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    Someone had way too much time on their hands Thanks for sharing.
  2. Hi LandSharkz; There's a large number of us from Atlantic Canada interested, in the coin, and PapaBear is taking care of us, however, his ship seemed to have sailed recently and we were wondering when you need payment and do we pay you directly? If you could answer me here I can post your reply on our Atlantic site. It should get us over the bump until PapaBear is able to get back to us. Thank you
  3. I have an opinion on what happened with the MRE, bear with me a bit... Hubby brought some MREs home and put them in the basement. Our dog found them and ate the heating pack for the MREs, NOT the food we were waiting for her to fart and blow out the wall dividing our Married Quarter and our neighbours The animals know MREs taste bad and stay away Anyway, any food in a cache is bad, even vacuum sealed it might get punctured and then attract wild life.
  4. Jeep pigs, ugh!! We recently went to an event here in Nova Scotia and low and behold, 2 jeep TBs were dropped off. We picked up a white one and left the other, we dropped a TB in exchange. I really had to walk away from the Yellow bug Anyway, we dropped the Jeep TB in a Christmas cache as a special gift to the next cacher. Then we noticed there was a green jeep in a cache we planned on hitting and we were pretty pyched. We got to the cache and noticed someone had picked up the jeep and didn't leave ANYTHING, and he still has it!! AAHH!! What is up with some people?? He didn't cover up the cache at all. We left the TB that we had taken out for a swap anyway and covered up the cache, the cache was really cool. I know there is nothing saying you have to leave something when you take a bug but I couldn't walk away without leaving something to show that I was playing the game. Oh well, maybe he won't continue to hord the bug and release it soon.
  5. I haven't checked yet, however I probably will soon. We just placed out first two a month or so ago and as they are both winter friendly I am sort of going by peoples posts as to the condition of the caches but I will check my caches soon for condition, leave swag and check signatures. I will check the signatures as we have some interesting things happen to local caches here in the area. In one an RCMP Officer left his business card and logged the find after construction workers in the area found the large cache and called the RCMP. The RCMP removed the cache, after investigating the cache decided to return it to its spot Also, another cache which is placed on a weather station, has a log in it saying, "I have you all beat, I work here. The watch tower man" I don't know what I will do if I have someone logging a find without actually finding the cache, hopefully I won't come up on that problem.
  6. Hubby bought me the Premium Membership Also, we are stopping tomorrow to try to pick up a Palm Pilot, the store was sold out before Christmas so he gave me an IOU for it Paperless caching here we come
  7. Hey!! Why is Canada being picked on???? Anyway, don't give your government any ideas, there are probably spies everywhere figuring out what people will pay for and not pay for. Anyway, I think my hubby and I would become felons if we had to pay tax on geocaching, I think our answer would be the last answer With me in law enforcement that is pretty bad Oh well, let's hope it never happens, I would hate to actually really think about it.
  8. I admit I don't have a PM yet. I am waiting until Christmas as hubby gets upset when I buy things this close to Christmas, for myself and as I am the caching hound in my house the membership would be more suited for me than him Anyway, I think the membership is well worth the money to support a sport that my family enjoys doing together. We are looking at getting a Palm Pilot this weekend so we can go paperless, also I love the idea of being able to cache on a route. I see geocaching like this: We can continue to have a great time without the PM, the caches are out there and we can plan out our weekends and go caching and have fun. We can also upgrade to the PM and be able to use, and support, some of the functions that people have put a lot of effort into making this sport easier and more fun for the rest of us. I don't understand the whole paperless and Cachemate , etc but I plan on learning quickly and then we can just get up and go instead of taking an hour or more to plan where we are heading and what we will see. As we live in Nova Scotia we don't get much daylight hours right now every minute counts Just my 2 cents worth.
  9. Okay, so after wading through the pages I decided to brave the fire and post regarding the original question... I found this describing one cache and I think it has some wonderful points on geocaching safety and common sense: ********************* An easy 1. You are looking for a micro container. Please replace exactly as found, and make sure the container is properly sealed. TO GET CREDIT FOR THIS FIND YOU MUST EMAIL ME THE KEYWORD THAT IS FOUND AT THE BEGINING OF THE LOG. FAILURE OF ME RECEIVING YOUR EMAIL OF THE KEYWORD, MEANS THAT YOUR LOG ENTRY WILL MEET THE LOG TERMINATOR. People that do not wish to do a cache because of any danger they might perceive to be present is certainly within their right to not procede. However you do not have the right to try to ruin the enjoyment of others in attempting a find, that is beyond your capabilities, but not beyond theirs. This goes for almost every caching event there is. After all one might run into spiders, snakes, poisonous plants, trips and falls and the list goes on. Safety First! .......Take a friend, Look out for others, take a cell phone if possible, watch where you're stepping, NEVER UNCOVER ANY CACHE WITH YOUR HANDS OR FEET, USE A STICK! If you feel uncomfortable in doing a cache, for any reason, just walk away!!! *********************** I think the OP has a valid point of asking how an unsafe cache be removed, however one must do some investigating on some of these caches before they are declared as unsafe. One must remember that a cache reviewer has already looked into caches before they are published. Then look at the posts of the caches, the above mentioned cache has many posts which refer to being pricked by cacti, but the cache was so good they thought it was worth the pain. As a parent and a cacher I look into logs and descriptions before going out with my kids, I rarely let them jump out of the SUV before looking for cars and or other dangers around. Anyway, I digress. If you consider a cache as unsafe simply e-mail, calmly, the owner of the cache and state your concerns. If nothing comes from that then you can e-mail a local reviewer of the cache area and ask them to investigate it some more. Let them decide if the cache needs to be removed. It is not the responsibility of normal cachers to remove caches, if it is too unsafe for you don't do it and contact the owner.
  10. I was checking and noticed that on Nov 14th you posted: Just an update. People around our community have noticed the cannon missing as well. Because of so many people asking "where did the cannon go?" Our local newspaper desided to do an article on the subject. On interviewing the maitenece people who moved the cannon our cache was brought up in conversation. The story quicky became a double purpose and now they have asked my dad if they can use his cache in the article. He said yes. How many people can say that their first cache made a major newspaper? This just gets better and better. _wolfbait_ I would say that if he didn't want his name in the paper he should have asked them to not use it in the article. However, I see nothing wrong with the article and I would be happy to have found such a good spot for the cache and happy to have brought some good attention to the sport. I also see you weren't concerned with the media attention, so what changed?? Edit for spelling
  11. I'm free Mon-Wed next week (11/20-11/22) so if you need a local to help you out, let me know. There aren't many quick caches in downtown, but a short distance away is the Quail Lake cache. There are a couple of other caches in the same area. Logan's Stash is close to the freeway and it looks like there are a couple of other caches nearby as well. Thanks for the hints and for the offer for help. We recently moved from Colorado Springs after being there 4 years so I do, somewhat, know my way around. We are new to geocaching though so I have never cached in the Springs before so some help might be appreciated I will look at your recommendations though and thanks again for the help.
  12. I am coming down to Colorado Springs next week for a few days. I plan to shop, see friends and geocache. I will spending most of my time near the courthouse so I was wondering if there are any quick caches or night time caches in the area? I don't plan on sleeping as there is so much to do and so little time. Thanks
  13. I don't think it is irresponsible to have a lot of caches as long as they are maintained. Maybe the cacher in question is a trucker or someone who travels often over the same route so they can maintain each cache. Some people can handle a lot and some can't handle any.
  14. Congrats of the milestone! You could also use a line I had to use... before I found out about geocaching... "I work in Corrections and I am looking for an escaped convict" I think they would back off
  15. It means that it is a cache that you have found. If you have posted your home coordinates you have the option to "Search for nearest caches from your home coordinates (filter out finds)". If you click on the "filter out finds" it will only show you the caches you haven't found yet. Hope it helps, DSine
  16. Well it doesn't really irrate me, but it certainly could confuse me. I can see making up words when there isn't one that fits already, but just creating additional words to use instead of existing/well known ones would probably just cause extra confusion (unless you like explaining 'geoplant' all the time? ), but whatever floats your boat. I agree with welch. I think it's a bit confusing. As a very new geocacher, (32 finds) I am still trying to make sense out of all the different aspects of this game, ie geocaching, letterboxing, Waymarking, geodashing, virtual caches, puzzle caches, micros (yuck), lions & tigers & bears,...oh wait, that's something else. Anyway, while I think it's silly for someone to argue with you over your choice of words, I do think you may find yourself explaining it a lot. Have a very geo day. How about cacheplant? I think "geoplant" is fine, I agree with some of the others that you may have to explain the tern or make sure people know you didn't actually dig to "plant" the geoplant. On a side note, as someone who works in law enforcement and corrections, "cacheplant" has a different meaning to me than it would in the geoWORLD Could you imagine... "But Officer I was just checking on my cacheplant!" Anyway, whatever floats your boat, be happy with it.
  17. I'll post for my hubby: Canadian Army, 16 years Air Defence, Artillery, Petawawa, ON (1990-1999) RMS, Trenton AFB, ON (1999-2002) NORAD, Peterson AFB, Colorado (2002-2006) Greenwood AFB, NS (now) me: Canadian Army Reserve, 2 years Air Defence, Artillery, Petawawa, ON (1994-1996) currently applying to the military police, hope to be in reg. force (active duty) by next summer. As Rememberance Day/Veterans Day comes let us remember all that have served and continue to serve. Lest we Forget.
  18. I am 30, hubby is 37 and the kids love it and they are 8 and almost 7, I have to put in the almost or she gets upset
  19. Well, we're new to caching and Nova Scotia. I hope we can find some good winter caches as I think I am addicted. As I posted for a cache near home: "Well, out we were sailing on a high from finally finding Kingston Family Trail. We came down the slope and I vaguely recall hearing LibelleRotts saying behind me "I think we're on crack" as we fell tree to tree down the slope." Anyway, I think the "Weeknight" caches are a great idea, maybe I'll see if I can talk a few locals into placing some in town with me and we could start this for the winter I think this is a great hobby (or addiction ) and I plan on being out in the winter, unless we get snow over the roof and then I may have to get the girls to hide caches in the house
  20. Thank you both for the welcome and I have already availed myself WWW.maritimegeocaching.com, you'll see us there too and I've now checked out atlanticgeocaching.com as well (thanks Dragonflys). I think this is a wonderful sport and everyone we've spoken to has been so friendly.
  21. Well, I guess I'm old now 30 must be the new 80 Anyway, friends got us involved in this during the summer and I would have to say the girls and I are the driving force behind caching. I'll send e-mails to my hubby at work saying "Wanna go..." and put in the caches I think would be quick, fun, whatever. The girls are 6 and 8 and love looking for "treasures". I have gone on a few caches during the day by myself but it's more fun with someone to hear you say "found!"
  22. We're new to this. Good friends in Ontario introduced us to this when they met up with us during our LONG move from Colorado to Nova Scotia. The girls love looking for "treasure" and it gets us all out together having fun and talking. What a wonderful pass time.
  23. Hello, we're new to geocaching and new to NS. Looking forward to the event.
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