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Canadian Forces Geocoin


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Landsharkz has designed and is producing a Canadian Forces Geocoin.


Any and all military service people, retired or currently serving are eligible to be part of this coin. More information is available at Canadian Forces Geocoin.


Tally so far:


East coast... 11

West coast... 7

Central... 2


We'd like to reach cachers in Penhold, Calgary, Wainwright, Cold Lk, Winnipeg, Regina, etc, so feel free to pass this on and post on local forums.

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Hi LandSharkz;


There's a large number of us from Atlantic Canada interested, in the coin, and PapaBear is taking care of us, however, his ship seemed to have sailed recently and we were wondering when you need payment and do we pay you directly? If you could answer me here I can post your reply on our Atlantic site. It should get us over the bump until PapaBear is able to get back to us.

Thank you

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Thank you everyone for your patience. We have received DND's blessing (and congrats on this worthwhile project) and we are now making die art with all the names that have been submitted. Landsharkz.ca as a business is unable to sell this coin publicly so this will of course increase it's rarity and value. You are welcome to sell them privately yourself, but to adhere to DND's regulations they will not be for sale on our website.


Keeping this in mind, if you would like to increase the quantity you have ordered from the minimum of 10, please send us a note. A few cachers are saying they want $100 worth which will get you 15 coins. Applicable taxes and shipping will be additional. If groups want to receive their coins together we will combine to save on shipping.


We will be sending out art and more details (bcc) of the status of production shortly. As we get more names, we will produce more of these coin, but we will not mint more than the requested quantity.


Also, if you would like to complete a set by purchasing coins from the other regions, please let us know. Your 10 reserved coins are only those with your name on them.



Helen & Chris


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Tonight we received photos of the sample coins for COIN #4. If you name is on this coin you were just sent an e-mail with 4 images as attachments. If you don't get the e-mail, please let us know soon. We will be uploading images on the site, once we have them all in our hands (maybe sooner).


We expect the other 3 coins photos soon.


BTW, the 3D side is amazing!! It has nice deep relief and an accurate replication of the tri-service crest. We're really looking forward to adding these to our coin gallery!

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Could be an age thing? When I joined in 83 we called them pineapples.


I did basic training on the west coast though, different region, different slang.


Corn flake was the other common name.


This post came up just after I visited my fridge for a snack... in the fridge we have an actual pineapple (and a star fruit... I have no idea why, but after 14 years of marriage, I do not question these things), so it came to back to memory quickly B)

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CF Geocoin Update:


Physical samples of coins #1, 2, 3 + 4 are being sent to regional reps tomorrow. Look for them in the mail next week. We'll post some new pics on our site also.


Coin #5 is now full and going off to the mint tonight. Die art should be ready next week.

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Did I miss out on this one? I've been an Army nerd for 13 years..


As of a couple of days ago 83 Canadian Forces Geocachers are on coins #1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.


One person is alone on coin #6, so send us a note and we'll add you if you're seriously interested. We hope to fill it in about 6 weeks.


Have a look at all the tidbits about this coin on our site and also check the list on the military coin page to see if there is a local verifier that you can hook up with to show your ID to.

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Just saw this question... sorry <_<


The first 4 CF Geocoins will be shipping from the mint to us on April 23rd. We should have them by the 26th or 27th. If all goes according to plan, they'll go in the mail on Monday the 30th.


Samples of coin #5 are supposed to be ready this Friday, so we should have images to share shortly after that.

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Just saw this question... sorry <_<


The first 4 CF Geocoins will be shipping from the mint to us on April 23rd. We should have them by the 26th or 27th. If all goes according to plan, they'll go in the mail on Monday the 30th.


Samples of coin #5 are supposed to be ready this Friday, so we should have images to share shortly after that.


The prototype #2 coin is awesome. It's a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. If anyone in Kingston wants to see it, e-mail me before I head home on 26 April. Anyone on base in Kingston just come see me in the Ammo Office at Base Clothing.


Barrie folks have to wait until the end of next week to see it. I may even let you touch it.

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We've been sending out samples like crazy to verifiers and folks on the coins to get them spread around the country. We're down to just 3 sample coins left that we'd like to send out to CF Geocachers from Coins #1-4 to tuck in their pocket to pack around to show off.


We have 1 of coin #3 and 2 of coin #1. Is there anyone on coin 1 or coin 3 that would like a sample? Send us a note please and we'll get them off to you right away.


We've kept one of each coin in each metal for our own records, otherwise they're all going out the door!

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Coins # 1 - 4 are IN!!!

We did some colour adjustments... biggest change was coin #1 which has gone from pale yellow to the darkest blue. It's a few shades darker than the blue of coin #4. We should have sample photos of coin # 5 soon and coin #6 is half full. We'll be putting lots of time into getting these all mailed out quickly.


Spud502 has submitted a CF Geocoin Event in Victoria on May 13th in the afternoon for local CF members who would like to get theirs at a central location.

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Received mine today! Look great, only thing is when I activated the copper coin the little icon on the trackables page is messed up, it looks like two icons on top of each other, can this be fixed?

Glad they're all arriving across the country and that you like them!

Thanks for the icon info... we'll fix it.

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Received mine today! Look great, only thing is when I activated the copper coin the little icon on the trackables page is messed up, it looks like two icons on top of each other, can this be fixed?

Glad they're all arriving across the country and that you like them!

Thanks for the icon info... we'll fix it.

Looks like both the icon and "mini" icon were entered together.
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Coin number 5 will be ready at the mint on June 8th and so we should have them here ready to ship out the following week.


Coin number 6 is sitting with about 10 names. We need a few more to fill it before it goes to production. Because it's a new coin, we have to buy 250 tracking numbers so we need to get as many names on it as possible to make sure we're not left with a whole lot of coins.


If you (or any of the cachers on it or on the other coins) can drum up some more cachers for coin #6 it will be off to the mint all the sooner.

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I am planning on going to the local armouries this week to see if there are any cachers lurking about, will get back to you with results. I cant remember if i ordered coin#5 did I? if not put me down for both.

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Coin #6 is off for production this week (once I hear back from everyone on it that their name is spelled correctly, etc).


Coin #7 is more than half full - we have 12 names and most came in over the past week! If this keeps up, we'll have it in production in a week or two. JLAM-D has been roping folks in so fast we can hardly keep up!! :laughing:


We're open to hearing your suggestions of future colours for this coin... no guarantee we'll use them, but we'd like to hear them anyway! <_<

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CF Geocoin Update:


Coin #6 is all finished and the coins have been mailed to everyone that ordered. We have a few remaining if you missed out on ordering since it was during the summer. Contact us directly at landsharkz@shaw.ca if you're on coin #1-5 and would like to add #6 to your collection.


Coin #7 is off for production. Chris chose orange for this coin... I'm reserving judgement till we see them :blink: We'll send 'everyone' a note when the samples are ready to preview.


Coin #8... we have 4 names.


Plea for assistance please... Is there anyone in Winnipeg who can verify for us? An airforce member at 17Wing has asked to be added on to number 8. Is there anyone from the previous coins that is posted to Winnipeg now (or has been recently) and can give us the thumbs-up on him??

Send us a note and we'll try to put you in touch with each other. The bonus is that once he's been verified I'll be asking him to take on the verification role at 17Wing ;).

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We have just added a verifier at 435 Transport and Rescue Squadron in Winnipeg!

Welcome to navigator435. If any CF member in the Winnipeg area (current, retired, regular or reserve) would like to be added to any of the upcoming CF coins, please contact navigator435 for verification. Thanks!!

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We are pleased to announce a new verifier at CFB Trenton!

Welcome to Al Caldazar who will be verifying in Trenton, ON through May 2008. Our eldest son, Al Caldazar will be in Trenton starting Monday December 10th... but first...his commissioning ceremony next Thursday at St. Jean. Al Caldazar will be on coin #8 which at this point has 13 names - 3 or 4 more and it's off to production.


Looking back, we first announced this coin almost 1 year ago. Since then we have produced CF Geocoins for 120 Canadian Forces Geocachers... if each person only ordered the minimum of 10 we would have produced 1200 CF Geocoins, but instead some people wanted 20 or more coins each. A count of the tracking numbers ordered shows we have actually minted 2158 Canadian Forces Geocoins!


We got notification from the mint this week that they are going to be increasing their prices by 10% in Jan 2008. It was a really nice letter from the VP stating the reason why. Because a lot of it is related to working conditions and quality control, we at Landsharkz.ca are standing behind their decision and will continue to bring them our business. Their customer relations and quality is superb and because of their attention to detail and pride in their workmanship, our coins look great! Some examples...they are switching from a 6 day work week to a 5 day work week, their work day is shortening from 48 hours to 40 hours and they have to pay overtime for example. They are endeavoring to run their factories in a manner that is globally responsible with regards to emissions, etc and metal prices are going up.


If we can get enough names and die art started for coin #8 before December 31 at the mint we can lock in at this year’s pricing.


In January 2008 we will no longer be able to hold the price of $6.75 per coin. We will be raising the price to $7.50 per coin effective Jan 2008.

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Ok, we're up to 14 names (possibly 15 once pappy is back in touch) for coin #8. Jason you're off, but we added two more this week :blink: . We're very optimistic that this coin will be off for production in the next couple of weeks :D .


The timeline will be sample coin in early January and final coins by February. Payment will be in January sometime (when we order the tracking numbers).

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It's a new year and the mint has increased their metal prices and also added a fee for samples :P . We managed to negotiate around the sample fee for the past 6 months but now it's hit us too. As many folks on the previous coins know, the sample stage is critical because we use it to check the die and we also often edit colours.


We are making this coin at close to cost as a service to CF members and so we've had to take a close look at our pricing. The new price for this coin will be $7.50 each plus tax(es) and shipping.


New for 2008 is the inclusion of CIC members on their own version of the CF Geocoin. The front die will remain the same, but the back die will have CIC stamped into the die beneath the maple leaf. We have had requests from many CIC members who would like to have some CF Geocoins and so after much discussion and review, both internally and with the CIC Communications Department we are now proud to offer this coin to CIC members. The wording on our site has been revised to define the qualification for both coins and the verification process.


A CIC client has made this statement on another forum and rather than re-invent the wheel I have copied the bulk of her note.


"Landsharkz is now accepting names for a version if the CF Coin for members who have served in the CIC. Landsharkz will make two versions of the coin available. Both are exactly the same product except one will have CIC engraved on the back with the names of those participating in the coin.


Regular Force/Primary Reserve and Cadet Instructor Cadre members with former service may request to have their names engraved on the back of a coin with a plain maple leaf.


Canadian Forces Cadet Instructors Cadre members or Regular Force and Primary Reserve members with previous Cadet Instructor Service may request to have their names engraved on the back of a coin with CIC emblazed on the central maple leaf. Eligible members may participate in both coins.


Fifteen to 17 names are required before a coin can be minted. There is a minimum purchase of 10 coins. Please feel free to contact Landsharkz for more information and to get your name added to a coin, you will be required to provide documentation of service."


To add to this I will say that Coin Number 8 (Regular Force/Primary Reserve) is full. We are waiting to hear back from 2 people to confirm their participation and then we're off to sample production.


The CIC coins will be number separately to avoid coinfusion. CIC CF Geocoin Number 1 has 5 names so far from enquiries at the end of last year.


We look forward to expanding our support of the CF Geocachers with this new addition to our line of CF Geocoins.


Helen and Chris

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Coin #9 went out quite a month or more ago and we have about 8 names for coin #10.


I have a favour to ask...We need to know who (from the first 9 coins) is closest to Laval, QC? There is a fellow there who would like to be added to the list for coin #10, but we're not sure who to contact to verify him. Help please?

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We have just added Vino57 as a verifier in Gagetown, NB. Thank you!


Now 10 names are on the list for coin #10...


This could be a good Christmas gift from a military spouse too... we have person who doesn't know that they have been added to the list :D ... and NO we're not telling!


The coin will go to production once we have about 7 or so more names (longer geocaching handles fill it faster) and it won't be ready until after Christmas. Chris starts the art once we have about 14 names because it's a bit of a juggle :) engineering them all into the circles so we have somewhat even spacing. It can be faster to produce at the mint though because the challenging 3D die is already made - its just the 2D that needs to be created.

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