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  1. Hi Sure, you can add me to the coin. I work in Trenton at the MACS site. (Carrying Place) Will be home from Camp Mirage within 2 weeks from doing a 6 month tour. pappy
  2. E3Chief I have probably talked to your Pilot and Co-Pilot. I am a radio operator that works at MACS (Military Aeronautical Communication System). I think you go by the C/S Sentry, Peachtree, Raymond 24 etc. and dont forget radar maint Ours is Trenton Military. Find us on 11.232 Mhz primary and 9.007 Mhz secondary. Terminating phone patch Trenton Military Out
  3. I found all of the socks that went missing out of my dryer in the last 51 years. Was found in an abandon dryer in a middle of the woods.
  4. When I export the waypoints from GSAK to OZI, and then open the waypoint properties the symbols are all wrong. i.e. for a found waypoint it shows a bank symbol. It says in the GSAK help file to go to the OZI properties and get the number off the symbol. I dont see any number. I have a Garmin Gpsmap 76CSX, so if anyone knows the number for the symbol Geocache Not Find and Geocache Found it would be helpful. Pappy
  5. Hi Anyone with a Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx have a hard time seeing the screen when they first turn it on. I know you have to hit the pwr key to adjust the backlight, but doesnt that use extra battery power. I had a GPS map 76S but wanted to step up to a colour screen. The 76S you just have to turn it on and you can see it alright, only 2 colours I guess. So have I got the setup wrong on the 76CSx or do you have to keep pressing the backlight button to see the screen better. Maybe im getting old and need new glasses. Pappy
  6. Yes I buy all my gps stuff from them. When i was in kabul i ordered a new gps from them. Got it overseas in about 2 weeks. All lot of other canadian army dudes buy from this place. Just look at the pictures. I tell anyone from around here who are looking for a gps to buy it there. pappy
  7. Cachengrab You still need anybody to adopt these geocaches. I live in Belleville and will probably look after these for you. Next week on my days off will look for the geocaches that I havent found. Ya never know i might meet up with Binrat again. As long as he doesnt make fun out of my vehicle again. Pappy
  8. Sorry cant make it tomorrow. You know the way the army is. Just got back from Kabul and they have us going to the range to fire the 25mm from the Coyotes. But i will be moving down to Trenton this summer, might see you around then. Pappy
  9. Hi Hopfully I can get that day off and come down. I live in Petawawa but my parents are from Millbrook. So do you just go to these caches or do we start with a coffee somewhere and then take off caching. pappy
  10. The best way to get rid of ticks is to spread some honey about 1 inch from where the tick is buried. When he comes out to get the honey You stab him with an ice-pick
  11. I'm working on 20 years as a sig op. Have been in Petawawa since 1988 and am presently with the RCD's.
  12. Is it worth the money to get a gps i.e. garmin vista, gpsmap76S or meridian platinium with a built in compass. Or just buy a cheaper model and a silva compass. Does the built in compass really help when you are getting close to a geocache. AIRBORNE
  13. pappy


    Is a benchmark on a map (an arrow with the altitude beside it) the same place where you can find one of the canadian survey markers. On your own cache page it says whether you have found any benchmarks along with any caches you have found. If this is so then i guess a benchmark is a virtual cache. Thats if there is a plaque or something there. Pappy
  14. I recently downloaded the upgrade for Fugawi. It says i can download softmap maps. Everytime i open the softmap part on fugawi it only gives me a 1 inch by 2 inch map and then the warning. cannot open c;/windows/temp/cartoimg.bmp The file is there, it is 1,875 kb large. Any suggestions Pappy
  15. pappy


    In the army we use topographical maps all the time. It is easier to find out where you are on the map by using mgrs. With a ten figure grid you can get to within 1 meter. but usually the maps are off plus to minus 25 m. If you need any more info give me a shout Pappy
  16. I'm a signals operator in the Canadian army. pappy
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