders. :(


Is it too late to amend the cache page? ;)


MrsB :)

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Yes excellent idea, although slight problem in that the lads are going for slightly longer than a week apparently, arriving back in the UK on Sunday 11 Feb. What do we reckon to a "Cache Bash - Return from America" event? :):):)


the easter avatars are not emerging already are they? xmas has just gone


saying that morrisons are selling easter eggs

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